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4D Legacy, LLC is casting for a feature film "Pride Jewel


4D Legacy LLC a media company is now casting for a feature film (WORKING TITLE: PRIDE JEWEL)
A father and son immigrate to U.S. from Armenia after a major earthquake levels their small town. Joseph is a jeweler by trade, he carries tremendous guilt over having been unfaithful to his late wife Mariam. Joseph is powerless to deflect his 21-year-old son’s anger over the infidelity many-many years ago. Complicating matters is that Joseph’s childhood rival, and Mariam’s first love, Cyrus, has become the most elusive jewel thief in Northern California and has targeted Joseph and his son Andre

(Please note: We are also casting for day players ages 30-55. (All ethnicities are encouraged to apply).
Sizzle Reel for reference-This is NOT the official trailer: https://youtu.be/7dZ8IFecQhI

Male-Alex is a 21-year old tough Armenian young man with a gambling problem. Alex dropped out of high school to join Cyrus and his crew of jewel thieves. He can be obnoxious at times in social situations. He loves luxury cars and hates authority.

Male-Eddy is 22 African American male who joied Cyrus's crew right out of college,He is very smart especially when it comes to breaking into safe. He has a serious demeanor about him with a chip on his shoulder. He enjoys reading books about jewelry and famous heists. He feels he is not appreciated enough for his talents.

Male-George a Russian-American is in his mid-40’s. A loyal yes man to Cyrus. He’s been with Cyrus since the beginning when they started to rob jewelry store. His stature is menacing and no one dares to get close to Cyrus when he 's around. George enjoys going to Broadway musicals with his girlfriend which none of his crew members know this about him.

Female-Sophia is a stunning 23 yar old Armenian young woman with a heart of gold. She falls in love with Andre who is about the same age. She loves fashion and high-end jewellery. She hates Cyrus because of all the pain he brought to her family. She works hard at a local boutique to save enough money to go to a fashion school. She is extremely smart with money and loves followin the stock market.

Male-Andre is a 21 young Armenian man. He is extremely charming with a calm demeanor. He arrives to U.S. in 2008 with his father. He speaks perfect English and appreciates luxury cars. Over the years his relationship with hus father has strained due to his father’s infidelity many-many years ago. He wants to succeed in U.S. and will do anything to get there even if he has to compromise his father’s business and life.

Male-Joseph is an Armenian father in his mid-50’s protecting his son. Jeweler by trade he moves to the Bay Area to be close to his only living family member Davit his brother. HE’S tormented by his infidelity years ago and is desperately trying to find a connection with his son and to rectify all the pain he had caused his son and his late mother.

Male-Cyrus an Armenian man in his mid- 50's. A vicious sociopath, he fled Armenia twenty years prior to avoid jail and left Mariam the first woman he ever loved with no explanation. Time in America has only hardened his cruelty with a huge chip on his shoulder. When he learns of Joseph’s and Andre’s arrival, immediately recruits Andre to join his crew of jewel thieves to get back at Joseph for marrying the only woman he loved.


CASTING NOW in Sacramento!


REAL people, NO EXPERIENCE NECESSARY! Casting Actors and REAL PEOPLE (families, couples, friends) for upcoming Golden1 Credit Union advertising campaign.

Golden1 is a not-for-profit credit union, loved and owned by its members, that has been a staple of NorCal communities since 1933.

These will be lifestyle / docu-style vignettes. NO DIALOGUE. Depicting a diverse variety of California people living their everyday lives. Families at home, couples on a date, friends on a road trip, etc.

JOB: Golden1 campaign
Casting DATES: January 15th & 16th - Wednesday and Thursday next week
Casting & Shoot LOCATION: Sacramento

Talent breakdown:
Looking for “organic / authentic” casting - actual families, couple and groups of friends. (non-traditional gender roles welcome)

2 families with 2+ kids - REAL families - Any Ethnicity, all types
o Young Family (Parents early 30s), kids age 2-7, kids who ride bikes, scooters, or do something active, middle class
o Middle-Age Family (Parents 40-45), 7-15 year old kids, upper middle class
3 Couples - REAL couples - Any Ethnicity, all types, inclusive of diverse sexual orientation
o Active Senior/Boomers (55-70) with hobbies, excited about retirement
o Mid-Late 20s, more hip, city vibes
o Late 30s, more rural or suburban
2 Friend groups (2-4 people each) - REAL friends - Any Ethnicity, all types
-Early-Mid 20s, ideal if they do road trips, hipster vibes (Big plus if you own a van-camper, RV, or other fun road-trip-like vehicle)
- Mid 30s, professionals with careers
1“Farmer” (for market)
-40-60 y/o, any kind of farmer, i.e. vineyard, veggie, fruits, any agriculture

PAY: $360 /per person, per 8hr day + $1500 buyout if you are used in the campaign.
All paid roles, acting experience a plus but not required.

Submit (pls read carefully): Email photo, names and ages of all family members or friends (only submit your friend IF they are interested and avail for the shoot) in the photo, acting resume if you have one, IF available for shoot days listed. Also include if you have a house, Van/RV camper you're willing to use in the spot too. ForcierCasting.media@gmail.com

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Glass + Maker is now hiring


Glass + Maker is now hiring a Lead Cinematographer, Editor, Director & Post Producer https://glassandmarker.com/careers/

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