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Only Green Companies

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Elbirt, Melissa   
Description: Assistant/Associate Editor, and Post Production Coordinator. Seasoned in non-fiction. Native Spanish/English bilingual. Tech-savy story-teller. Focused, efficient, and enthusiastic.
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Hwang, Julie  (510) 992-3880 (469) 387-3573 
Description: Assistant Editor with extensive Avid experience in TV postproduction, Unity/ISIS environments. Proficient in Adobe Premiere, After Effects, Photoshop, and FCP 7 and X.
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Jackson, Vanessa  (916) 201-5584  
Description: I have been an assistant editor for short films, documentaries, music videos and live shows. BA in cinema production at SFSU. Please contact for full resume.
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Keating, Christina / Ravin' Films, Inc.  (415) 387-1136  
Description: Assistant Editor/Associate Editor/Post Production Supervisor. Premiere, AVID, FCP7 savvy. Major national cable and broadcast television credits. Experienced with researching and tracking archival footage. Available for long or short term projects. References available.
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Klocksiem, Steve  (415) 337-8230  
Description: Picture/sound assistant. Solid experience in feature film, network & cable TV, documentary and corporate shows. Skilled in 35/16mm, video, and digital NLE systems. AVID specialist. Media and meta-data wrangler.
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Ramirez, Marco / MarcoRam films  (510) 691-7559  
Description: Assistant/Associate Editor with a background in VFX, color grading and finishing. Highly technical, eye for detail, effective troubleshooting. Worked on feature films, documentary and commercials for TV and web. FSI OLED Color-Critical Edit bay.