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Only Green Companies

Cresco Production Express / Mason, JP iVisual iVisual iVisual
Cresco Production Express / Mason, JP  (650) 826-1666 JP Mgr    Green
Address: 1431 San Mateo Ave., So. SF 94080 (415) 760-8473 John Sales
Description: Scissor & boom lifts, Towers, generators, forklifts, water trucks, stake trucks, 2-6 pass Golf carts. Gas or Electric flat bed, box trucks. 8Da Wheel Chairs, fuel service. 21 Bay Area locations with 24 hour emergency service.
Mike Green RVs / Green, Michael Edward iVisual iVisual iVisual
Mike Green RVs / Green, Michael Edward  (818) 317-7099
Address: 6281 Bellhaven Ave., Newark 94560
Description: Featuring Celebrity Motor Homes, Talent RV's, Production Motor Homes, VIP Restrooms & WelsCargo luxury restroom and 15 Passenger Van. Call us for your transportation needs.
Guilds/Unions: Teamster
Years Experience: 2020
Ranahan Production Services, Inc. iVisual iVisual iVisual
Ranahan Production Services, Inc.  (510) 649-4000 Off
Address: 932 Parker St. #4, Berkeley 94710 (510) 649-4000 Fax
Description: We rent 16' cube trucks with lift gates, high roof cargo and 15 passenger vans. Our cargo vans and trucks can be set up for camera, wardrobe or any use you need.
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Brickley Production Services  (415) 864-6600 (866) BRICKLEY Toll Free    Green
Description: Cube trucks for production, camera, and wardrobe. Custom interiors with shelving, darkrooms, workbenches, garment racks and full length mirrors. Smaller cargo vans for tighter spots. All vehicles are well-maintained and easy to drive.
Years Experience: 40
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Galpin Studio Rentals  (323) 957-3333  
Description: Passenger Vehicles, Trucks (Crew Cab, Stakebed, Cube, Wardrobe Cube, Camera Cube) & Picture Vehicles.
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Grade A Transport & Logistics Services  (415) 271-7831 Cell  
Description: Bay area company with enclosed/open vehicle trailers available for production shoots (films, commercials, music videos, etc), auto shows, auto auctions and raceway events. Services include vehicle transport to/from location (local & inter-state). Specialty:Luxury foreign vehicle transport/rentals.
Years Experience: 11
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Grizzly Incident Support / Ingram, Grant  (530) 363-0657 Cell  
Description: 35ft trailer with office space, WiFi, satellite internet with phone service. 4 large format HP Printers, 6 computers networked to printers. Generator support with AC and backup power supply. Easy to configure interior design.
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KMVT 15 Silicon Valley Media / Chastain, Bobby  (650) 968-1540  
Description: 30' Mobile Production Truck fully equipped with TriCaster 455, Replay system, 3 Sony DXC-327 cameras, full HD capable. We can do live to air and webcasts, our truck can be setup to manage your needs.
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O'Brien's Production Services / O'Brien, Brandnew Ray  (530) 308-0891 Cell (530) 581-4358 Hm 
Description: 12 passenger Thiokol Snowcat, snowmobiles and ATV's able to transport crew and equipment over the snow to remote locations. Retired Fire Captain/EMT. Worked as Set Medic, Loaction Manager, Rescue Diver, Stunt double and Boat operator. Class A CDL.
Guilds/Unions: Non-Union
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Rent the Dream - Bay Area DeLorean / Livingston, Jordan  (415) 342-3143     Green
Description: Offering DeLorean rental to the Bay Area for events; parties, meetings, weddings, photo / video shoots, or just because! The DeLorean is timeless featuring stainless steel and gull-wing doors. Instantly recognizable, it turns heads everywhere it goes!
Guilds/Unions: Owner is an IATSE Local 600 member.
Years Experience: 5
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Roadshow Studios / Lindstrom, Mel  (415) 593-7755  
Description: The first and only fully equipped mobile studio in a truck. Pre-lit, green screen, sound, editing. Truck will show up at your location ready to go.
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Studio Picture Vehicles  (818) 765-1201  
Description: Full Array of Picture Vehicles. Ambulances, Exotics, Coroners, Vans, Taxies, News Vans, Swat Vans, Armor Cars, Tow Trucks, Maintenance Vehicles, Trailers, Motercycles, Medium duty 4x4 crew cabs, stakebeds. Fabrication, Graphics, Body & Paint, Mechanical services.
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TCI Leasing/Rentals / Ross, Shawn  (510) 259-8152 (510) 490-4500 
Description: Production Vehicle Rentals: 5 ton crew cabs, 10 Tons, Large selection of new tractors (2 and 3 axle), 48' production trailers and 15' Cube Trucks.