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Only Green Companies

Nelson, David
Address: 69 Green St., SF 94111
Phone: (415) 977-1818    
Hours of Operation:  24/7
Description:  Supervising Sound Engineer with extensive voice and dialog editing experience.. ISDN and phone patch in three different rooms...dead quiet..with a Klaus Heyne modified U87 and U67.
Years Experience: 23Email: dave@outpostfilm.comhttp://www.imdb.com/company/co0095745http://pro.imdb.com/company/co0095745
Rosenberg, Carol
Phone: (415) 587-7891    (415) 395-9475 JE Talent
Guilds/Unions:  AFTRA/SAG
Hours of Operation:  Mon-Sun: 8-6pm
Description:  AWARD WINNING VOICE TALENT. Warm,accessible delivery. Commercial, character, narration, whatever. I'm your voice. Experienced professional-save studio time. Visit carolrosenberg.com or call for a demo.
Email: carol@carolrosenberg.comhttp://www.carolrosenberg.com/demo.html
An Assortment of Voices / Voice One iVisual iVisual iVisual
An Assortment of Voices / Voice One  (415) 974-1103
Address: 665 Third St. #227, San Francisco, CA 94107 (415) 974-1105 Fax
Hours of Operation: Days and Weekends
Description: Need talent? We've trained the best. Check out our talent database. Anyone can listen. Call or email for your unique password to enter the site, do more advanced searches, and get talent contact information.
Years Experience: 3131Email: vone@aol.comhttp://www.imdb.com/name/nm0163908http://pro.imdb.com/name/nm0163908
Andrew, Dane iVisual iVisual iVisual
Andrew, Dane  (408) 744-9017
Address: PO Box 2195, Sunnyvale 94087
Hours of Operation: 24
Guilds/Unions: SAG
Description: Versital SAG actor, Celebrity interviewer, Has Star on "Walk of Stars", Historical re-enactor, 5'11'' dark complexion, Ride horse & Motor cycle. Own Rascal "The World's Ugliest Dog", on Tonight Show, The View, People, etc.
Years Experience: 3232Email: DaneAndrew@aol.comhttp://www.imdb.com/name/nm1731637/http://pro.imdb.com/name/nm1731637/
Capella, Rocky iVisual iVisual iVisual
Capella, Rocky  (650) 678-8173
(800) 400-3124
Guilds/Unions: SAG, DGA, AFTRA
Description: Specializing in physical comedy and action. Experienced actor, precision driver, stuntman and 2nd unit director for film, television and commercials. Recent credits include: "SENSE 8" and "Amazing Spiderman 2" Call for current resume and credits.
Years Experience: 3232Email: rcpstunts@aol.comPDF Resumehttp://www.imdb.com/name/nm0135047http://pro.imdb.com/name/nm0135047
Clark, Elaine iVisual iVisual iVisual
Clark, Elaine  (415) 974-1103
Address: 665 Third Street #227, SF 94107 (510) 612-4519
Hours of Operation: Days & Weekends
Guilds/Unions: SAG/AFTRA
Description: Author of the quintessential voice-over book "There's Money Where Your Mouth Is!" Over 25 years exp. in VOICE-OVER (from real person to surreal characters), ON CAMERA (Commercial, Industrial, Film), PRINT. Agent: JE Talent.
Years Experience: 3636Email: elaine@elaineclark.comhttp://www.imdb.com/name/nm0163908http://pro.imdb.com/name/nm0163908
iVisual iVisual iVisual
Edwards, John  (415) 332-3631
Guilds/Unions: SAG-AFTRA
Description: National commercial V/O credits. Own Prof. recording studio with ISDN, Source-Connect & Phone Patch. JE has the bold, brave Broadcast voice you're looking for. Call for bookings and demos of your material sent asap!
Years Experience: 4141Email: John@commandproductions.com
Freeman, Boston Rush iVisual iVisual iVisual
Freeman, Boston Rush  (415) 531-9760 Direct
(415) 421-6272 Stars
Guilds/Unions: SAG-AFTRA FiCore
Description: 3rd Degree Black Belt, Weapons Expert. Plays Percussion, Drums, Guitar & Piano. Civil Air Patrol Cadet. Tech Geek Gamer & Coder. Track, Parkour & Lego Robotics. Member of the National Gifted Society.
Years Experience: 1010Email: Boss@BostonFreeman.comPDF Resumehttp://www..imdb.com/name/nm2812115http://pro.imdb.com/name/nm2812115
Freeman, London iVisual iVisual iVisual
Freeman, London  (323) 590-3618 Direct    Green
Address: Local Hire: Nor Cal & So Cal (415) 421-6272 Stars
Guilds/Unions: SAG-AFTRA
Description: Modeling/Acting Professionally in SF & LA since the age of 7. View demo reel, resume and photos on IMDb.me/London or personal web site. Animal rights advocate, runner, volleyball player, singer, production assistant. SAG-AFTRA. IG: @LondonFreeman_
Years Experience: 1919Email: LondonFreeman@me.comPDF Resumehttp://www.imdb.com/name/nm2124003http://pro.imdb.com/name/nm2124003
Harrington, Angela  / Voiceover iVisual iVisual iVisual
Harrington, Angela / Voiceover  (415) 543-3797 Tonry Talent
Guilds/Unions: SAG-AFTRA
Description: Commercial, Narration, Characters, ADR/Looping. The natural voice of the everyday woman, ranging from serious to silly. The voice of Mattel's Fijit Friend "Willa". First Republic Bank, SaveMart, Cisco, John Muir Health, Assassin's Creed 2, EA Sims. Demos on website.
