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Only Green Companies

Heffernan Films, Inc. / Heffernan, Terry iVisual iVisual iVisual
Heffernan Films, Inc. / Heffernan, Terry  (415) 641-3017
Address: 991 Tennessee St., SF 94107 (415) 990-3340 Cell
Description: Television commercial production, specializing in food, table top. Terry Heffernan, Director.
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Aerial Archives / Lingl, Herb  (415) 771-2555  
Description: Large archive of aerial photographs, aerial maps, video and film including an extensive current collection and historical archive dating back to 1907. Satellite imagery and satellite tasking available. Research services also available to locate specific aerial imagery.
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Aerial/ Terrestrial Photography / Rokeach, Barrie  (510) 918-0809  
Description: Over 30 years exp. as professional still photographer, specialty in aerial imagery (commercial/ instrument rated pilot). Stock and assignment work for many major advertising agencies, int'l corporations and book and magazine publishers.
Years Experience: 41
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Archival Film and Photo Research / Rotondi, Rosemary Ann  (212) 989-2025 (917) 207-6818 
Description: I am an archival film, photo and network news researcher. Resume available at archivalfilmresearch.com
Years Experience: 34
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Fletcher, Lex / Born to Shoot  (650) 766-1605  
Description: Wide subject matter- Europe, China, Cambodia, Thailand, Egypt, Saudi Arabia, Central & South America, Canada, Papua New Guinea, Sydney, New York, Deserts, Rainforests, Waterfalls, National Parks, California, Skiing, Snowboarding, Children, Sports, Animals, Aerials.
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Highton, Scott / Photography by Scott Highton  (650) 592-5277  
Description: Wildlife, nature and environmental stock photography. Includes many U.S. locations; Alaska, Galapagos, beaches, mountains, deserts, swamps. Also mountaineering, rock and ice climbing, aviation, water sports. Stock listing available on request.
Years Experience: 41
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Postcard Travelers Adventure Magazine / Poulos, Stacy  (510) 538-0155  
Description: Unique fine art photos of San Francisco Bay Area from a kayak, airplane & hiking Parks & around the world. Mexico, Haiti, NY, CA, Arizona, Utah, Alabama, Greece, Italy, Louisiana, Hawaii, France. Award winning photographer & filmmaker Stacy Poulos
Years Experience: 36
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SF Bay Digital Images / Cannon, Sandra  (415) 902-3804  
Description: San Francisco Bay Digital Images - Commercial Film Production and Photography. Thematic San Francisco Stock Footage and Images. Aerial, Drones, Cineflex, Marine and on-location production. We work with licensed droned pilots and best-of-breed crew.
Years Experience: 18