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The Reel Directory

The Reel Directory
Available Now
Price: $30


Mailing Labels

Advertising Agencies $22.00
Bay Area Production Companies $55.00
Directors of Photography $32.00
Directors $22.00
Assistant Directors $6.00
Producers $26.00
Production Managers $11.00
Production Coordinators $8.00
Photographers $11.00
Location Scouts and Managers $9.00
Audio Post Facilities $9.00
Video Post Facilities $19.00
Editors $21.00
Talent Agents, Casting Directors $14.00
The complete crew list and the complete Reel Directory list are only sorted by name, not by job description.
Complete Crew List
(Producers, Directors, AD's, etc.)
Complete Reel Directory List
(Crew, Equipment, Hotels, Caterers, etc.)

*Please note there are No Refunds on label orders. If you are not sure about what you are ordering please call us before you complete the transaction. These are stick labels for direct mail purposes. The list is not available in an electronic format. If more than one set of labels are purchased there is a significant chance several of the labels may repeat. For example, several producers are also listed as production companies. We will do our best to try to minimize duplicates but there are no guarantees. Please call if you have any questions or need help customizing your label order.