Years Experience: 1212Email: aharringtonvoice@aol.com
Kahn, Karen iVisual iVisual iVisual
Kahn, Karen  (707) 953-4273
(415) 421-6272 Stars
Description: Film, Television, Industrials, Trade Shows, Voiceover, Print. (Earprompter expert) Voiceover and On Camera Demo Reels Available for review on Website: www.karenkahn.com
Years Experience: 4444Email: karen@karenkahn.comPDF Resumehttp://www.imdb.com/name/nm0434867http://pro.imdb.com/name/nm0434867
Studio 24 / Dorkin, Cody iVisual iVisual iVisual
Studio 24 / Dorkin, Cody  (916) 358-9915
Address: 771 Oak Avenue Pkwy. #2, Folsom 95630
Hours of Operation: Mon-Thur: 10am-6pm
Guilds/Unions: SAG, AFTRA
Description: Studio 24 is a company whose sole purpose is to develop/ grow the careers of our clients. We are interested in the genuine development of the careers of our clients and the ethical representation of them.
Years Experience: 99Email: info@studio24.comhttp://www.imdb.com/name/nm0233733http://pro.imdb.com/name/nm0233733
Vella, Tony iVisual iVisual iVisual
Vella, Tony  (415) 543-3797 Tonry Talent
(415) 203-3607 Cell
Hours of Operation: On Call
Guilds/Unions: SAG-AFTRA / Bay Area Stunts
Description: SAG-AFTRA/20+years On-Camera, Stunt Acting and V/O. Credits: Emerald Run-Pushing Dead-Live or Die in La Honda-Angie Tribeca-Yosemite-August Falls-The Bridge-Gang Related-Exposed-Contagion-Nash Bridges/Stunt and Vehicle Driving:Virgin Holidays "Live"-2016 Malibu-Honda-MBZ-QSmart Car-Toyota-Lexus-and more! M1 Licensed CMSP Certified.
Years Experience: 2929Email: SFStunts@aol.comPDF Resumehttp://www.imdb.com/name/nm0892594http://pro.imdb.com/name/nm0892594
Voice Actress-Spokesperson-Model / Murray, Tina Marie iVisual iVisual iVisual
Voice Actress-Spokesperson-Model / Murray, Tina Marie  (510) 682-8155 Cell
Address: 1166 55th Street (510) 922-1672 Hm/Studio
Guilds/Unions: SAG / AFTRA / AEA
Description: Award Winning Talent! Specialties: Natural warm rich tone, character voices.Radio/TV/Animation. Standard British, Cockney, Jamaican, French accents. Narration. ADR/Improv. Documentary. TV tags. Corporate Spokesperson. Live Announcing. Host. Audio Books. In home recording studio!
Years Experience: 2727Email: talktotina@hotmail.comPDF Resumehttp://www.imdb.com/name/nm0615305http://pro.imdb.com/name/nm0615305
Weagant, Kitt iVisual iVisual iVisual
Weagant, Kitt  (415) 332-3631
Address: PO Box 3000, Sausalito 94966 (415) 308-8132 Cell
Hours of Operation: Daily: 9am-5:30pm, Weekends by appt.
Guilds/Unions: SAG-AFTRA
Description: This Diva is easy to work with: Nat'l commercial credits, enviable Corporate clients, flawless phone prompts, award-winning narration, jazz recording artist. ISDN & Source- Connect in own Prof. studio. Demos, of course.
Years Experience: 4141Email: Kitt@kittweagant.com
Weagant, Warren iVisual iVisual iVisual
Weagant, Warren  (415) 332-3631
Address: PO Box 3000, Sausalito 94966 (800) weagant (932-4268)
Hours of Operation: Daily: 9am-6pm
Guilds/Unions: SAG-AFTRA
Description: Former ABC-TV & Radio Announcer with Nat'l commercial credits. Now located in his own Prof. studio in Sausalito. A true Corporate Image builder with distinctive, dynamic delivery. ISDN & Source-Connect Worldwide. Demos Available.
Years Experience: 4141Email: Warren@commandproductions.com
Windishar, Mary iVisual iVisual iVisual
Windishar, Mary  (510) 523-5787    Green
(510) 207-1200 Cell
Hours of Operation: 24/7/365
Guilds/Unions: Sag/AFTRA, but able to work non-union
Description: Voice of NBC's Astrology.com. I host Broadcast TV, Industrials (ear prompter and narration) and Commercials (from warm-fuzzy mom to sarcastic smirks) Voice/over w/professional booth & equip, Voice Mail, Telephony, Trade Shows and Webcast Hosting. Find samples at windishar.com
Years Experience: 2323Email: mary@windishar.comhttp://www.imdb.com/name/nm1690887http://pro.imdb.com/name/nm1690887
iVisual iVisual iVisual
Agid, Gary  (916) 383-9267  
Description: Gary has been acting in films and on stage for 17 years. His 2-minute demo reel is attached. A 10-minute demo reel is available upon request.
