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Only Green Companies

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Al Media Movers, Inc. / Vishnu, Lawrence  (415) 578-3391  
Description: Foreign language dubbing (lip-sync & U.N. style). Native foreign language voice overs. Foreign language subtitling for TV stations, broadcasting & DVD companies. Transcription for all media formats. All services in over 1000 languages.
Years Experience: 30
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Beck, Kristen B. / Kristen Beck Casting  (415) 225-6179 (415) 621-0209 VM/Fax    Green
Description: Experienced casting assistant/ camera operator, (and Casting Director, as well). Extensive knowledge of talent agencies, Bay Area talent, "real people," and SAG/AFTRA. Resume includes commercials, print, industrials, and film. Access to casting studios and offices, equipment rental and other assistants.
Guilds/Unions: SAG / AFTRA, Non-Union
Years Experience: 26
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Beyond Translation / Sweet-Cordero, David  (510) 423-1618  
Description: Spanish and Latin American Casting & On-camera and Voice-over Talent Services and Consulting. Support services include translation, voice-over, & subtitling.
Years Experience: 22
PDF Resume
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Bremier, Valary  (415) 686-7470 Cell (415) 461-9300 
Description: Feature film and commercial experience. Extras and "real people" casting a specialty. Knowledgeable of SAG requirements and talent; Access to local media and non-union talent.
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Brian, Cynthia / Starstyle Productions, LLC  (925) 377-STAR  
Description: Private business consulting with feedback. Concrete tools, buy Cynthia's book "The Business of Show Business" Learn about resumes,casting, agents, photos, coaching, unions,audition do's & don'ts,stage moms, webisodes, and more. Be the STAR you Are!
Years Experience: 36
PDF Resumehttp://www.imdb.com/name/nm0108405http://pro.imdb.com/name/nm0108405
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Conroy+Tanzer Photographic Services  (415) 377-7126  
Description: Twenty years experience in the Bay Area. Photography, production, coordinating, location services, casting, driving, assisting, etc. We do it all.... with a smile! If we aren't right for your task, we will cheerfully refer you.
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Cop Props of California / Kong, Gary T.  (415) 793-2141 Cell  
Description: 27+ years of law enforcement experience inc. SWAT. Licensed firearms dealer. Script consultant, onsite technical/procedural consultant inc. police based props, weapons, wardrobe, set decs. Badge & ID design and production.
Years Experience: 40
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Etiquette and Protocol Services / Amoroso, Sharyn Kennedy  (925) 784-2298  
Description: Dining etiquette and social skills for children, teenagers, and adults. Business etiquette for success. On set training for talent, or private consulting for those aspiring to polish their skills and put their best foot forward.
Years Experience: 27
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Friedman, Tzipora  (415) 623-6124 (415) 970-9133 
Description: Experience in casting movies, TV, commercials, print and industrials. Knowledge of SAG/AFTRA requirements, as well as Bay Area talent resources. Extras and "real people" casting a specialty.
Years Experience: 21
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Schell, Hester / Bay Area Casting News  (650) 726-5424     Green
Description: CASTING REVEALED: A Guide for Film Directors. Search at Amazon! "Casting better actors, makes better movies. Let me help you." Hester cast award winning feature Weapon of Choice. BEST FEATURE and BEST NEW ACTION STAR, Action on Film International.
Guilds/Unions: SAG/AFTRA
Years Experience: 26
PDF Resumehttp://www.imdb.com/name/nm0770719http://pro.imdb.com/name/nm0770719
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Simpson, Barbara / Blue Shadow Productions  (925) 376-7343 (925) 376-8856 Fax 
Description: TV/Radio news talent and career/ skills consultations, training and media preparation for individuals, groups, corporate, schools. Work with top professional LA/SF news anchor, reporter, commentator, writer, talk show host. Individual programs for media needs.
Guilds/Unions: SAG / AFTRA
Years Experience: 27
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Winters, Verna / Studio For Performing Arts  (510) 524-1601     Green
Description: Save time and money. Get the best out of your talent. My years of experience (director, teacher, coach, professional actress, singer, critic Hollywood Reporter) can help you before and during production. Studio and location coaching.
Guilds/Unions: SAG-AFTRA, AEA
Years Experience: 43