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Only Green Companies

Amazing Aircraft iVisual iVisual iVisual
Amazing Aircraft  (415) 621-7410 SF
(888) 639-6917 Nationwide
Description: We provide the motion picture, advertising and publishing industries with the finest collection of award winning aircraft, ground vehicles and watercraft.
Classic Cable Cars / Adams, Jonathan iVisual iVisual iVisual
Classic Cable Cars / Adams, Jonathan  (415) 922-2425 x210
Address: 2000 McKinnon Ave., Bld. #418-C, SF 94124
Hours of Operation: 7 Days a week / All Hours
Description: We have the only "Vintage Authentic Cable Car" motorized for use anywhere in San Francisco. It has been featured in countless movies, commercial, and TV spots. 25 other Classic Cable Car vehicles also available.
Years Experience: 6060
Interstate Services / Wayland, Steve iVisual iVisual iVisual
Interstate Services / Wayland, Steve  (510) 670-0999
Address: 20694 Corsair Blvd., Hayward 94545 (415) 509-5555
Hours of Operation: 24/7
Description: "Almost" Anything Automotive. Automotive related props, parts, pieces and equipment. On set wrangling, car prep. Open and enclosed transportation. Warehouse and storage located in Hayward, CA.
Years Experience: 2020
Tri-D Productions iVisual iVisual iVisual
Tri-D Productions  (408) 744-9017
Address: PO Box 2195, Sunnyvale 94087
Hours of Operation: 24
Description: Hearses to horses, 56 T-Bird, Nash Bridges Cuda, 57 Ambulance, Specialize in period vehicles and convertibles. Specialty hard to find. TV, Film, Print, Animals wrangled, Civil war and historical re-enactments.
Guilds/Unions: SAG / AFTRA
Years Experience: 3333http://www.imdb.com/name/nm1731637/http://pro.imdb.com/name/nm1731637/
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Bayshore Ambulance / Bockholt, David  (650) 525-3855 X 101  
Description: Ambulances for props. Cadillacs "from the 70's," Van, Box Ambulances from the 90's to present. Sprinter Ambulances. Owner will send photos, will negotiate fees and provide drivers. Fully equipped with gurneys. Experience SF Bay Area.
Years Experience: 28
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Big Bus Tours San Francisco  (855) 854-8687  
Description: Big Bus Tours is the largest operator of open-top bus sightseeing tours in the world, providing sightseeing tours in 19 cities across three continents.
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California Motor Car Company / Callahan, Jim  (510) 547-8188  
Description: Classic & antique picture cars, specializing in automobiles from 1900-1960, sedans, convertibles, touring cars, roadsters, trucks, photos available, TV & film, photo shoot, display, trade show, party, historical consulting, period dress drivers, experienced, knowledgeable, professional.
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Carriages For Hire/ Crystal Hill Ranch / Evans, Sharon  (530) 622-4677 (530) 409-4496 Cell 
Description: Since 1968. Various antique/ classic cars and trucks, from any period time. Period type carriages and wagons supplied with experienced horses and drivers, riding horses and other livestock. We offer riding/driving lessons for actors and extras to gain horse experience.
Guilds/Unions: Teamsters Local #399 a member in good standing
Years Experience: 36
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Coach Maintenance Co. / Campbell, Ted  (530) 473-5544 (530) 473-3194 Fax 
Description: We provide a variety of vintage buses for movie and photo shoots.
Years Experience: 32
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Creative Automotive Consultants / Madden, Rhonda  (707) 794-0094 (707) 974-0095 Fax 
Description: We provide: Vintage and period picture cars (1900-2007), Onset/ Wrangling services, Historical accuracy consultations, Planes, Trains, Bikes, Buses and Boats. We do not provide? Lions, Tigers or Bears. (Oh, my!) Scouting required for all Newer Vehicles.
Years Experience: 41
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Fire Department Equipment - Props / Zukowski, Stan  (925) 687-6426  
Description: Fire Department Equipment. Full service rental of fire engines, hose, hydrants, extinguishers, helmets, uniforms, alarm boxes, etc. Period equipment from 1900's to present.
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Fire Trucks 4 Hire  (925) 525-8111  
Description: Fire engines/pumpers and trucks, 1960s to early 1990s, fully functional and outfitted with hose and equipment (included in fee along with vehicle driver). Firefighting gear, Jaws of Life, and stand-by fire services also available.
Years Experience: 12
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Galpin Studio Rentals  (323) 957-3333  
Description: Passenger Vehicles. Trucks: Crew Cab, Stakebed, Cube, Wardrobe Cube, Camera Cube. Picture Vehicles of all makes & models: antique, classic, custom, modern, motorcycles, truck, marine, automobilia. Our inventory includes over 3000 new and used vehicles from virtually every manufacturer.
