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Brandstetter Law, PC / Brandstetter, Jeffrey D. iVisual iVisual iVisual
Brandstetter Law, PC / Brandstetter, Jeffrey D.  (415) 571-8600 Tel
Address: One Market, Spear Twr., 36th Fl., SF 94105 (415) 571-8601 Fax
Description: Boutique entertainment and intellectual property law firm specializing in film, television, music and intellectual property matters. We handle all aspects of production (development through distribution), financing and litigation. Mediation, arbitration and expert witness services also available.
Years Experience: 2929PDF Resumehttp://www.imdb.com/name/nm0104834http://pro.imdb.com/company/co0115811
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California Lawyers for the Arts  (916) 442-6210 Sac (415) 775-7200 
Description: Non-profit organization providing referrals to lawyers, arbitration and mediation, arts law publications, and education through conferences, workshops and speakers bureau.
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Christine Lynn O'Connor, Attorney at Law  (916) 444-2875 (310) 210-4264 
Description: Entertainment attorney with film/tv production experience. Production legal; copyright research, registration, and protection; contract review, negotiating, and drafting; legal clearances; drafting of business plans; guide producers through guild signatory process.
Years Experience: 17
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Clearances640 / Grant, Lawnie  (866) 761-9990  
Description: We clear music, talent, film/TV clips and other intellectual property. We also offer poduction attorney services.
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Cohen, Thomas A. / Law Offices of Thomas A. Cohen  (415) 777-1997 (415) 777-1990 Fax 
Description: Litigation, mediation and transactional law. As a producer/ director/writer in a past (and occasionally current) life, Tom Cohen brings practical experience to his representation of clients, who range from TV stations to individual artists.
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Daniela Lungu Law Offices / Lungu, Daniela  (925) 558-2710  
Description: Our attorneys specialize in asset protection through wills, trusts and estate planning. Call today to find out how you can protect your family, business and other assets.
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Drossman, Laura A. / Drossman Law  (415) 515-4114  
Description: Drossman Law, PC provides commercial real estate leasing and business law services to companies in California and New York.
Years Experience: 17
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Franck, Peter / Law Offices of Peter Franck  (510) 788-1009  
Description: The Law Office of Peter Franck is experienced in entertainment law, specializing in film, video, music, communications law, as well as contracts of all types, copyright, trademark. To arrange a free initial consultation email staff@culturelaw.com
Guilds/Unions: National Lawyers Guild
Years Experience: 48
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Jacob, Justine / Blyth, Lee & Jacob  (510) 272-0200 x316  
Description: Legal services for independent filmmakers from the start of an idea through all aspects of distribution.
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Korn, Alan / Law Offices of Alan Korn  (510) 548-7300  
Description: The Law Office of Alan Korn handles legal matters in the following practice areas: film, video, music, art, photography, literary property, copyright, trademark, licensing, entertainment, intellectual property, media, 1st Amendment, trade secrets, contracts and business litigation.
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Law Offices of George M. Rush / Rush, George Michael  (415) 393-8005  
Description: Legal services from development through distribution.
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Law Offices of Jeannette M. Boudreau / Boudreau, Jeannette  (415) 331-4841  
Description: We offer complete legal services to the Entertainment Industry.
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Lee, Richard J. / Focus Media Law Group  (510) 272-0200 x304  
Description: Extensive experience representing film and entertainment clients. Non-profit and For-profit corporations, limited partnerships; private offerings. Estate planning, wills, trust and probate.
Years Experience: 45
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Robert E. Gordon Law Offices  (415) 383-6955 Off (415) 902-0618 Cell    Green
Description: Lawyer specializing in enertainment industry, primarily music, TV, film, book and music publishing, merchandising representing major clients over many decades.
Guilds/Unions: State Bar of California
Years Experience: 48
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Second Sight Video & Multimedia  (925) 954-4490  
Description: Over 20 years experience in the legal video deposition field. Video depositions, Sync transcript & editing services, on site video documentation.
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Spiller Law / Spiller, Lindsay Gunn  (925) 286-6595  
Description: Spiller Law is a business and entertainment law practice that serves film producers, music labels, and media/branding companies.
Years Experience: 14