Email: gary@agid.comhttp://www.imdb.com/name/nm1654493http://pro-labs.imdb.com/name/nm1654493
iVisual iVisual iVisual
Al Media Movers, Inc. / Vishnu, Lawrence  (415) 578-3391  
Description: Foreign language dubbing (lip-sync & U.N. style). Native foreign language voice overs. Foreign language subtitling for TV stations, broadcasting & DVD companies. Transcription for all media formats. All services in over 1000 languages.
Email: info@media-movers.com
iVisual iVisual iVisual
Alex's Arts & Communications / Mizuno, Alex  (650) 758-3009  
Description: Japanese/ English total bilingual services including voice-over, production coordinating and translation. Clients include Warner Brothers, 20th Century Fox, Tristar Pictures, Readers' Digest Video, Apple Computer.
Email: nualchemy@earthlink.nethttp://www.imdb.com/name/nm0594675http://pro.imdb.com/name/nm0594675
iVisual iVisual iVisual
Argent, Anita  (415) 307-7640 Cell  
Description: SAG-AFTRA Actor and producer of web series.
Email: Anitaargent622@aol.comhttp://www.imdb.com/name/nm2471268http://pro-labs.imdb.com/name/nm2471268
iVisual iVisual iVisual
Artistic V.M. Productions & Transfers / Moore, Victor S.R.  (650) 299-9448     Green
Description: Stand-Up Comic, Actor, Voice-Impersonator, "Man-of-a-Thousand-Voices," many Celebrities, Cultural- Accents, Character- Voices, Drumset- Drummer/ Percussionist, V/O, Animation, Talking-Head, Host/ M.C. Comedy-Writer, Script-Writer, "Punch-Up-Writer," Film, TV, Stage, Video, Radio, Corporate, Computer, etc. (See Audio Producers, also!)
Email: ordervsrm2itb@aol.comhttp://www.imdb.com/name/nm1959374http://pro.imdb.com/title/tt0294870
iVisual iVisual iVisual
Boyll, David  (415) 421-6272 Stars  
Description: Voice Actor and Improvisor. Accomplished, professional, easy to work with. Excellent listener. Prepared to be spontaneous. Real, smart, "non-announce". Commercial, narration, promo, games, IVR, looping/ADR, comedy. Accents and characters a speciality.
Email: vo@davidboyll.comPDF Resumehttp://www.imdb.com/name/nm0102367http://pro.imdb.com/name/nm0102367
iVisual iVisual iVisual
Brian, Cynthia / Starstyle Productions, LLC  (925) 377-STAR  
Description: SAG/AFTRA. TV-Radio Host, Motivational Speaker, Spokesperson, New York Times best selling Author. Enthusiastic, Experienced, Passionate. Multilingual, Photogenic, Believeable. Book for Film/ Television/ Commercials. CYNTHIA SHINES! Headshot/ Resume/ DVD Available. STARS Agency, 415-421-6272. www.star-style.com
Email: cynthia@star-style.comPDF Resumehttp://www.imdb.com/name/nm0108405http://pro.imdb.com/name/nm0108405
iVisual iVisual iVisual
Buck, Tom / Tom Buck, Voice-Overs  (916) 858-0900  
Description: Pro Max and Telly Award winning voice. Based in Sacramento and offering same day, weekend & holiday service when possible, and client participation via phone patch. Full time v-o since '86.
Email: talent@tombuck.com
iVisual iVisual iVisual
Buettner, Benny  (415) 457-4386 (415) 543-3797 Tonry Talent 
Description: Experienced actor and voice over talent; European and Scandinavian accents, native German; versatile skills: business, improvisation, playback, physical comedy, magic, mime, puppetry. Film, TV:: Nash Bridges, Bicentennial man, Rolling Stone magazine- Demo mp3/DVD/CD available.
Email: benny@magiccircus.comhttp://www.imdb.com/name/nm0119305http://pro.imdb.com/name/nm0119305
iVisual iVisual iVisual
Butler, Maya  (949) 463-6162  
Description: I am a young professional actress from LA working specifically in film/tv and commercials. I am excited to dive into the industry here as SF is my new home!
Email: mayaftb@gmail.comhttp://www.imdb.com/name/nm6717012http://pro-labs.imdb.com/name/nm6717012
iVisual iVisual iVisual
Cacioppo, Al / Nitrouspro Productions, LLC  (916) 996-1137 Cell  
Description: Writer /Producer feature films.
Email: nitrouspro@hotmail.comhttp://www.imdb.com/name/nm1502233http://pro.imdb.com/name/nm1502233
iVisual iVisual iVisual
Capozzola, Michael  (917) 573-9702 Cell     Green
Description: I'm a San Francisco-based Stand Up Comedian/ Comedy writer with 20+ years of experience. I’d like to audition for your on-camera host/ man-on-the street projects. TV reel: http://vimeo.com/21673752 Comedy Clips: https://vimeo.com/channels/miketeevee
Email: michael.capozzola@gmail.comPDF Resume
iVisual iVisual iVisual
Cardamon, Ann B.  (415) 543-3797 Tonry Talent (707) 315-3405 Cell 
Description: VOICEOVER: Enthusiastic, Happy, Voice Talent. Believeable Children's voice's of all ages. Character's, Narration, Animation, Dialects, Accents. Professional- Dependable- Believeable. Credits/ Demo/ Resume on request.
