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Only Green Companies

Miller, Kimberley Anne
Phone: (415) 846-8731    
Hours of Operation:  Mobile, On-Call, Prep-Wrap
Description:  From the healthy Continental Breakfasts and energizing ORGANIC snacks.. to the morale boosting comfort foods/sweets. Appeal to the Vegan, Heart and Gluten-Free conscious. Attractive, clean table served with pride and care. Have kit, will travel....NEW "Crafty Mobile" !!
Guilds/Unions:  IATSE Local #16
Years Experience: 24http://www.imdb.com/name/nm1010026http://pro.imdb.com/name/nm1010026
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Kass Kapsiak Catering  (415) 608-3100
Address: 2240 Crestmoor Dr., San Bruno 94066 (650) 583-8166 Kitchen
Description: Years of experience serving customized menus to fit any budget for Film, Photo, Video, TV and Advertising in the SF Bay Area. Specialties: Italian, Greek, Thai, anything chocolate, breakfast and more! Call for client references.
Years Experience: 3333
Leonard, Mary Ellen iVisual iVisual iVisual
Leonard, Mary Ellen  (415) 308-3196    Green
Hours of Operation: 24/7
Description: Delicious, healthy, gourmet craft service beautifully presented!
Guilds/Unions: IATSE 16
Years Experience: 2121http://www.imdb.com/name/nm0502705http://pro.imdb.com/name/nm0502705
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Alta Cuisine  (415) 898-3230 (415) 898-3231 Fax    Green
Description: We produce events that provide unique catered food with an International touch. Customized menus to fit your specific needs and budget. Any time, any place, will travel. Check our references on Yelp.com.
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Anita's Craft Service /Fiji Chulla Catering / Rupan, `Anita  (510) 393-3211 (510) 881-3978 
Description: Spoil your cast/crew with the attention of a full service craft service attendant. Our experienced craft service professional will maintain your craft service table with delectable goodies and fun, healthy menu choices. (hot tray service) available including hot appetizers.
Years Experience: 22
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Bauer, Elizabeth Ann  (510) 396-3966 Cell  
Guilds/Unions: IATSE Local 16
Years Experience: 13
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Food For Thought / Reed, Sandy  (707) 849-4000 Cell     Green
Description: Craft Service & Hot Breakfast. Unbelievable Food- Exceptional Service. Over 20 years exp. Healthy, delicious, and ORGANIC. Hot soups, fresh breads, delectable chocolates, smoothes and the most delicious, (French Roast) coffee in town! Recycled paper products and earth friendly utensils.
Guilds/Unions: IATSE 16 or not
Years Experience: 31
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Gage, Robin  (916) 300-6062 (916) 966-3444 
Description: 23 years experience. Full service from start to finish for any size production. I provide everything from fresh fruit, vegetables and healthy snacks. Plus specialty snacks like mini cheese steaks.
Years Experience: 27
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Harrell, Diane  (510) 703-1153  
Description: Diane does craft service your way. Delight in fresh baked scones, homemade chocolate chip cookies, and a tempting selection of savory treats. Fresh fruit, vegetables and healthy snacks are always at hand. Professional espresso machine available.
Years Experience: 20
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James Chandler Craft Services / Chandler, James R.  (415) 999-1325 cell  
Description: Providing Craft Services for the last twenty years while keeping the crews, talent and production staff with the nutritious foods they need to keep their energy and spirits creative. Large or small movie, TV or commercial shoots
Guilds/Unions: Local 16
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Lopker, Chelsea  (406) 396-0232 Cell  
Description: Refining Craft Services Since 1999. Worked in California, Montana, Louisiana and Texas. Responsible for crew sizes of 15 to over 400. Managed budgets from $100-$3500. Specialize in providing healthy, organic, locally produced, gluten-free and vegetarian fare.
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Run Around Brew / Rasmussen, Lorraine Louise  (707) 292-1135 Cell (707) 292-5306 Cell 
Description: Mobile Espresso Truck: Coffee drinks, fruit smoothies, pastries. Farm Markets, Events, Movie Sets, Business Parks.
Years Experience: 16
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Rupan, Ash  (510) 209-3413 (510) 881-3978 
Description: Spoil your cast/crew with the attention of a full-service craft service attendant. Our experienced craft service professional will maintain your craft service table with delectable goodies and fun, healthy menu choices. plus production assistance
Years Experience: 15
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Sorrick, Robin Lynn / Robin Sorrick Craft Services  (530) 269-9425 Cell (530) 367-5041 Landline 
Description: I Provide Craft Services for; Commercials, TV, and Film in and around Sacramento California.
Years Experience: 4
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VIP Crafty / Ferris, Johnny  (702) 321-5466  
Description: We are the best craft service in all of Northern Ca. With over 50 years of Experience in the Entertainment business. We are IATSE Local 16 and have rave reviews from our clients. Take your next film or tv project to the Next Level!