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Only Green Companies

EastWestPayroll Services, Ltd. / Royall, Patty iVisual iVisual iVisual
EastWestPayroll Services, Ltd. / Royall, Patty  (415) 824-8080
Description: From budget estimating to year-end filing. 27 years of experience handling union & non-union talent & crew payroll. Clients include: AT&T, Comcast, 2008/2012 Obama Campaign, AARP, McDonald's, Amer.Bev.Assoc, CTIA. Professional, accurate, friendly.
Guilds/Unions: AFTRA, SAG, IATSE, DGA, Equity
Years Experience: 3232
The Talent Fund, Inc. / Anderson, Christy iVisual iVisual iVisual
The Talent Fund, Inc. / Anderson, Christy  (650) 726-5677
Address: 780 Main St., Half Moon Bay 94019 (650) 726-5694 Fax
Description: PAYROLL... TV, radio, theatrical, industrial, film, stagehands/crew. SAG-AFTRA AFM, AEA, IATSE and non-union.
Years Experience: 3737http://www.imdb.com/company/co0118935http://pro.imdb.com/company/co0118935
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ABS Entertainment Payroll & Production Accounting  (818) 848-9200 CA (212) 675-4600 NY 
Description: ABS Payroll processes all SAG-AFTRA low budget agreements, DGA, IATSE, WGA for films, television, commercials, music videos, documentaries - all entertainment payroll! Production accounting services. Low budget productions welcome. 30 years of service to the entertainment industry.
Guilds/Unions: SAG-AFTRA, DGA, IATSE, WGA, Teamsters
Years Experience: 35
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Cast & Crew Entertainment Services  (818) 848-6022  
Description: Through offices in Burbank, New York, Toronto & Vancouver, Cast & Crew provides payroll services to the Motion Picture, Television and Commercial Industries and offers its comprehensive PSL family of production accounting software.
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Entertainment Partners  (818) 480-4239 (646) 473-9000 
Description: The largest provider of prod. services in the ent. industry. With a comprehensive view of the complexities of production, we offer a full range of products and services designed to increase productivity and decrease costs.
Years Experience: 42
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Extreme Reach Crew Services  (818) 729-0080     Green
Description: Payroll Solutions for the Film, Television, Commercial, Music/Video Production Industries, Internet/ Web, Extras and Theatre nationwide.
Years Experience: 26
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Freeman Productions  (925) 324-1615  
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New Vista Payment Management  (503) 353-9227 Off  
Description: Payroll/Employer Services to the Film and Video industry for over 30 years.
Guilds/Unions: IATSE 107,784,706,16
Years Experience: 40
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NPI Entertainment Payroll, Inc.  (866) 296-2267 (818) 392-8514 
Description: Production payroll services for talent, crews, residuals, extras, film, theatre, live production and conventions. Union and non union, nationwide, multi state.
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PayReel  (800) 352-7397 (303) 526-4900 
Description: PayReel will pay your freelancers and vendors, managing all onboarding, state and federal compliance and paperwork. PayReel can also staff production projects in your region or locations worldwide.
Years Experience: 25
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Payroll Masters  (800) 963-1428 (707) 226-1428 
Description: A leading payroll provider for the Bay Area. We provide comprehensive payroll, check printing, electronic tax service, certified payroll, direct deposit, on site payroll options, payroll software, on-demand reporting, HR support, training and more.
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TakeOne / Javid, Ali  (347) 673-1557  
Description: TakeOne provides entertainment payroll and insurance through an easy to use software platform.