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Only Green Companies

International Contact, Inc.
Address: 2820 Adeline St., Berkeley 94703
Phone: (510) 836-1180    (800) 430-7705
Hours of Operation:  Office Hours: 9am-7pm (Pacific Time)
Description:  Localization, transcription, translation, transcreation and original production of multilanguage programming in all languages. One-stop shop for your foreign language needs in audio, video and on the web. If you want it done right, on time and within budget- call us!
Years Experience: 38
Polarity Post Localization Group iVisual iVisual iVisual
Polarity Post Localization Group  (415) 421-6622
Address: 69 Green Street, San Francisco 94111
Hours of Operation: 9am 6pm
Description: Comprehensive localization services offering translation from/to any language by professional native-speaking translators ensuring a culturally correct version of the original material every time; talent casting and coordination; directorial and project management; website localization.
Years Experience: 3434PDF Resume
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Ad Infinitum Bilingual Communications / Vergelin, Jose  (415) 225-5015 (415) 206-9060 
Description: Award-winning film & video production Co. and ad agency specializing in multicultural and Spanish language advertising and social marketing. Adapt your media to Spanish: Spanish dubbing & subtitling.
Years Experience: 33
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Al Media Movers, Inc. / Vishnu, Lawrence  (415) 578-3391  
Description: Foreign language dubbing (lip-sync & U.N. style). Native foreign language voice overs. Foreign language subtitling for TV stations, broadcasting & DVD companies. Transcription for all media formats. All services in over 1000 languages.
Years Experience: 30
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Alex's Arts & Communications  (650) 758-3009  
Description: Japanese/ English total bilingual services including production coordinating, voice-over and translation. Clients include 20th Century Fox, Tristar Pictures, Readers' Digest Video, Apple Computer.
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Beyond Translation / Sweet-Cordero, David  (510) 423-1618  
Description: Spanish translation, localization, cultural adaptation, trans-creation. Scripts, ad copy, documents, websites, subtitles, captions. Additional services include bilingual media consulting and production. 30 years of experience.
Years Experience: 29
PDF Resume
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Buettner - Conrad / Buettner, Benny  (415) 457-4386 (415) 307-4386 
Description: German male/female voice-over talents, on camera, directing,translations. Native German speakers & various European accents. International credits in Film, TV, Video Games, Commercials, Industrials. Represented by leading agents. Demo mp3/CD/DVD available.
Guilds/Unions: SAG-AFTRA
Years Experience: 33
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Diversity Casting aka Int'l Talent Casting  (415) 781-CAST (2278) (415) 434-2278 Fax 
Description: "One-Stop-Casting" for film, video, radio, print, CD-ROM and the internet. Mainstream and ethnic casting. Unique and hard-to-find talent. Access to national and Int'l talent. Union & non-union. Multi-lingual support services & int'l credits. SPACE RENTAL.
Years Experience: 26
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iProbe Multilingual Solutions, Inc.  (888) 489-6035  
Description: iProbe provides print, web, audio, video and multimedia localization services in all languages: Translation, Transcription, Graphics localization, Captioning, Multi-language Subtitling, Casting & Voiceovers, ethnic real people casting, DVD-authoring & duplication, Simultaneous Interpreters and interpretation equipment.
Years Experience: 18
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Jungle Communications, Inc. / santana, Juan M  (415) 956-2556  
Description: Provide foreign language services, interpretation services. voice-over and syncs. Website localization services, etc.
Years Experience: 26
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Line by Line Teleprompting / Fink, Lorin  (408) 373-8628 (877) 239-7660    Green
Description: Please call for specific information about Foreign Language Prompting.
Years Experience: 32
PDF Resume
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Paragon Language Services, Inc. / Mintz, Hanne  (800) 499-0299 (323) 966-4655    Green
Description: Paragon has the solution for all aspects of your foreign language project. Translation, Localization, Transcription, Interpreting, Transcreation/ Adaptation, Desktop Publishing/ Typesetting, Multimedia/ Post Production, Linguistic/ Cultural Consulting. Over 90 languages & dialects.
Years Experience: 23
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Uesugi, Mikiko  (415) 665-8047 (415) 759-8362 Fax 
Description: Scenic Design. Pre-production art, set/prop design, drafting, model making and painting. Fluent in Japanese. Member of USA-829, I.A.T.S.E.
Guilds/Unions: USA-829 IATSE
Years Experience: 24