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Only Green Companies

All Animals and More / Staniewicz, Toni iVisual iVisual iVisual
All Animals and More / Staniewicz, Toni  (707) 208-5657    Green
Address: San Francisco to Sacramento
Hours of Operation: 24/7
Guilds/Unions: SAG/AFTRA
Description: SAG-AFTRA/Non-Union All Breed Animals big and small domestic and exotics. Reptiles-Birds-Insects. Ranch/Barns. Farm animals. Police dogs. Veterinarians. National/International Shows. Western, English, Olympic, Jumper, Rodeo-Barrel Racing. Discovery ID, Universal, BMW, Microsoft, Funniest Animals, Japan, Film and TV. Insured/Bonded
Years Experience: 3232Email: tonistaniewicz@gmail.comhttp://www.imdb.com/name/nm2966203http://pro.imdb.com/name/nm2966203
Andrew, Dane iVisual iVisual iVisual
Andrew, Dane  (408) 744-9017
Address: PO Box 2195, Sunnyvale 94087
Hours of Operation: 24
Guilds/Unions: SAG
Description: Hearses to horses, Own Rascal The World's Ugliest Dog, Specialty hard to find. TV, Film, Print, Animals wrangled, Seen on Animal Planet, Tonights Show, The View, People and more. Turtles to Taradactles. Call with needs
Years Experience: 3232Email: DaneAndrew@aol.comhttp://www.imdb.com/name/nm1731637/http://pro.imdb.com/name/nm1731637/
Animal Arts / Holland, Gregg iVisual iVisual iVisual
Animal Arts / Holland, Gregg  (707) 567-1509
Address: 2177 Rachel Dr., Santa Rosa 95401
Description: Professionally trained animals,USDA licensed facility. Film, TV, Stills. Dogs, cats, birds, reptiles and horses/farm stock. Credits: Pursuit Of Happiness, Milk, Bridgstone (super bowl) LL Bean, Sony, AT&T, Ford, Toyota, Wells Fargo, Apple, Sprint.
Email: greggh@sonic.nethttp://www.imdb.com/name/nm0390699http://pro.imdb.com/name/nm0390699
Christa Petrillo Total Horsemanship / Petrillo, Christa J. iVisual iVisual iVisual
Christa Petrillo Total Horsemanship / Petrillo, Christa J.  (707) 688-4358 Cell    Green
Address: 3695 Vickrey Lane, Winters. 95694 (707) 246-4663 Cell
Hours of Operation: 24/7
Guilds/Unions: SAG
Description: Professional Certified and Accredited Horse Trainer/Wrangler. Providing beautiful well trained horses for film, TV, and Print. Any breed, color or height. Tricked Trained horses. Credits: HBO Hemingway and Gellhorn, Fruit of The Loom commercial and more.
Years Experience: 1414Email: christapetrillo@hotmail.comhttp://www.imdb.com/name/nm4409842http://pro.imdb.com/name/nm4409842
Reel Dog Agency / McTaggart, Glenn iVisual iVisual iVisual
Reel Dog Agency / McTaggart, Glenn  (707) 775-8842
Address: PO Box 751223, Petaluma 94975 (415) 515-5340
Hours of Operation: Daily: 8am-9pm
Description: We train and provide a variety of client owned dogs from the San Francisco & Bay area for Print Ads, Commercial and Film and have them "Set Ready" for your next production. USDA licensed and insured.
Years Experience: 99Email: gmctaggart@comcast.nethttp://www.imdb.com/name/nm1573338http://pro.imdb.com/name/nm1573338
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All Animal Productions/Bow Wow Productions / Taunton, Stephanie  (408) 621-0620 (800) 926-9969 
Description: Trained studio animals. We own and train all of our animals. USDA licensed, fully insured, state certified animal trainer with over 25 years experience.
Email: bowwowprod@aol.com
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Aymard, Marie Therese / Bay Area K9 Association  (415) 971-8056  
Description: Professional Dog Handler. Specializing working types dogs with advanced off leash obedience, tricks, and protection work. Trained dogs are also available upon request.
Email: marie.aymard@gmail.com
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Bee Wrangling Services / Senser, Jim  (415) 521-6262     Green
Description: Strategic placement of 1 honeybee to 100K on products, places, and people safely without harming bees. Credits in "Bee","Flip Men" SpikeTv, Discovery Channel productions. Film my location or will travel. Some acting.
Email: jsenser@sbcglobal.nethttp://www.imdb.com/name/nm4667731http://pro.imdb.com/name/nm4667731
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Benny & Bebe's Magic Circus  (415) 457-4FUN (4386) (415) 307-4386 Cell    Green
Description: Trained White Doves - Stage Magic & Comedy Illusions, Winner of Nor Cal & Pacific Coast Stage Magic Competitions.
Email: info@magiccircus.com
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Crystal Hill Ranch / Evans, Sharon  (530) 622-4677 (530) 409-4496 Cell 
Description: Since 1968. Professional Hollywood animal trainer, consultant, coordinator & extra. Cats, dogs, horses, exotic animals. Credits: Hemingway & Gellhorn, Love Comes Softly, Retrievers, Almost Famous, Bushwacked, Ewoks II, Dog Trainer on Little House on the Prairie, Lassie, commercials
Email: crystalhillranch@directcon.net
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Mickaboo Companion Bird Rescue  (415) 279-3103     Green
Description: Bird rescue group that can supply caged and possibly uncaged birds for use in set decoration. Birds have been used in print and film work and also wedding background as well as local news stories
Email: mreedoak@aol.com
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Napa Valley Carriage Company  (707) 320-7475  
Description: Horse-drawn vehicles.
Email: bluenorth@gmail.com
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Palomacy Pigeon & Dove Adoptions  (415) 420-7204 Cell     Green
Description: We rescue gorgeous, dramatic, snow white doves, king pigeons, grey and fancy pigeons and know other birds too. Our birds are gentle and cooperative. We even have pigeons in pants! We help with your bird needs.
Email: AdoptKings@gmail.com
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Ted Draper Training Stables / Draper, Ted  (707) 546-2568 (707) 546-2568 Fax 
Description: 38 years experience training actors and horses for the movies. Horses, dogs, elegant horse drawn carriages, Doc's buggie, surrey w/fringe, old buck-board wagon.
Email: thomas-draper@att.nethttp://www.imdb.com/name/nm1654264http://pro.imdb.com/name/nm1654264
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Tug Dogs  (916) 682-6363 (916) 504-8069 
Description: USDA licensed Dog Wrangler with highly trained and experienced working dogs. Dogs trained in all fields including bitework, obedience, tricks etc... Numerous credits in large projects.
Email: tugdogacres@gmail.com