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Only Green Companies

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Kerner Chiropractic / Kerner, Dr. Brian  (415) 244-9689 Cell     Green
Description: Dr. Brian Kerner has provided quality chiropractic care in the SF Bay area for 26 years. He works on-site or at his Fillmore Street Office.
Years Experience: 27
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Makoi, Dr. Kim / Kim Makoi, D.C.  (415) 225-3448     Green
Description: Holistic Chiropractor and Certified Addictionologist with 20+ years experience, really love mobile work. Specialties include AK (Applied Kinesiology), NET (Neuro Emotional; Technique), NIS (Neurological Integration System). Out-of-network re: insurance. Availability in and around Sacramento and San Francisco.
Years Experience: 23
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Prins Chiropractic / Prins, Dr. Charles M.  (510) 526-6243     Green
Description: Providing chiropractic and Applied Kinesiology care for 32 years. Ideal for: speedy injury recovery, nutritional support,allergy/hypersensitivity testing, performance enhancement, extremity care, cranial/TMJ treatment. Cold laser therapy, Sports and Orthopedic massage-all in one clinic.
Years Experience: 34