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Booker for Studio Teacher
Address: Northern California & Beyond
Phone: (916) 212-9222 Cell    (818) 400-5916 Alt
Hours of Operation:  24/7
Description:  College Humor,Adam Ruins Everything, Plus1, AntmanWasp, PIXAR,Gerard Butler's Chasing Mavs, Rob Reiner's FLIPPED, The Mercadantes,ParkPics, VisitCA, Pottery Barn, BlackJesus, Anonymous Content, Apple, Google, Disney, MTV Jenks, Quiero Quinces, TCribs, Generation Cryo, Bilingual STC #94764
Guilds/Unions:  SAG/AFTRA/IATSE 884 & Loc16 AFFILIATE
Years Experience: 18PDF Resumehttp://www.imdb.com/name/nm3496376http://pro.imdb.com/name/nm3496376
Ford, Gene
Ford, Gene
Address: Sacramento
Phone: (916) 456-3938 Hm    (916) 882-3308 Cell
Description:  K-12 teacher; 30+ yrs. experience; mobile; available 24/7 & for long assignments, team player; love teaching and studio process. Cert. #15941. Contact: eugene-f@att.net
Guilds/Unions:  Cert. #15941
Years Experience: 30
Atomic Studio Teaching / Stephens, Jamie Jean iVisual iVisual iVisual
Atomic Studio Teaching / Stephens, Jamie Jean  (209) 345-7876
Address: Central Valley, Gold Country, Sacramento Region
Description: Flexible, experienced licensed CA Studio Teacher (#137680) available for your next production. Friendly & easy going, yet professional. Central Valley, Gold Country, Sacramento, Placerville, Sierra Nevada Region. TV, film, theater, print, commercials. Clients: Nickelodeon, Disney, HBO, ABC, Fox, NBC, Netflix
Guilds/Unions: IATSE Local 884 (available for union or non-union)
Years Experience: 1313PDF Resume
Baloian, Cecelia Cissy iVisual iVisual iVisual
Baloian, Cecelia Cissy  (650) 576-1041 Cell
Address: PO Box 2127, El Granada 94018 (650) 726-1562 Hm
Description: Teacher On The Go! Bay Area studio teacher experienced in print, film, commercials, theatre. Flexible hours; available for location work. Catering to the welfare of the child and success of the production! License #82586. IATSE 16.
Guilds/Unions: License #82586, IATSE Local 16
PDF Resume
Barnes, Donnell  / Crocodile College iVisual iVisual iVisual
Barnes, Donnell / Crocodile College  (415) 552-1891
Address: 2261 Market St. #171A, SF 94114 (415) 308-4442 Cell
Hours of Operation: Anytime
Description: Energizer, just keeps on going. 13Reasons Why?, Halo Awards(NY), movies, tours, commercials, TV, Internet, NDAs, fashion, ballet, opera, cooking show….been there, done that. Always looking for something new. Kickin’ knowledge with Crocodile College. Nationwide.
Guilds/Unions: IATSE Local 16, Cert. #073/#37088
Years Experience: 3434PDF Resumehttp://www.imdb.com/name/nm0055576http://pro.imdb.com/name/nm0055576
Ganz, Elise iVisual iVisual iVisual
Ganz, Elise  (415) 459-5456    Green
Address: 117 Oak Dr., San Rafael 94901 (415) 517-5456 Cell
Description: A seasoned studio teacher with the ability to solve problems as they arise; to facilitate and work with production in getting their day accomplished and to keep focused on the needs of the children. Can teach the tough subjects!
Guilds/Unions: Local 884 in LA & Local 16 in SF
Years Experience: 4444http://www.imdb.com/name/nm0304659http://pro.imdb.com/name/nm0304659
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A #1 Lake Tahoe Studio Teacher / August, Adria  (775) 749-2024 Hm (818) 378-6882 Cell 
Description: Experienced, California Licensed Studio Teacher living in Lake Tahoe. Films: E.T., Jurassic Park II and III, Indiana Jones, Road to Perdition,The Patriot, Independence Day, etc. TV: Full House, 2 1/2 Men, Castle, "24", etc. Many commercials.
Guilds/Unions: IATSE LOCAL #884
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A Studio Teachers Hotline  (415) 680-0809  
Description: A great place to start when you have questions regarding minors in the entertainment industry. Make just one call-get your questions answered and book a studio teacher! I can refer you to dozens of local teachers.