Email: ann.cardamon@sbcglobal.net
iVisual iVisual iVisual
Casanova, Maria L.  (415) 899-9712  
Description: SPANISH voice-over talent. Neutral accent. Narration, IVR systems, audio tours for museums, characters, real people, radio/TV commercials. Credits: Walgreens,State of California, UPS, Kaiser, Pacific Bell, Safeway. Demo available. Professional translation/ adaptation of video scripts (Spanish).
Email: mariacasanovat@gmail.com
iVisual iVisual iVisual
Casteel, Marika  (925) 457-8778 (415) 395-9475 JE Talent 
Description: SAG/AFTRA.
Email: marikacasteel@yahoo.comhttp://www.imdb.com/name/nm0144554http://pro.imdb.com/name/nm0144554
iVisual iVisual iVisual
Chapin, John  (510) 965-9552 (510) 517-0032 
Description: Versatile voice and stage actor for narration, commercials, stage, multimedia. Wide range of characters and dialects. Clients include Columbia Pictures, Sony, Intel, Levi's, Starbucks, Sega, Colossal Pictures, Hasbro Toys, Wells Fargo, Smuin Ballets, U.Cal.
Email: jkchapin@comcast.nethttp://www.imdb.com/name/nm2381938http://pro.imdb.com/name/nm2381938
iVisual iVisual iVisual
Conrad, Bebe  (415) 457-4386 (415) 543-3797 Tonry Talent    Green
Description: Internationally trained and experienced actress, voice over talent, entertainer; European accents, native German. Comedy, Improv and Directing skills. Film, TV, Commercials, CD-ROM, Industrials: Sprint, Microsoft, Sega, Levi Strauss.... Demo mp3/DVD/CD available.
Email: bebe@magiccircus.com
iVisual iVisual iVisual
Crawford, Christiane  (510) 761-5357  
Description: On-camera and voice actor,commercial,character,narration. You can use tracks from my home studio for your VO projects.www.ccworkit.com
Email: cc@ccworkit.comhttp://www.imdb.com/name/nm1452378http://pro.imdb.com/name/nm1452378
iVisual iVisual iVisual
DC Goode Voices / Goode, DC  (916) 995-6516 (415) 395-9475    Green
Description: Home studio includes Skype, ISDN, Phone patch, Mp3, WAV, AIF, FTP etc. Middle age to Senior, Smooth and warm to gravelly and or sinister. Sam Elliot-ish when called for. See "Redrum" on Investigation Discovery. Game and Animation characters. Promos.
Email: dcgoode@gmail.comPDF Resumehttp://www.imdb.com/name/nm2603942http://pro.imdb.com/name/nm2603942
iVisual iVisual iVisual
Elizabeth, Jennifer  (530) 889-0222 (818) 472-1347 
Description: I am an actress and a stuntwoman available for work in the northern California area.
Email: miccar525@gmail.comhttp://www.imdb.com/name/nm0204811http://pro-labs.imdb.com/name/nm0204811
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Finnie, Lisa  (925) 584-9643  
Description: Lisa first break was “Wives with Knives” Supporting role on Investigation Discovery Channel. She is SAG eligible and will be joining soon.
Email: lisafinnie9@yahoo.comhttp://www.imdb.com/name/nm6241736http://pro-labs.imdb.com/name/nm6241736
iVisual iVisual iVisual
Fox, Jean / Fox Productions  (916) 858-1400 (916) 834-1500 Cell 
Description: Experienced Spokesperson/ Actress, 30-45, Blonde, 5'8",.,Teleprompter, Impressive resume. Pro recording studio for VO's via internet! See & hear full demo at www.jeanfox.tv!
Email: jean@foxproductions.tv
iVisual iVisual iVisual
Fox, Mike / Fox Productions  (916) 858-1400  
Description: In-demand, versatile voice over artist whose clients have included Tower Records national TV spots, Nintendo, Smud, SBC and many more. Styles include young and hip, authoratitive announcer, and a wide range of dialects and characters.
Email: mike@foxproductions.tv
iVisual iVisual iVisual
Gallette, Michael  (707) 773-0399 (415) 302-0213 
Description: Fake Voices, Alternative Muse and the camera loves me. SAG-AFTRA.
Email: heresmikey@comcast.netPDF Resumehttp://www.imdb.com/name/nm0319057http://pro.imdb.com/name/nm0319057
iVisual iVisual iVisual
Green, Deidre  (415) 457-5526 (415) 421-6272 Stars 
Description: Voiceover talent specializing in corporate, documentary and character voice work- "Mother Earth" to "Mother Goose" for animation. Clients include: Swordfish, San Francisco, Disney Studios, Medtronics, LeapFrog Productions, Sun Microsystems, BabyGap, Cisco Systems, Flagship Studios, British Airways, Lightbridge Productions.
