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Only Green Companies

Andrew, Dane  / Tri-D Productions iVisual iVisual iVisual
Andrew, Dane / Tri-D Productions  (408) 744-9017
Address: PO Box 2195, Sunnyvale 94087
Hours of Operation: 24
Description: Location scouting, Vehicle & Extra wrangling, Photography, Own ENG Video and Canon Photo package. ENG sound package, degree in TV/Film Production, SAG-AFTRA actor. Own "Rascal The Ugliest Dog".
Guilds/Unions: SAG / AFTRA
Years Experience: 3434http://www.imdb.com/name/nm1731637/http://pro.imdb.com/name/nm1731637/
Pigsley, Regina iVisual iVisual iVisual
Pigsley, Regina  (707) 799-2475
Description: Hard working PA with a reliable car and familiarity of the bay area.
Ranahan Production Services, Inc. iVisual iVisual iVisual
Ranahan Production Services, Inc.  (510) 649-4000 Off    Green
Address: 932 Parker St. #4, Berkeley 94710 (510) 649-4002 Fax
Hours of Operation: Daily: 9:30am-5:30pm
Description: Ranahan Production Services offers a current list of Northern California PA's, available at www.ranahan.com.
Years Experience: 2626PDF Resume
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1 Call PA Services / Mary, Margaret  (415) 578-8458 Cell  
Description: Reliable, multi-talented & with positive energy on set, my goal is to provide you with the support and local knowledge to help your production run as smooth as possible. Available for airport pick up & transportation needs.
Years Experience: 13
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16:9 Production Assistance / Herczog, Brian  (310) 562-0687     Green
Description: A reliable league of Bay-Area PAs: friendly, capable, and hard-working, 16:9 is available 24:7 for film and corporate events. Extending local resources to visiting crews and corporations, providing a variety of skills and film equipment.
Years Experience: 6
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Antonio, Roberto  (323) 388-6625 (775) 238-3559 
Years Experience: 17
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Arp, Rich  (408) 409-4289  
Description: Production Assistant/ Coordinator experienced in many aspects of production. Long list of shoots and clients. Very resourceful.
Years Experience: 29
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Assi, Savannah Rose  (858) 449-7971  
Description: I am working as a freelance Production Assistant in the Bay Area and have been doing so for the last year and a half. I have worked for Savage Builds, 13 Reasons Why and more.
PDF Resume
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Azzarello, Gina  (916) 223-1128 Cell  
Description: Available for any PA services including running, volunteer management, assorted jobs on set, anything you need!
Years Experience: 15
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Bajuk, Beth A.  (510) 363-2270  
Description: 9 years in L.A. Now living in Bay Area and want to work here. Would like to move from Art Coordinator to any job in Production. Have had past experience in Production, on-set & office.
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Bilson, Johnny  (916) 768-6241  
Description: I've worked a majority of the jobs available in film, television, and commercials, from studio productions to independent. Best way to reach me is by phone or text.
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Bloomfield, Katherine  (415) 637-3202  
Description: I am a San Francisco native with professional experience and knowledge of the production world. I would like to continue to expand this experience in the Bay Area. I am hard working, dedicated and a fast learner.
PDF Resume
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Bradley, David  (916) 504-8949  
Description: Production Assistant local to Sacramento available for you production needs. I am also willing to work as Camera/Audio Assistant
Years Experience: 6
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Brandt, Marc  (415) 518-5990  
Description: Look no further. Fast and Fun. Customer and job focused, prompt, experienced, organized, good driver. Call me anytime 415-518-5990. www.imdb.com/name/nm4183627
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Bremier, Valary  (415) 686-7470 Cell (415) 461-9300 
Description: Experience includes MOWs, features, commercials, industrials, live events. Excellent references. Resourceful, familiar with Bay Area and San Jose. Transportation/ Casting/ Locations experience.
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Cantin, Alexandra  (415) 225-7519  
Description: Experienced in all aspects and types of production including camera, lighting and coordination for features, documentaries, music videos and industrials.Craft service and vegetarian chef. Versatile, friendly. Girl Friday.
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Cindy Deaver Production Staff / Deaver, Cindy  (916) 289-0773 Cell  
Description: Available for all production needs, Production Office, Locations, Craft Service, Chyron Logs, Credits, Network Deliverables, Locations Assistant, Wardrobe Assistant, Art Department and Props, Production Coordinator, Associate Producer, Event Coordination, Red Carpet Escort, Personal Assistant, Casting Assistant.
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Clement, John J. / Wizard Staff Productions  (530) 409-1792 Cell  
Description: Professional willing and able to get the job done at any level. Certified Electra-mechanical Technician specializing Audio, Lights, Props and getting you coffee when you want it. Tahoe to Sacramento Truckee to Stockton.