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Green Acres Motion Picture Vehicles / Hunter, Joe  (415) 310-2280 Cell  
Description: Wide assortment of picture cars (police cars, taxicabs (checker), ambulances, coroners wagon, SWAT van, military vehicles.) See us in Matrix Reloaded; The Hulk; The Evidence. Will build cars to order. Portable restroom trailer available as well
Guilds/Unions: Local 399
Years Experience: 22
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J & T Stunts & Special Effects / Draper, Ted  (707) 546-2568  
Description: Lic Pyro Tech Explosions, Bullet hits, Breakaway furniture, gunfire, rain, wind, fog, smoke, and fire. Rental horses, horse drawn carriages, and wagons. Location: horse barn, Log house, horses in fields, Out-door wedding site around lake. 27 yrs exp.
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Magri Motors / Magri, Dennis  (415) 586-7756 (415) 640-7756 
Description: Classic/ Antique autos & motorcycles. Famous & obscure makes. LOCATION: Period shop & props on premises. Airplanes (up to 7' wingspans). Boats: Sailing, Tugs, Military, etc. Raidio controlled. Trains: Lg. to Sm. Film & promo events.
Years Experience: 31
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Martine Motorsports / Martine, Don  (831) 373-3388  
Description: 1933 MGL2, 1947 MGTC DOHC, 1948 MGTC supercharged, 1949 MGY, 1949 MGTC, 1950 MGTD Von Neumann, 1952 MGTD Ford V8 60, 1952 Deidt/Bell Special, 1953 MGTD MkII, 1955 MGTF, 1961 MGA 1600, 1963 MG 1300, 1967 MGBGT, 1967 MGB.
Years Experience: 68
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MisterSoftee NorCal / Tarnarider, Felix  (888) 587-6383  
Description: MisterSoftee ice cream food trucks. Classic trucks as seen on the East Coast.
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Nor Cal Movie Cars  (925) 525-6119  
Description: Police cars fully outfitted and a couple of Classic cars with access to others including a handful of Harley Davidson's with Riders. Weapons/ equipment is available for the police vehicles.
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Pacific Bus Museum / Medaglia, Ron  (415) 699-6377  
Description: Vintage buses from the 1940s through the 1990s and beyond. We also provide technical assistance for historical accuracy. Over 17 years experience providing buses for both local, independent and major studio productions.
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Remote Access Service / Poage, Tim  (916) 764-4619     Green
Description: Transport Crew & Equipment to remote locations over Snow. Several Snowcats & Crane Tracked Vehicles, Hovercraft to select from. All come with Skilled operator. Contact us for any back country over snow/mud transportation needs. We have experience with film crews.
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San Francisco Trains  (415) 254-7931  
Description: Trains, railway preservation and locomotives. Help you find real railroad artifacts, check historical accuracy involving trains and railines. Experience on active railroads, national registry of historic places, period crafts, tools and sounds. North pennisula and San Francisco railroad history specialty.
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Silver Trailer (Airstreams) / Spaulding, Kristiana Trow  (530) 295-9299  
Description: Vintage Airstreams for your production. Props and styling available. Past clients: ABC, HGTV, TLC, Pendleton, Veuve Clicquot. Airstreams throughout California + the Las Vegas area. We deliver to your destination. Over a decade in the business.
Years Experience: 15
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Snowcats for Hire / Remenih, Tony  (530) 583-5370 (775) 831-0518 
Description: We transport your crew, actors and equipment OVER snow to locations of your selection. Our skilled drivers will get you there in warm, safe, passengers-enclosed THIOKOL SNOWCATS. Call us with ANY over-snow transportation needs!
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Studio Picture Vehicles  (818) 765-1201  
Description: Full Array of Picture Vehicles. Ambulances, Exotics, Coroners, Vans, Taxies, News Vans, Swat Vans, Armor Cars, Tow Trucks, Maintenance Vehicles, Trailers, Motercycles, Medium duty 4x4 crew cabs, stakebeds. Fabrication, Graphics, Body & Paint, Mechanical services.
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The 51-50 Foundation / Lazzarini, Tony Billeci  (415) 408-1985     Green
Description: Classic, special interest, and daily driver cars for film, print or commercial work. 500 car selection.
Years Experience: 7
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WHEELS / Spencer, Alan  (415) 457-3721 (415) 450-8377 
Description: WHEELS is a San Francisco-based picture car agency that provides prop vehicles for advertising, commercials, special events, etc. With about 1400 picture cars on file, we can save you time and find you the vehicle you need.
Years Experience: 28