Email: vox@deidregreen.comhttp://www.imdb.com/name/nm1029801http://pro.imdb.com/name/nm1029801
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Green, Michael R. / Off Road Experience/ West Coast British  (925) 606-8301 Off (925) 785-4243 
Description: Interested in EXTRA work on westerns, motorcycle/ auto related, or military. Multi Championship motorcycle racer. Limited film experience, but can learn quick! Have done some work on camera though.
Email: wcbr@netzero.com
iVisual iVisual iVisual
Hadar, Lua / New Performance Group  (415) 377-4858  
Description: Singer, actor, comedienne, MC, voiceover, wacky character voices, speak and sing foreign languages, especially Italian, French. Recording experience: vocals, solo, harmony, and VO narration, character, commercial. Song samples http://luahadar.com/audio.html and CD/DVD by request. VO http://luahadar.com/voiceActor.html
Email: lua@luahadar.comhttp://www.imdb.com/name/nm7104712http://pro.imdb.com/name/nm7104712
iVisual iVisual iVisual
Hardman, Blair / Zone Recording Studio  (707) 664-1221 (707) 664-9706 Fax 
Description: Mr. Hardman is a warm and natural voiceactor, a talented copywriter, and owns his own Pro Tools HD production studio. Email the copy and we'll send you the final product.
Email: blair@zonemusic.com
iVisual iVisual iVisual
Hardy, BarbaraAnn  (530) 268-0158     Green
Description: I'm kind, easy to work with, active, and love working with Children! A triple treat. Highly experienced in all three fields! International Model, Actress, Active voice-over, home studio ,narration, accents, cartoon voices.
Email: 2hardy@att.net
iVisual iVisual iVisual
Herrmann, Judy  (510) 508-9490 Cell (415) 477-9370 Stars Agency 
Description: Actor, voiceover talent- films, tv, commercials, PSAs, live improv, music videos, home recording studio.
Email: catchmyacting@gmail.comhttp://www.imdb.com/name/nm6101185http://pro-labs.imdb.com/name/nm6101185
iVisual iVisual iVisual
Holliday, Charlie  (916) 588-2699 (916) 214-3951 
Description: In addition to his more than 50 movie and television credits, Charlie has appeared in dozens of National and Regional Commercials. Charlie has also appeared in over two dozen live theatre productions. Member of SAG-AFTRA. For full credits see IMDb.com
Email: charlie@charlieactor.comPDF Resumehttp://www.imdb.com/name/nm0391039http://pro.imdb.com/name/nm0391039
iVisual iVisual iVisual
It Factor Studios / McKinney, Ryan  (916) 439-1460  
Description: Our instructors, including award winning Director Ryan McKinney, will train, educate, and help develop your unique “It Factor”. On Camera Scene Study, Meisner Improv, Monologues, Kids Workshops, lectures, and much more. WE CAN HELP YOU WITH CASTING.
iVisual iVisual iVisual
J & T Stunts & Special Effects / Draper, Ted  (707) 546-2568  
Description: Stuntmen & Actors for motion pictures, television, commercials, Ride horses, Motorcycles, (dirt bikes and street bikes) Snow ski, Swimming, high falls, stage fights and more. 26 yrs Exp.
Email: thomas-draper@att.nethttp://www.imdb.com/name/nm0237176http://pro.imdb.com/name/nm0237176
iVisual iVisual iVisual
J S Gilbert - Voice Over & Mob Hit Man / Gilbert, J S  (415) 336-6238     Green
Description: Actually, I'm embarrassed to tell people I'm a voice actor, so instead I tell them I play piano in a brothel. I'm needy and high maintenance. Please listen to my demos or Google, "Who is J S Gilbert?"
Email: jsgilbert@pacbell.nethttp://www.imdb.com/name/nm0974417http://pro.imdb.com/name/nm0974417
iVisual iVisual iVisual
Jeffrey Weissman Entertainment / Weissman, Jeffrey  (707) 763-2945     Green
Description: actor, director, writer, producer for film, television, video, industrials, commercials, voice over, live performance veteran. Many notable staring roles. Development, on & off set coaching, Internationally known talent. Download pictures, resume & video at www.jeffreyweissman.com
Email: jeffrey@jeffreyweissman.comPDF Resumehttp://www.imdb.com/name/nm0919297http://pro.imdb.com/name/nm0919297
iVisual iVisual iVisual
Johnson, Russell  (415) 497-6973  
Description: Narrator, voice over talent and major market TV and radio announcer and reporter for more than 30 years. Voice overs for major credit card companies, cruise lines and international organizations such as the UN.