Years Experience: 10
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Conroy+Tanzer Photographic Services  (415) 377-7126  
Description: Twenty years experience in the Bay Area. Photography, production, coordinating, location services, casting, driving, assisting, etc. We do it all.... with a smile! If we aren't right for your task, we will cheerfully refer you.
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Contreras, Ileana  (209) 914-1511  
Description: I've worked in the industry for over 2 years now, in nearly every department in the business. Ready to master AC, AD and Art Assistance. Let's work together!
Years Experience: 2
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Crew You Productions & Locations / Zeeble, Mary  (415) 550-9090  
Description: Production, Location Scouting, Casting and Reliable, Friendly Crew Referrals. Exp. and knowledgable PA's. Crew Coordination. Still shoots, video, commercials, features and Indie film. With one call we can hire your whole crew. NIKE, ADIDAS, HARLEY DAVIDSON.
Years Experience: 24
PDF Resumehttp://www.imdb.com/name/nm0954181http://pro.imdb.com/name/nm0954181
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DaSilva, Katherine  (203) 525-6673  
Description: Experienced PA with years of work in film and television. Will travel out-of-town and can drive vans to transport cast and crew to and from set. Additional crafty for shoots with crew of 30+
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de Kelaita, Gabe  (916) 934-4095  
Description: Former employee of Lucasfilm's Industrial Light and Magic & Lucasfilm THX. Set PA credits, Bullet to the Head, Star Trek: Into Darkness, The Amazing Spider-Man, The Master, Parental Guidance, Contagion, Batman Forever, Rocky Balboa, Almost Famous.
Guilds/Unions: Non Union
Years Experience: 28
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Fishman, Jonathan  (619) 368-0344  
Description: Jack of all trades set and office PA. Feature experience as APOC and 2nd 2nd AD as well.
Guilds/Unions: NABET Local 51
Years Experience: 2
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Fontana, Megan Maria  (925) 246-3613  
Description: Making sure talent and crew are comfortable and have what they need. Helping crew members with tasks when they need help.
Years Experience: 2
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Hansen, Ryan Kerry  (775) 313-7754 Cell  
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Hopping, Ryan Michael  (916) 532-7899  
Description: I have worked on several productions from local/national commercials to feature films as a Production Assistant. I am available for single or multi-day productions. I am located in Northern California but am willing to travel to work.
Years Experience: 11
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Hwang, Julie  (510) 992-3880 (469) 387-3573 
Description: MIT grad/electrical engineer turned PA. Extremely reliable, technical, and detail-oriented. Set/Office and Post-production experience in TV, features, and corporate. I'm not afraid of hard work, long hours, or high pressure situations.
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Ingham-Myles, Marla  (415) 479-8539 (415) 516-4564 
Description: Experienced crew member on films and TV. Production Coordinator, Production Asst., Set Dresser, Art Dept. Asst. Hard working and great attitude. Resume on request.
Years Experience: 29
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Jackson, Vanessa  (916) 201-5584  
Description: I have been a productions assistant for features, short films, documentaries, and live shows. Experience working with the art department and script supervisor.BA in cinema production at SFSU. Please contact for full resume.
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Jeff Lamppert Photography / Lamppert, Jeff  (530) 412-1000  
Description: Professional photographer and experienced production assistant. I have provided production assistance with films, commercials and print ads.
Years Experience: 24
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Johnston, Juli M.  (916) 725-2694 (916) 202-1042 Cell 
Description: Work as coordinator (past 3yrs.), 2nd AD & PA for TV, Features & High profile commercials: Ford, Gatorade, & Sprint. Will work in the Bay Area, Sacramento & Tahoe areas. A photographer-able to do light studies.
Years Experience: 14
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Joseph, Mical C.  (415) 612-0015  
Description: As a bilingual PA (Dutch/American) my main focuses are TV and video production. Iím determined to produce content, deliver relevant and entertaining information to the public and help on set where needed. Iím flexible, always willing to work long hours.
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Kahele, Jerome  (916) 240-0791 Cell  
Description: Feature film and Television production assistant, movie extra. Key Set Production Assistant. Will work as a local in Sacramento and San Francisco area.
Years Experience: 20
PDF Resumehttp://www.imdb.com/name/nm2483844http://pro.imdb.com/name/nm2483844
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Locke, Audrey Paige  (650) 743-2327  
Description: Creative, hardworking, and dependable with knowledge of video and television production from concept to completion. Has experience with music videos, PSAís and documentaries. I have a car and knowledge of the Bay Area.
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Mandzik, Teal  (707) 972-2979  
Description: Art Production Assistant. Experience with set construction, special effects, Props, and painting
Years Experience: 4
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McHugh, Kenna  (916) 424-8257 (916) 284-6278 
Description: I have plenty of experience with driving, location scouting, craft services, scripts, VIP/Celebrity and basic production assistant duties.
Years Experience: 29
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Morris, Connor Michael  (530) 217-7800 (916) 212-9222    Green
Description: Available to Grip in SFO/Sacramento/Tahoe/LA & beyond. I have Grip/AC/PA experience- I''m eager to put in some hard work on my next job-Flexible Hours/ Great Rates-Personable, so put me to work!
