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Only Green Companies

IndiePlaya, LLC iVisual iVisual iVisual
IndiePlaya, LLC  (650) 305-7800    Green
Address: 1900 S. Norfolk St. #350, San Mateo 94403 (650) 305-7801 Fax
Description: Revolutionary online film distribution and marketing platform enabling profitable D2C (Direct-to-Consumer) distribution with innovative marketing tools, in-depth metrics/business intelligence and easy-to-use social network integration. Our feature-rich platform allows optimized packaging, guerilla marketing and distribution of independent film to highly-targeted audiences.
Years Experience: 1010
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Canyon Cinema Foundation  (415) 626-2255  
Description: One of the world's largest distributor of independent avant-garde short films and documentaries to colleges, universities, individulas, museums and film societies.
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Frameline  (415) 703-8650 x305  
Description: Since 1981 Frameline has been the leading distributor of LGBTQ media. Our collection has more than 200 titles, which can be seen online, on-air and in theatres as well as purchased for institutional or home use.
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Guerrilla Rep Media / Yennie, Ben O.  (415) 627-7516  
Description: An Independent Producer's Representation company helping filmmakers with completed projects navigate the turbulent waters of distribution.
Years Experience: 8
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Indigo Films  (415) 444-1700 (415) 444-1720 Fax 
Description: Indigo Films has expanded our range of non-fiction genres and formats, producing shows for a variety of networks including Investigation Discoveryís I (Almost) Got Away With It. We also film Wives with Knives, and Travel Channelís newest hit, America Declassified.
Years Experience: 22
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The Video Project / Michelson, Steve  (415) 981-9710 (800) 4Planet 
Description: We distribute documentary content on the environment, social justice, sustainability, health and mind body spirit.
Years Experience: 14