Email: hisself@russelljohnson.comPDF Resume
iVisual iVisual iVisual
Kliban, Sarah  (415) 781-2278 W (415) 395-9475 Agent 
Description: Rich, smooth and clear voice! V/O, On-camera. Radio, TV, industrials, CD-ROM, Internet and telephony. Also foreign accents and regional dialects PLUS Fluent French, strong Japanese, good Spanish, some Italian, a little Basque! Try me! Demo available.
iVisual iVisual iVisual
Kulp, Jack / Listen to This!  (415) 246-3165 (415) 897-9563 Fax 
Description: Guy next door to authoritative precision. Directable, seasoned pro who can add life AND credibility to your commercial or industrial. Disneyland, Bechtel, Mitek Medical, Fetzer, Intel, Fireman's Fund, Catholic Charities, more! 30+ years of quality
Email: jackkulp@gmail.com
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Lauren, Jeanne  (415) 717-5466  
Description: SAG Actress. Special skills: expressive movement, puppetry, prop manipulation. (See listing under Skyana Productions in "Specialty Acts.")
Email: skyana@earthlink.nethttp://www.imdb.com/name/nm0491067http://pro.imdb.com/name/nm0491067
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Lee, Daniel  (415) 533-8559  
Description: Experience in promotional modeling, figure modeling, print, runway, commercials, music videos and film. Measurements: height: 6'2", suit: 40L, shirt: 15 1/2 / 35, pants: 31 x 33, shoe: 12 1/2, head: 23.
Email: chinoblack@yahoo.comhttp://www.imdb.com/name/nm2277395http://pro.imdb.com/name/nm2277395
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Leonard, Brian  (415) 543-3797 Tonry  
Description: Comic and dramatic actor, voice talent. Commercials and corporate. Voice demo on Tonry Talent's sampler CD. SAG/AFTRA.
PDF Resumehttp://www.imdb.com/name/nm0502581http://pro.imdb.com/name/nm0502581
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Mamorsky, Liz  (415) 519-4139 Cell (415) 421-6272 Stars 
Description: Voice credits include: EA's The Sims, Telltale Games' Sam & Max, Leapfrog's Disney Princesses, Konami's Silent Hill, Mondo's Piki & Poko, plus commercials & narrations including PBS film, The Remarkable Red Hat Society.
Email: liz@lizland.comPDF Resumehttp://www.imdb.com/name/nm0541142http://pro.imdb.com/name/nm0541142
iVisual iVisual iVisual
Mazzei, Jean  (415) 279-7255 (415) 563-9213 Marla Dell 
Description: For a good time, call... Warm, professional, characters welcome. Clients include Nintendo, Vespa, PacBell, Leapfrog, WebEx. Recording/ editing capability. On camera: Commercial, industrial, film/ TV. Demo/ headshots/ resume online. Hard copy available.
Email: jean@jeanmazzei.comPDF Resumehttp://www.imdb.com/name/nm0563521http://pro.imdb.com/name/nm0563521
iVisual iVisual iVisual
Mc Collom, Susan  (925) 283-6446 (415) 309-9979 
Description: Award winning Voice-Over and On-Camera Talent. 25 plus years experience- national accounts. Warm, friendly, sexy, believable voice. Characters for Animation and Games, Commercials, Corporate Narrations, Telephony, Audiobooks and more. My studio or yours. ISDN and Phone Patch capability.
Email: s.mccollom@comcast.nethttp://www.imdb.com/name/nm2277839http://pro.imdb.com/name/nm2277839
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McRae, George C.  (510) 406-4054 Cell (510) 233-7374 Hm 
Description: Been There!-and Doing It! TV Host to Squeaky Mouse! In The Flesh to Digitally Compressed! Nissan, SEGA, Nintendo, Mattel, Hasbro, Broderbund, Oracle, Intel, Microsoft. Call for more! SAGAFTRA/AEA www.voicewhiz.com
Email: Voicewhiz@aol.comhttp://www.imdb.com/name/nm2422365http://pro.imdb.com/name/nm2422365
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Menashe, David  (415) 421-6272 Stars Agency  
Description: Voice-over specialist with authentic, warm, fun everyday British Voice. Commercial, Narration, Industrial, Toys, Interactive Games. "The Voice Chap has the widest range of accents and dialects I have heard since 1602" William Shakespeare.
Email: dave@thevoicechap.comhttp://www.imdb.com/name/nm3340367http://pro.imdb.com/name/nm3340367
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Mike Behind The Mike / Ritz, Mike  (415) 516-7440 Cell (415) 626-6591 Agent 
Description: On Camera/VO/Print/Hand Model.
Email: michaelsvoice1@yahoo.comhttp://www.imdb.com/name/nm0728881http://pro.imdb.com/name/nm0728881
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Monson, Susan Trishel  (212) 591-1588  
Description: Actress. VO. SAG-AFTRA/AEA.
Email: 7monson@gmail.comhttp://www.imdb.com/name/nm1506581http://pro-labs.imdb.com/name/nm1506581
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Mora, Gary / Gary Mora Productions  (510) 304-5276  
Description: Voice Over Talent available for radio, TV, film, industrials and voice recognition. Trained by "The Man Of 1,000 Voices", Mel Blanc. Currently being heard locally, nationally and internationally. List of high profile clients is extensive.
