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Only Green Companies

Daniels, Karil iVisual iVisual iVisual
Daniels, Karil  (415) 821-0435
Address: 2477 Folsom St., SF 94110 (415) 602-0435 Cell
Description: For limited budgets my wide range of related skills is especially valuable. AD, Production Coordinator, PM, locations, art direction, casting, great production stills. Extensive experience on diverse productions. I know how all the pieces fit together!
Years Experience: 2828
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Bender, Brian  (415)-699-6200  
Description: DGA 1st Assistant Director, Producer. Extensive TV commercial background.
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Bennett, John J.  (707) 938-2044  
Description: Extensive feature, commercial and TV experience. DGA
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Benson, Brian  (415) 420-3009 Cell  
Description: Producer/ Line Producer/ Assistant Director. Features, commercials, corporate, music videos. Usually in a good mood.
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Bliss, Allison  (510) 879-7600     Green
Description: Producer/AD/UPM- experience with feature, commercial, corporate, multicam, live TV, events, DGA.
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Caproni, Rachel  (415) 722-3138 Cell  
Description: DGA 1st AD/ 2nd AD. SF/LA Local. Film, Television & Commercials. 2nd AD Credits Include: Steve Jobs, San Andreas, Looking, CSI, Mad Men, Heroes & True Blood. DGA Low Budget UPM/ Producer.
PDF Resumehttp://www.imdb.com/name/nm2116635http://pro-labs.imdb.com/name/nm2116635
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Cooper, Richard A.  (707) 943-3005 (800) 819-7701    Green
Description: DGA 1st AD: Features, TV, commercials and music videos. Broad 20+ year career experience- BIG budget to small. Projects completed on schedule. Own MMS. Will travel. Also- LA residence, and 'local' in Hawai'i.
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Craven, Veronica  (510) 258-5858  
Description: Full length films, shorts, commercials since 1997. Also provides storyboarding and AD crew.
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Cross, Tom  (650) 577-0623 (650) 759-2245 Cell 
Description: 24 years experience producing media for video, film, web and events. Budgeting and pre-production through shooting, editorial and graphic supervision for corporate, commercial, theatrical and internet. Can I help with your project?
PDF Resumehttp://www.imdb.com/name/nm0189286http://pro.imdb.com/name/nm0189286
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Firpo, Patrick R. / Videomagik Productions  (415) 385-5590  
Description: 1st AD/UPM/Line Producer: experienced in all facets of production: Feature Films, commercials, Music Videos, Documentaries, webcasts, special events, Corporate Video. Fluent in French some Spanish & Italian & possess both US & EU passports for work abroad.
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Frink, Cleave  (407) 466-0179  
Description: Experienced Assistant Director, features, commercials, docs, TV. Member, DGA since 2001. Commercial directors include, Pytka, Spike Lee, Rob Cohen, Neil Tardio, Jr., Danny Levinson. Moxie Pictures, Slim Pictures, Radical Media, Anonymous Content and more.
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Goto, Janice K.  (415) 990-4470 Cell  
Description: DGA Commercial TV Assistant Director. Also commercial, corporate & educational producer. Extensive experience in bidding and filming on location.
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Hakim, David  (415) 378-6170  
Description: DGA: AD, Producer. Commercials, industrials, interactive, documentaries. Graduate DGA Training Program.
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Halley, Jason / Have Car, Will Travel  (510) 384-7768  
Description: DGA AD- "LOOKING", "FAST FIVE", "HANGOVER 3" and countless TV COMMERCIALS. www.imdb.com/name/nm1651608
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Hanly, Gabriel Star  (415) 971-3766  
Description: DGA Member. 17 years production experience in the Bay Area and LA. 1st AD, Prod. Manager, Prod. Coordinator, Corporate Event Producer.
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Ireland, Ethan Connor  (530) 220-2208 Cell  
Description: 1st AD for Smosh (4 seasons). 1st AD for Rellik (pilot). 1st AD for low-budget features.
PDF Resumehttp://www.imdb.com/name/nm2109078http://pro-labs.imdb.com/name/nm2109078
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Jordan, Michael R.  (415) 640-5555 Cell  
Description: 1st AD, DGA- SoCal Qualification List. Long list of Commercials. Nominated for Director's Team, DGA Best Commercial 2013 and 2014. Call for resume.
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Katz, Michael  (510) 845-6717     Green
Description: Producer/director, associate producer, assistant director, casting director, location scout. Dramatic, documentary, training, industrial, and interactive media. Extras: L.A. experience, Spanish and French language skills.
PDF Resume
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Kelly, Jack  (310) 683-8585  
Description: DGA first AD returning to Bay Area after years in the wilderness (LA). Extensive experience ranging from a couple people shooting out of a van to huge feature-film size FX crews.
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Kenlon, Marty  (415) 531-7109 Cell (415) 441-2708 
Description: SF & LA. Commercials & Music Videos.
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Koepf, Ehren  (415) 871-5333 Off (818) 261-8651 Cell 
Description: Assistant Director with with two decades of film experience in all facets of film including: talent, locations, permits, budgeting, scheduling, accounting, payroll, legal documents, insurance, unions, crew hiring, and all vendor and production needs and relationships.