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A+ Studio Teaching / Kindig, Karen  (415) 713-2538 (415) 507-9722    Green
Description: Studio Teacher #831. CPR/First Aid Certified. 12 years in K-12 classrooms. 21+ years studio teaching/private tutoring experience: TV, movies, stage (including SF Ballet & SF Opera), photo shoots, fashion shows, industrials, commercial videos. Bilingual- English/Spanish.
Guilds/Unions: Studio Teacher #831
Years Experience: 24
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Alarcón, Eloisa  (916) 261-2774  
Description: Extensive experience working with minors in Broadway/touring productions, television, film, print, internet and video
Guilds/Unions: IATSE Local 16
Years Experience: 28
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Benz, Jessica  (916) 606-7723 Cell     Green
Description: Friendly, fun, and focused on child welfare and production demands. Clients: 'Gibby', Intel, Western Health, Juniper, AAA, Wells Fargo, and more. 12 years teaching experience. MA in Education. Mom/ Actor/ Producer/ Educator. I've got you covered!
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Bloomingdale, Christine  (415) 515-7226 Cell (510) 654-0594 
Description: MA Radio/ Television. Experienced Studio Teacher behind the scenes on commercials, stage, photo shoots, television (series, MOW), music videos and feature films. Uniquely creative, practical assured professional. Great with kids. Certificate #74440.
Years Experience: 27
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Bruce, Joelle E.  (559) 860-9703 Cell  
Description: Centrally located studio teacher. Willing to travel throughout the state and beyond. Fluent in Italian! Experience working in print, film, opera and theatre productions. Studio Teacher Certification #30496.
Guilds/Unions: Certification #30496
Years Experience: 13
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Crimley, Carolyn  (415) 987-9024  
Description: Experienced and fun! Features include: Milk,Pursuit of Happyness; Bee Season; The Sixth Sense; The Horse Whisperer; The Joy Luck Club. Commercials, Print, Theater. I can wrangle and teach with a smile!
Guilds/Unions: Local 16, Local 884
Years Experience: 34
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Elster, Steve  (925) 324-2159  
Description: Friendly, down-to-earth studio teacher. Experienced in commercials, photo shoots, movies, videos, and TV sitcoms and dramas. I teach all subjects through advanced high school courses. Can work union and non-union.
Guilds/Unions: IATSE
Years Experience: 30
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Fontaine-Gingg, Joan  (415) 378-6918 (415) 499-1875 
Description: 8 Years experience as a Studio Teacher. K-12 Multiple Subject, Single Subject in Social Science and Early Childhood Credential. Access to extensive children's library and learning games. Patient and kind. Available for studio and location shoots. Certificate #106404.
Guilds/Unions: Certificate #106404
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Gill, Susan  (415) 306-2867  
Description: Studio teacher with over 18 years experience. Great with kids of all ages and production friendly too.
Years Experience: 26
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Gordon, Rhona Jean  (415) 888-3623 Hm (818) 486-4542 Cell 
Description: Have many years of experience in features, television, commercials, and print. Credits include Cheaper by the Dozen, Almost Famous, Up, Jurassic World, 2 1/2 Men, Malcom in the Middle.
Guilds/Unions: IATSE 884
Years Experience: 35
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Gray, Dana Fox  (415) 302-7348 Cell  
Description: Friendly, flexible, organized and experienced educator. Available on short notice and willing to travel.
Guilds/Unions: STC# 158788
Years Experience: 4
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Hadar, Lua / New Performance Group  (415) 377-4858  
Description: Experienced in classroom, onstage, backstage, on set. Matilda, A Christmas Story, Annie, Les Miz, Lion King, Pippin, Motown, Billy Elliot, Film, SFBallet, Berkeley Rep, SFOpera, PBKids, commercials, Disney. Baby/Toddler wrangler. Speak Spanish, Italian, French. Energetic, flexible, organized collaborator. Certificate #927-21616
Years Experience: 17
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Hardy, Barbara Ann  (530) 268-0158     Green
Description: STUDIO TEACHER STC# 154915,Award Winning Teacher, Jennings Scholar, In Who's Who.Often told, "Best Studio Teacher We've Had!" I'm kind, happy, easy to work with,experienced, and have enormous respect for children,parents, production team.
