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Only Green Companies

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Art's Studio Shotwell / Wilinski, Arthur  (415) 335-9114
Address: 577 Shotwell St., SF 94110
Description: Beautiful New (2018) full kitchen. Designed for food shoots of all kinds. 2 large deep sinks, lots of counter space. We have a 25' x 45' cyc that is 20' tall. Drive right in. Natural gas on the stage.
Years Experience: 2525
*Artists' Services / Slade, Jackie iVisual iVisual iVisual
*Artists' Services / Slade, Jackie  (415) 823-4423 SF
(323) 445-4910 LA
Description: A Food and Prop Stylist based in San Francisco CA. bay area and is the only Food Stylist within San Francisco to possess a Union certification. Her accomplishments range from Feature films, TV commercials, Internet content and Video to Print.
Years Experience: 1717
*Artists' Services / Upson, Lindsay iVisual iVisual iVisual
*Artists' Services / Upson, Lindsay  (415) 823-4423 SF
(323) 445-4910 LA
Years Experience: 1010
Gintner, Heidi iVisual iVisual iVisual
Gintner, Heidi  (415) 621-7410 Zenobia
(415) 777-3020 Fax
Description: Food Stylist for print and commercials.
Griswold, Sandra  / Sandra Griswold Design iVisual iVisual iVisual
Griswold, Sandra / Sandra Griswold Design  (415) 640-3639 Cell
Address: 1859 Powell St., Box 139, SF 94133
Description: Experienced Food and Prop Stylist for TV commercials, print advertising, food packaging. Clients include: advisory boards & marketing orders, hotels & restaurants, wineries, and cookbook and lifestyle book publishers. Extensive client list available upon request-from Carl's Jr. to Williams-Sonoma.
Years Experience: 3232
Kimcookin / Kissling (Konecny), Kim iVisual iVisual iVisual
Kimcookin / Kissling (Konecny), Kim  (415) 336-5349 Cell
Address: 158 Richardson Dr., Mill Valley 94941
Description: Food styling for print, video, film and commercials. Tabletop prop styling available as well.
Years Experience: 2424
Lucich, Andrea iVisual iVisual iVisual
Lucich, Andrea  (415) 621-7410 Zenobia
(415) 777-3020 Fax
Description: Food Stylist for print and commercials.
Miller, Janet iVisual iVisual iVisual
Miller, Janet  (415) 621-7410 Zenobia
(415) 777-3020 Fax
Description: Food Stylist for print and commercials.
Slade, Jackie  / Jackie Slade Design iVisual iVisual iVisual
Slade, Jackie / Jackie Slade Design  (530) 238-LOFT (5638)
Address: 637 Lindaro St., Loft #202, San Rafael 94901 (415) 845-6648 Cell
Description: Food stylist, prop design. All sized jobs welcome. Film, TV, Web, Packaging. Clients: Glad, Tropicana, Comcast Spotlight, Cooking Channel, Moss Productions, Ramar Foods, Sukhi's, Annie Chun, Jose Cuervo, Safeway, 20th Century Fox, Warner Brothers, IATSE.
Guilds/Unions: IATSE Local 16
Years Experience: 2626
Zenobia Agency, Inc. iVisual iVisual iVisual
Zenobia Agency, Inc.  (415) 621-7410 SF
(888) 639-6917 Nationwide
Description: Zenobia Agency represents hair and make-up artists, wardrobe and prop stylists, food stylists, set decorators, manicurists, location scouts and production coordinators in cities throughout the US. Portfolios can be viewed on our website at www.zenobia.com.
Years Experience: 3333
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Alicia Deal Style / Deal, Alicia  (707) 341-0091 (360) 513-3797 Bus Cell    Green
Description: Alicia brings professionalism and stamina to commercial, advertising, lifestyle and editorial shoots, on location and in the studio. She comes armed with vast culinary knowledge, years of set experience and a serious can-do attitude.
Years Experience: 7
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Anselmino, Amanda / Kern Represents, Inc.  (415) 737-5376  
Description: Amanda Anselmino is a San Francisco based Food Stylist.  With a focus on Commercial Lifestyle and Advertising Photography Campaigns.
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Badano, Joanna / Styling By Joanna  (707) 696-0632  
Description: Food and Prop Stylist for print and commercials.
Years Experience: 22
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Christ, Katie  (415) 377-8515 Cell  
Description: Food stylist for print and motion. Available for travel, domestic and international.
Years Experience: 16
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Cunningham, Karen  (415) 860-4698     Green
Description: VEGAN Styling, Production and Art Direction services for lifestyle and product photography, films and design firms. Extensive prop collection. Impressive client list. I promise at least 100% effort, everytime. "I see your concepts as beautiful pictures."
Years Experience: 11
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de Garmo, Poppy  (415) 515-4765  
Description: Food and Prop Styling. Clients include: Nash Bridges, Walt Disney Productions, People Magazine, Bon Appetit Magazine, Gourmet Magazine.
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J Food Smith / Smith, Julie  (415) 613-2176  
Description: Experienced Food Stylist with Professional Culinary & Nutrition background. Easy to work with and a great attitude. I am the stylist who makes your job easy. No complaining , no drama, just precise and talented styling.
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Lopker, Chelsea  (406) 396-0232 Cell (406) 396-0232 Cell 
Description: Assistant Food Stylist with over 25 years of culinary experience. Food Stylists I've worked with include: Alison Attenborough, Randy Mon, Kevin Crafts, Merilee Bordin, Nan Bullock and Jen Strauss.
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Miller, Cara  (510) 673-2860 Cell  
Description: Assistant Stylist. Commercials and Print. Take my years of production work, combined with years of professional cooking, my culinary degree, my positive attitude, and put me to work!
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Mon, Randy  (415) 518-5460  
Description: Labels to billboards, cupcakes to couscous, cookbooks to coupons, fine wine to key limes, and selective focus to the big screen. San Francisco based, have chopsticks; will travel!
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Shalleck, David / VOLOCHEF Culinary Solutions  (415) 888-3938 (415) 713-1967 
Description: Culinary Producer on over 250 cooking shows and many short pieces among a variety of networks; food styling for television, editorial, and advertising; chef/ consulting services for pre-production through post.
Years Experience: 16
PDF Resumehttp://www.imdb.com/name/nm2190362http://pro.imdb.com/name/nm2190362
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Wolheim, Christine  (510) 928-5219  
Description: Food stylist. General with specialty in sculptural/difficult to execute set ups.
Years Experience: 13