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Kopp, Ned  (415) 672-0104  
Description: Assistant Director: Member Directors Guild of America.
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Kramer, Jeff  (415) 609-0667  
Description: Non-Union First AD. 14 years experience on commercials, episodic TV, features, and web content. Calm under pressure, organized, and clear communication skills.
PDF Resumehttp://www.imdb.com/name/nm2338916http://pro.imdb.com/name/nm2338916
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Lauter, Larry  (415) 453-9688 (415) 609-0974 
Description: Producer, Production Manager, Assistant Director, Locations; commercials, corporate communications, music videos, features. On time and on budget. Pre-production through final edit... and more. Extensive international production experience.
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Lembo, Paolo  (415) 430-7153 Cell  
Description: 20+ years experience, 3 languages, from music videos through commercials to feature films, pre-production enthusiast, EP MovieMagic Final Draft Office savvy, Team-Player, I always get the job done.
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Lima, Paula  (415) 509-8427  
Description: Reliable, focused and hard worker. Paula has worked on the film industry for over 15 years, both is Brazil and US. Your AD for non-union feature films, videos and commercials.
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Maiorana, Susan  (415) 490-7785  
Description: I've been working in all aspects of production for over 10 years but I thrive most as an Assistant Director. I balance organization, scheduling and wrangling to keep the production on schedule and the cast and crew happy.
PDF Resumehttp://www.imdb.com/name/nm2966071http://pro.imdb.com/name/nm2966071
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Marshland, Brad  (510) 376-5701  
Description: AD. From non-proft shorts to profitable features (with commercial, and multicamera television exp. sprinkled in between). Creative solutions. Eye for continuity. Boundless energy. And, of course, humor. Independent features a specialty. Local/ LA references.
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Martin, Chris  (415) 200-8449 Cell  
Description: Commercials, corporate, features, television. Non-union.
PDF Resumehttp://www.imdb.com/name/nm2096509http://pro.imdb.com/name/nm2096509
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McCabe, Karen J. / McCabe & Co.  (415) 666-6721  
Description: 20+ years of experience and stories. Commercials/ Docs/Movies/ Music Video's/ Corporate. Always FUN.
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Miller, Cara  (510) 673-2860  
Description: Effective AD. Cool under fire.
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Mooney, Robert J.  (415) 457-1339 Hm (415) 497-4095 Cell 
Description: 29 Year DGA member. Matrix, Sphere, Jack, James and the Giant Peach, Angels in the Outfield, Made in America, Tucker, etc. Numerous Commercials and Industrials.
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Morris, Gail Mezey  (415) 699-0705  
Description: I am a Member of the Directors Guild of America.
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Morse, John M.  (415) 474-8494 (415) 987-0756 
Description: 1stAD: Unleashed, Woody Allen: Cafe Society, Blue Jasmine, 2ndAD: Scorch Trials, Blended, Paranoia, Revolution, Twilight Breaking Dawn 1+2, Trauma, Ghosts Girlfriends Past, 21, Smokin' Aces, RENT, SkyHigh, Matrix 2&3, Behind Enemy Lines, Nash Bridges, Twister. Commercials.
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Patton, Michael Lynn  (707) 803-4181 Cell  
Description: Assistant Director- DGA. Extensive Experience Commercials and other.
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Rosenthal, Cheryl / True to Life Films  (415) 377-3774  
Description: NON UNION 1st AD- Keen ability to keep the crew moving forward. Great references. Will travel. Commercial, corporate, doc, music videos. If you are looking for work- send resumes to e-mail address. saftey FIRST- RIP Sarah Jones.
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Ruge, Tom  (415) 269-2168 Cell  
Description: More than twenty-five years experience.
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Simeone, Frank / Cymru Films  (415) 641-1166  
Description: Production Manager, Assistant Director. Award Winning producing services for all media. Energetic, resourceful, well-traveled with attention to detail and a sense of humor. Major credits and excellent references.
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Slosser, R. John / Zuma Bay Productions  (925) 284-3369 (925) 900-8190 Cell 
Description: Member DGA since 1974 Graduate DGA Training Plan.
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Stewart, Jerremy J.  (707) 483-3426  
Description: DGA 1ST AD with experience in both commercials & features. Call for resume & references.
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Sumner, Greg  (415) 640-0438  
Description: 1st AD, Producer, 2nd AD, Corporate Events. 20+ years in the Bay Area Film Industry. Ability to keep on schedule without barking. Sense of humor still intact.
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Vournas, Jani (John)  (415) 999-4741 Cell (415) 927-0506 
Description: Experienced Commercial 1st AD. Member of Directors Guild of America. Commercials, features, industrials, videos. Solid special effects and car commercial background. Qualified 1st Area. Call for demo reel or see web site. Giants fan.
PDF Resumehttp://www.imdb.com/name/nm0903849http://pro.imdb.com/name/nm0903849
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Yap, Jr., Lope  (415) 883-4022 Work/Fax  
Description: Executive, Producer, (2nd Unit) Director, Production Manager, 1st Assistant Director: Member DGA. Features, MOWS, Episodic, National and International Commercials.