Years Experience: 5
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Muniz, Anthony / Monterey Productions  (831) 905-0405  
Description: Experienced, Professional and Resourceful Production Assistant/ Locations Scout (Television, Feature Film, New Media) with vast knowledge of California.
Years Experience: 9
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Nahass, Matt  (650) 892-4928  
Description: Hard working, reliable, and trustworthy Bay Area PA with a positive attitude.
Years Experience: 10
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Neely, Kimber  (916) 698-5292  
Description: Resourceful, quick thinking PA who has worked on both commercials and live events in and around the bay area. Works primarily in the office but have experience working on set and a runner. Have car, laptop, and ready for anything!
Years Experience: 10
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Packard, Todd  (530) 383-6171  
Description: I am currently a student looking to gain experience on any set as a Production Assistant. I have taken numerous classes in film, such as editing, producing, cinematography, and sound design.
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Parsons, Kerry  (917) 374-4194  
Description: Experience on television, commercial, and feature film shoots in various departments. Set PA to Art Department PA, AC, stills photography, and craft services. BA Photography. CV and references available upon request.
PDF Resumehttp://www.imdb.com/name/nm3239830http://pro.imdb.com/name/nm3239830
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Perada, Ric Anthony  (707) 332-7513  
Description: Key Set PA/Art Department. experienced with Film, TV, Commercials, and Reality TV. Drives all trucks. Great with talent, Hardworking, committed, Punctual, and easy to work with. Vast knowledge of Northern California and the San Francisco area.
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Pun, Marcus  (510) 530-2507 (510) 384-8085 Cell 
Description: 35+yrs award-winning editor/preditor. BUT LOVE to PA -GET ME OUTSIDE!! PUH-LEEEZE!!! You get my experience and free post tips at no extra charge. Also produce & shoot -although rusty. ProUnlimited/PayReel *save me from the chair*
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Rupa, James  (510) 209-3413  
Description: Production Assistant, Art.
iVisual iVisual iVisual
Rupan, Anita  (510) 209-3413  
Description: A film production assistant on a movie set in a support role, providing assistance to crews of various departments. Tasks include helping out with the construction of sets, keeping wardrobes in order, and performing general office duties.
Years Experience: 8
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Sargis, Susan  (650) 347-6997 (650) 455-5496 
Description: Production coordinator/ assistant for commercials, film and video with lots of local experience.
iVisual iVisual iVisual
Siekman, Daniel  (530) 622-6085 (626) 390-6334 Cell 
Description: Experienced Production Assistant on Film and TV and commercials in the Bay Area, Sacramento and the Sierra. Worked as Set P.A, Camera, cast driver, tech asst. BTS photos, locations etc., ect.
Years Experience: 18
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Skinner, Abigail  (530) 651-3656  
Description: I recently moved to Sacramento from working as a PA in Los Angeles for 15 years and want to find jobs around Norcal in all and any types of production. Thank you.
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Thornton, James  (916) 813-3078 Cell  
Description: Experienced Production Assistant with Feature Film, Reality TV, Event, Print and TV Commercial credits. Professional and solution oriented. Comfortable working on set and in the office. DSLR Video Shooter. Mobile and can work in the Sacramento or Bay Areas.
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Trompeter, Robert M.  (408) 423-9194 (408) 423-9194 Fax 
Description: PRODUCTION ASSISTANT, CAMERA ASSIST. Experienced freelancer. Driver for cast and crew. Shot dvd concert footage of P.McCartney 2002/ 2003 & 2005/ 2006 tours. Commercials.industrials and IATSE 134 member. FCC GROL license and SBE (CTO,CEV,CBT) certified.
Guilds/Unions: IATSE Local 134 Journeyman
iVisual iVisual iVisual
Ward, Jimmy  (609) 709-7442  
Description: Highly energized and professional Production Assistant that is ready to take on any responsibility given on set! EMAIL: jimmywardfilm@gmail.com
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Wong, Serena  (650) 291-2078  
Description: Dependable, hardworking PA equipped with a car and experienced in reality tv, features, shorts, music videos, award shows and commercials. Network Credits: Travel Channel, Nickelodeon, HGTV, Bravo, TLC, etc.
PDF Resumehttp://www.imdb.com/name/nm3023594http://pro.imdb.com/name/nm3023594
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Zavala, Ana Sofia  (408) 915-8469  
Description: Experienced production assistant, writer, director, producer, and editor. I've worked in the Bay Area for over 10 years on live TV broadcasts, reality TV and corporate videos, independent shorts & features and a dramatic television series.
PDF Resumehttp://www.imdb.com/name/nm1383721http://pro.imdb.com/name/nm1383721
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Zeff, Zachary H.  (415) 676-1966  
Years Experience: 7