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Conroy+Tanzer Photographic Services iVisual iVisual iVisual
Conroy+Tanzer Photographic Services  (415) 377-7126
Address: PO Box 31118, SF 94131
Description: Twenty years experience in the Bay Area. Photography, production, coordinating, location services, casting, driving, assisting, etc. We do it all.... with a smile! If we aren't right for your task, we will cheerfully refer you.
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Bremier, Valary  (415) 686-7470 Cell (415) 461-9300 
Description: Locations assistant. Familiar with Marin, Sonoma, Oakland, and San Jose. Petitions and leafletting a specialty.
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Eldridge, Joshua D. / North Bay Locations  (707) 338-7669  
Description: Very Personable and Friendly. Familiar with San Francisco and all of Northern California. Specializing in outdoor locations around Lake Tahoe, Sonoma, Marin, Lake, Napa, Santa Cruz, Mendocino, Lassen, and Humboldt counties.
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Lee, Daniel  (415) 533-8559  
Description: Know how to navigate through San Francisco very well without a GPS. Personable and friendly when dealing with location owners. Great list of references.
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Muniz, Anthony  (831) 905-0405  
Description: Experienced, Professional and Resourceful Production Assistant/ Locations Scout (Television, Feature Film, New Media) with vast knowledge of California.
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Weber, David J.  (415) 568-1409  
Description: Location Scout, Assistant and Manager with good knowledge of San Francisco Bay area and Northern California.
PDF Resumehttp://www.imdb.com/name/nm3376681http://pro.imdb.com/name/nm3376681