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Only Green Companies

Blue Sky Aerials, LLC / Miller, Thomas C. iVisual iVisual iVisual
Blue Sky Aerials, LLC / Miller, Thomas C.  (415) 726-6644 Cell    Green
Address: 280 Buchanan Field Road #1, Concord 94520 (925) 338-2158 Off
Description: Our inventory includes: Flowcine Black Arm. Airfilm Uni Mount. Riggwheels Cloud Mount.
Guilds/Unions: I.A.T.S.E. Local 600
Years Experience: 2525http://www.imdb.com/name/nm1348762http://pro-labs.imdb.com/name/nm1348762
Davies, Greg  / DTC Lighting & Grip iVisual iVisual iVisual
Davies, Greg / DTC Lighting & Grip  (510) 917-6306
Address: 1280 65th St., Emeryville 94608 (510) 528-8502
Description: Gaffer, Lighting Director, Trucks and Equipment. Serving the Bay Area, Oakland, San Francisco, Sacramento and beyond.
Years Experience: 3333http://www.imdb.com/name/nm0203733http://pro.imdb.com/name/nm0203733
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Otewalt, Mark  (408) 835-4879
(408) 737-7934
Description: Camera Rigging & Car Mounts: speedrail, camera plates, hood-bar, hostess tray, etc. Cars, bicycles, motorcycles, rollercoasters and more.
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Andrew Waldron / Waldron, Andrew  (310) 739-1876  
Description: Very experienced,creative,innovative, problem solving Key, Dolly or BB grip for projects ranging from big budget films to small scale shoots, multi-camera TV, rigging. Some equipment available for rent. Camera rigging and support. Willing to travel.
Guilds/Unions: IATSE 80,16
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Azzaria, Tim  (650) 400-0846  
Description: Full Machine, Welding and Woodworking Fabrication shop. Custom Camera mounts and Housings, Electronics, Cables, Equipment Racks and ATA Fight Cases. Custom Jib and Steadicam Parts and Repairs. Armorer services, Firearm fabrication, props and training.
Years Experience: 37
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Best, Mike  (415) 722-8520 (818) 823-6432 
Description: Fun, hard working, creative, fast, safe and a few good jokes too. Speed rail package, car mounts, bazooka, camera mounts, specialty rigging gear.
Guilds/Unions: IA local 80 & IA local 16
Years Experience: 21
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Childers, David / David Childers/ ACN IBO  (415) 999-3526  
Description: Key grip for 25+ years doing commercials and feature films. Camera mounts for cars, buses, boats and sides of buildings. Speed rail package, 4' slider and all the equipment necessary to mount a camera.
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Ducey, Colin / DUCEYPRO Camera Cars  (415) 713-3072     Green
Description: RAM 4x4 Crane Car / Insert Car, Air-Ride, Crew Cab, 14' Crane Arm, 6' Crane Arm,, 25kW Generator,Process Trailer, Low Tow Dolly, Motorcycle/ Bicycle Tow BarStealth Car "Sprinter" Tracking Car. Shock Post, FlowCine Black Arm, Remote Heads & MoViPro.
Guilds/Unions: IBT 2785
Years Experience: 26
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Horrisberger, Todd  (510) 334-9898  
Description: Grip, rigger, technical problem solver. Owner/ operator: specialty camera equipment, Polecam miniature camera jib, Dolly, Egripment Hi-Lo camera platform with swivel seat. Custom fabrication and rigging systems.
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Medara Rigging / Medara, Dave  (435) 260-2774 Cell (907) 659-8284 
Description: Cliff Safety, Vertical Access Solutions. Camera Positions. Rigging grip. Certified IRATA and SPRAT Level 3 rigger with over 50+ film and photo credits. "Rockstars", "John Carter...", "Year of Adventure" (BBC), Primal quest/Eco-challenge.
Guilds/Unions: Industrial Rope Access Trade Association/Society of Professional Rope Access Technicians
Years Experience: 22
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Noel, Jason Michael  (707) 529-0603 Cell  
Description: Established Bay Area Rigging Key Grip, with Gear for Feature and Commercial work.
Guilds/Unions: IATSE Local 16
Years Experience: 13
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TV Motos International / Betonte, Gregg  (530) 386-1318  
Description: Camera tracking from Motorcycles- 20+ years experience globally. Cameraman and moto pilot make up one crew unit. See website.
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Wall, Marc  (408) 910-5516 Cell  
Description: Stage Rigging and AWM certifications. Precision Linear Camera Slider/Travelers and Elemack Dollies. Grip and rigging, for feature, commercial, TV and industrials. I work professionaly, am focused, quick, reliable and resourceful. Allow me to assist you.