Guilds/Unions: STC# 154915
Years Experience: 39
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Hughes, Bonnie  (415) 518-4784  
Description: 34 years of studio teaching on locally filmed productions. Talent Wrangler & set tutor on features, commercials, print, industrials, voice-over & live theater. Formerly Bonnie Katz "Studio Teacher to the Stars." Local 16. Certified #131802
Guilds/Unions: IATSE Local 16 Certified #131802
Years Experience: 37
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Johnston, Robert Michael  (310) 741-0925  
Description: CHECK OUT WEB SITE: www.coolstudioteacher.com
Guilds/Unions: Local 884
Years Experience: 15
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Keller, Jamie  (510) 524-8697 (510) 847-2505 Cell 
Description: Experienced studio and classroom teacher with Reading Specialist Credential. Helpful, hard-working, and well liked by kids, clients, and peers alike. Film, television, commercials, theater, print. Great at wrangling parents, too. State Certified #78005.
Guilds/Unions: Certified #78005
Years Experience: 33
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Lang, Brenda J.  (415) 710-5627  
Description: Extensive experience in education with the majority being in elementary. Enjoy teaching all subjects with expertise in math, science and the arts. Trained in the California child labor standards. Broad experience working with infants as a foster care parent. Cert. #STC160207
Guilds/Unions: Certificate No. STC160207
PDF Resume
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Maurer, Dawn DeBenedetto  (818) 653-6519 Cell  
Description: Experienced Hollywood studio teacher now living in Sacramento area. Can work as a local in South Lake Tahoe, San Jose, Atlanta, Chicago,and Los Angeles. Friendly, warm, professional. Can provide school kit. License #39531
Guilds/Unions: License #39531
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Nakane, Cynthia  (805) 924-0678 (323) 573-1970 Cell 
Description: Extensive Studio Teacher/ Welfare Worker experience in commercial advertising, movie, television and video projects as well as 23 years full time and substitute teaching experience in high schools and elementary schools. Certified #64199.
Guilds/Unions: Cert. #64199
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Northridge, Victoria  (415) 425-9896 Cell  
Description: Friendly, organized, helpful. Almost twenty years of studio teaching experience in film, TV, commercial/industrial video, live theater and print. Tutor most subjects & levels grades K-12, plus Mandarin & French. Free to travel. State Certified #73228.
Guilds/Unions: State Certified #73228
Years Experience: 22
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Perry, Robert Joe  (310) 595-5350     Green
Description: I am a studio teacher and you can view some of my references and experience at www.robertperry-studioteacher.com Cert.# 91930
Guilds/Unions: Cert.# 91930
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Price, David Lawrence  (408) 835-9176 Cell  
Description: Sixteen years studio teaching for film, stage, print. Resides in south bay & available anywhere in Calif. Prepared for all studio teaching needs. Dependable and dedicated to supporting performers, parents, and production. M.A. Education; B.A. Creative Comm.; Fully Credentialed. email: davidlprice@yahoo.com
Guilds/Unions: Studio Certificate #916
Years Experience: 18
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Riordan, Annette (Nancy) F.  (415) 497-8559 Cell (415) 456-8150 Hm 
Description: Photo shoots, commercials, voice overs, movies, opera, ballet, advertising videos and more! As always, my purpose is to support and work with you and the children in order to make your jobs less complicated!
Years Experience: 19
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Schelhorse, Kathleen  (415) 680-0809 Cell (831) 462-1939 
Description: Studio Teacher and Baby Wrangler - Serving the South Bay from Monterey to SouthSF, including SantaCruz and SanJose area. Easy going studio teacher with over 20 years of experience and mom to 5 kids. I'm your gal!
Years Experience: 22
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Voisard, Chris / Applied Creativity  (650) 799-3791 (650) 726-5061 
Description: Energetic, fun, and creative studio teacher. I love kids! Over 25 years classroom experience with all ages K through high school. Available for local or travel. STC #155753
Guilds/Unions: STC #155753
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Weeg, Tim  (415) 810-9551 (415) 861-2783 
Description: 14 years teaching experience. Master's in Education of Exceptional Children. Middle School/ High School my specialty. Have a California Specialist Credential in Learning Disabilities as well as Standard Elementary and Secondary (Social Science) credentials. Cert. #924.
Guilds/Unions: Cert. #924
Years Experience: 25