Email: gary@kyaradio.com
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Morrissey, Monterey  (707) 282-9098 (541) 279-8916 
Description: Owner/ Operator of one of the most unique voices and talents around. Real to Unreal, voiceover to on-camera. Easy to work with, directable and dependable. Resume and demo on request. SEE Tonry Talent or www.sagaftra.org/iactor/MontereyMorrissey
Email: momonterey@gmail.comhttp://www.imdb.com/name/nm2362277http://pro.imdb.com/name/nm2362277
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Muniz, Anthony / Monterey Productions  8319050405  
Email: AnthonyMuniz831@gmail.comhttp://www.imdb.com/name/nm4964356http://pro-labs.imdb.com/name/nm4964356
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Nancy Hayes Casting - Voiceovers  (415) 558-1675 (415) 558-9742 Fax 
Description: Voice casting for Films, Commercials, Industrials and Video Games.
Email: nancy@hayescasting.comhttp://www.imdb.com/company/co0113846http://pro.imdb.com/company/co0113846
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Olson, Cyndi  (916) 989-3063  
Description: 100% VALUE! Experienced Professional. Actress, Voice Talent, Singer, Model, Spokesperson, M.C. TV, FILM, VIDEO, RADIO, PRINT, STAGE. Commercials, Industrials, Jingles. Great low-pitched, crystal-clear voice; Outstanding Memory; Quick-Study; Energetic! Major Agencies; Tapes Available; SAG/ AFTRA/ SEG.
Email: cyndiglassauer@aol.com
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Partridge, Derek  (415) 421-6272 Stars (702) 869-2979 
Description: Distinguished appearance, distinctive (unstuffy!) Brit accent attracts upmarket attention. Host/Narrator 3 documentaries on Leslie Howard, Charles Lindbergh. V/O IBM, Google, Intel, Accenture. FNN(CNBC) News anchor.Spokesman Monex Silver 12 networks. 2 Emmys, 2 Tellys, Voicey Lifetime Achievement Award.
Email: derk29@gmail.comPDF Resumehttp://www.imdb.com/name/nm0664041http://pro.imdb.com/name/nm0664041
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Power, Carolyn  (415) 609-3893 (415) 752-1431 
Description: Carolyn's warm smile, smooth voice and deft comic touch brightens roles on CHANCE, GREY'S ANATOMY, CHUCK, and others in film, television and print. Clients: ABC, Warner Brothers, Long's Drugstores, Tap Plastics, Mervyn's, Bank of America. SAG/AFTRA. www.carolynpower.com
Email: CarolynPow@aol.comhttp://www.imdb.com/name/nm1057173http://pro.imdb.com/name/nm1057173
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Radio Magic / Wild, M.A., Madeleine  (707) 996-3073 (707) 227-7753 Cell 
Description: VOICE OVER Production and Training Studio -since 1991. Voice over recording, coaching, classes, and custom demos. Audio production from concept to completion for actors, producers, authors, business, entrepreneurs, educators and healing arts professionals. Extensive music/sfx library, digital sound design.
Email: mwild@radiomagic.comhttp://www.imdb.com/name/nm0928365http://pro.imdb.com/name/nm0928365
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Reyns, Scott / Subterreign Media  (415) 513-2155 (415) 543-3797 Tonry Talent    Green
Description: Scott is a male voice over talent providing commercial, character and narration performances and more, based from his home studio (ISO booth, Neumann U87, Sennheiser MKH-416, Pro Tools, Source-Connect, phone / Skype patches).
Email: reyns@scottreyns.comhttp://www.imdb.com/name/nm1443523http://pro.imdb.com/name/nm1443523
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Roberts, Teresa R.  (415) 543-3797 Tonry Talent  
Description: SAG/AFTRA. Looking for a character actor? A voice talent? Love in all the wrong places? Can't help you with that, but call me if you want to do a professional job and have fun doing it.
Email: TeresaRRoberts@sbcglobal.net
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Santos, John  (408) 280-1359 (408) 529 8177 
Description: SAG. Principle roles in Commercial, TV and Film. 20 years exp. Psychotherapist, Aikido Instructor/ Consultant, Acupressurist and Credentialed Teacher. Demo reel and resume online at www.johnsantos.net.
Email: johngsantos@earthlink.net
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Saputo, Vicki  (925) 253-9790 (925) 253-9791 Fax 
Description: SAG/AFTRA Fi Core: TV, film, video, commercials, industrials (ear/teleprompter capacity), voice over, improvisation. Commercial print. Experienced, professional, easy to direct, versatile, believable. Narrator, R.N. adept with medical copy. Photos/resume on request.
Email: vickisaputo@comcast.netPDF Resumehttp://www.imdb.com/name/nm0764684http://pro.imdb.com/name/nm0764684
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Savalas, Christabel  (415) 377-2686 Cell  
Description: Versatile character actress drama or comedy on movie, TV, stage and print. Teach foreign languages; French, Greek, Italian, Spanish and Japanese. Stand up comedy, directing skills. Call for resume and demo tapes.
Email: thedazzlingbeast@gmail.comhttp://www.imdb.com/name/nm0767418http://pro.imdb.com/name/nm0767418
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Schwartz, Don / Transition Mentorin  (415) 924-2506  
Description: On-camera and voice-over acting.
Email: DrDonSchwartz@yahoo.comPDF Resumehttp://www.imdb.com/name/nm1977200http://pro.imdb.com/name/nm1977200
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Sharp, Jamie Dair  (415) 509-3684 Cell  
Email: jsharp1119@gmail.com
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Simmons, Patricia  (707) 816-9263 Cell  
Description: Local talent for films, television, commercials and industrials.
