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Only Green Companies

Art Department / The Prop House
Address: 60 Industrial Way, Brisbane 94005
Phone: (415) 468-PROP (7767)    (415) 225-5859 Cell
Hours of Operation:  9:00 am - 5:00 pm Monday - Friday
Description:  The most complete Prop house in Northern California. phone booths, mail boxes, street dressing, signs, benches, sporting goods, luggage, period office, F.X., coffins, hand props, practical lighting, backdrops, production supplies. See website for Online Catalog.
Years Experience: 35
Acme Scenery Company iVisual iVisual iVisual
Acme Scenery Company  (415) 468-2262
Address: 100 Industrial Way, Brisbane 94005 (415) 468-2263 Fax
Hours of Operation: Mon-Fri: 9-5 pm
Description: Our huge warehouse holds everything from office paraphernalia and circus props to kitchen dressings and fire hydrants. We also feature an extensive scene dock and large inventory of backdrops. Can't find it? We'll build it!
Guilds/Unions: IATSE Local 16 & IATSE Local 800
Years Experience: 3131
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The Prop Co-op  (415) 468-PROP (7767)
Address: 80 Industrial Way, Brisbane 94005 (415) 468-8590 Fax
Hours of Operation: Mon-Fri: 9-5 pm
Description: Two huge prop collections under one roof: Acme Scenery & The Prop House! Backdrops, office, medical, police, pedestals, electronics, pay phones, signage, floral, lighting, law books, taxidermy, western gear, nautical, artwork, you name it!
Years Experience: 3131
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American Restaurant Sales  (510) 276-0331  
Description: Family-Owned business with over 40 years of industry experience in auction and sales. We have tons of used and reconditioned equipment for your production needs including dining tables, chairs, seats and other appliances.
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Blueceiling Prop Shop / Holker, Jaimi  (415) 872-7923  
Description: Prop rental shop for tabletop styling. Large collection of plates, flatware, glassware, cutting boards, surfaces, etc.
Years Experience: 2
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Fire Department Equipment - Props / Zukowski, Stan  (925) 687-6426  
Description: Fire Department Equipment. Full service rental of fire engines, hose, hydrants, extinguishers, helmets, uniforms, alarm boxes, etc. Period equipment from 1900's to present.
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Gemmiti Model Art / Gemmiti, Lisa  (415) 252-7536 (415) 609-0515 
Description: We make props, concept models, and fully detailed appearance models of all types. We have a staff of 15 and a fully-equipped 8,600 square foot facility. We can meet demanding deadlines. We rent models, too!
Years Experience: 41
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Machinery & Equipment Co. / Ebert, Mike  (415) 467-3400 Off     Green
Description: Used, processing equipment dealer. Large inventory of food, pharmaceutical, chemical and minerals processing machinery located in the Bay Area. All types of industrial equipment. We rent regularly to production companies here and in LA.
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Mannequin Madness / townsend, judi  (510) 444-0650 Off (510) 541-7632    Green
Description: We rent and sell mannequins, dress forms and mannequin parts. Our mannequin warehouse/showroom is available for rent for video/photo shoots.
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Piedmont Piano Co. / Callahan, Jim  (510) 547-8188  
Description: Piano rentals: uprights, grands, spinets, concert grands, antique pianos, art deco pianos, mid-century modern pianos, unique pianos, digital pianos, piano shells, pianos for burning or blowing up, player pianos. Complete piano moving services. Experienced, professional.
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Props2C / Rivera, Tony A.  (415) 285-4500  
Description: Props2C, Vision to Reality. WE SPECIALIZE IN: Custom Styrofoam Props. Prop Rental / Themed Design. Giant Letters and Numbers. Signs and Logos. Prototype. Event Planning and Production.
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Rhino Design Studio  (916) 641-1253  
Description: "You Dream It, We'll Build It!" Rhino Design Studio an Emmy award winning company is here to answer your needs. From sets to props and signage we are a one stop shop.
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www.sffleamarket.com / Niederlaak, Dirk  (415) 760-7211 Cell     Green
Description: We liquidate everything out of our Bayview warehouse mostly by appointment. Loads of movie people and designers shop here. We rent props and our location for shoots. Shop our website first.
Years Experience: 15