Email: starpms@gmail.comhttp://www.imdb.com/name/nm4470880http://pro-labs.imdb.com/name/nm4470880
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Simpson, Barbara / Blue shadow Productions  (925) 376-7343 (925) 376-8856 Fax 
Description: AFTRA/SAG- News anchor, reporter, interviewer, actor. On-camera spokesperson, narration, actor. Documentaries, commercials, theatricals. Character voices. TV, radio, film and stage experience.
Email: bsimpsonksfo@yahoo.comhttp://www.imdb.com/name/nm0800904http://pro.imdb.com/name/nm0800904
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Snow, Anthony A.  (916) 724-9967  
Description: Anthony Snow is a SAG-AFTRA professional actor. Mr. Snow's credits include: TV, Film, Theatre, Commercials, Industrials, and Voice Overs. Mr. Snow possesses a valid US Passport for International Travel Shoots.
Email: aproactor@comcast.netPDF Resumehttp://www.imdb.com/name/nm0811238http://pro-labs.imdb.com/name/nm0811238
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Spanish VO Talent, Director, & Producer / Sweet-Cordero, David  (415) 516-1026  
Description: Experienced, Professional Bilingual VO Talent, Director and Producer. Native pronunciation in English & Spanish. Neutral & universal Spanish accent. Narration, commercial, dramatic, characters. Apple, Honda, American Express, Longs, Leapfrog, PG&E, Subway.
Email: david@beyondtranslation.netPDF Resume
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Spanish, English, Portuguese & Italian / del Roble, Lina  (510) 658-3423     Green
Description: Versatile multilingual VO artist & singer, coach & Spanish tutor. Native Spanish & American English pronunciation. Outstanding Brazilian Portuguese. Castilian/ Caribbean/British accents. Credits: Cengage Learning, S.F. Exploratorium, Endangered Threads, KIVA, Pam Hogan Productions, Red & White Fleet & many others.
Email: hayat@swbell.net
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Upham, Christopher  (415) 543-3797 Tonry Talent (415) 305-4957 
Description: Need a Christopher Walken/Clint Eastwood type? Over 50 films - high and low budget features, national commercials, corporate videos. Also Print and Voice-overs.
Email: christophereh@gmail.comhttp://www.imdb.com/name/nm1235529http://pro.imdb.com/name/nm1235529
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Voice Over America / Driscoll, John  (415) 781-2841 Bay Area (888) 766-2049 Direct 
Description: One of the Leading IMAGE Voices for Branding, affiliate TV, NBC, FOX, Walmart. Disney, News Topicals, Industrial. Cisco, HP, Pixar ,Sony projects. ON DEMAND per page or flat rate "No Limits" IpDTL & Source Connect johndriscoll15
Email: johndriscoll@voiceoveramerica.com
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Voices By Bryan / Saulsbury, Bryan  (925) 246-5248 Off (925) 768-7080 Cell 
Description: I can help to bring your product or business to life. Customer service is my priority, I won't rest until you are satisfied with the results.
Email: bryan@voicesbybryan.com
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Werby, Doug / Ballistic Pictures, Inc.  (415) 577-9800  
Description: Dry and sarcastic or warm and sincere. Voice of Nest, Richo Copiers, Cal Teach, Elder Abuse Prevention, Raley's, No on Prop 85., Ubi Soft Games.
Email: dougwerby@mac.comhttp://www.imdb.com/name/nm0921239http://pro.imdb.com/name/nm0921239
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Whistler -The Voice of Woodstock / Serinus, Jason Victor  (510) 846-5240     Green
Description: Light tunes to touching soprano arias. Stroh's Beer Commercial, the Voice of Woodstock whistling Puccini in an Emmy nominated Peanuts cartoon, soundtrack for Reindeer Games. "Master whistler... The Pavarotti of Pucker..." S.F. Chronicle.
Email: healrmn@planeteria.netPDF Resumehttp://www.imdb.com/name/nm0785197http://pro.imdb.com/name/nm0785197
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Williams, Gary  (510) 406-0801  
Description: Versatile, easy-to-work-with voiceover pro with his own studio who takes his work, but not himself too seriously. Ask Taco Bell, HP, The Oakland Raiders, IBM, Cisco, Lockheed and too many others to mention.
Email: gary@gwilliams.com
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Winters, Verna  (510) 524-1601     Green
Description: SAG-AFTRA & AEA. Experienced, creative actress. Versatile voice talent (including singing). On/off camera. Narration, character voices, commercial, industrial, theatrical, educational. Acting, voice, movement coach. Easy to direct, and enthusiastic about doing a great job for you.
Email: vernawinters@yahoo.com
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Wishingrad, Kari  (707) 815-7960  
Description: Character Actress ~ On-Camera, Voice Over, Print, Commercials, TV and Corporate. Experienced, professional, easy to work with, versatile actress with great improvisation and comedic skills. Actors reel and VO demo available online at www.kariwishingrad.com
Email: kwish@vom.comhttp://www.imdb.com/name/nm1509082http://pro.imdb.com/name/nm1509082