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Only Green Companies

Studio 24
Address: 771 Oak Avenue Pkwy. #2, Folsom 95630
Phone: (916) 358-9915    
Hours of Operation:  Mon-Thur: 10am-6pm
Description:  We offer classes that help develop skills/techniques needed to work as a professional actor. We challenge students to become better actors, dig deeper, and live in the moment so they can achieve an unforgettable performance.
Guilds/Unions:  SAG, AFTRA
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Hester Schell-Studio Schell / Schell, Hester  (650) 726-5424    Green
Description: "She's simply the best in the Bay. AND she wrote the book on casting!" (click demo. reel link. "I've taught acting for over 20 years. Let me help you find the best talent."
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Voice One / Clawson, Sally  (415) 974-1103 Classes & Coaching
Address: 414 Jackson St. #202, SF 94111 (415) 974-1105 Recording & Coaching
Hours of Operation: 9am-6pm
Description: Elaine Clark, author of "There's Money Where Your Mouth Is!" Sally Clawson, owner of Voice One training for voice-over, acting, & improv. Group lessons and private coaching. Voice Over Demo Producer and Audio Engineer. Plus: Casting, Directing & Production services.
Years Experience: 3333http://www.imdb.com/v2/name/nm2274377http://pro.imdb.com/v2/name/nm2274377
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Al Media Movers, Inc. / Vishnu, Lawrence  (415) 578-3391  
Description: Foreign language dubbing (lip-sync & U.N. style). Native foreign language voice overs. Foreign language subtitling for TV stations, broadcasting & DVD companies. Transcription for all media formats. All services in over 1000 languages.
Years Experience: 29
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Brian, Cynthia / Starstyle Productions, LLC  (925) 377-STAR  
Description: Private business consulting with feedback. Concrete tools, buy Cynthia's book "The Business of Show Business" Learn about resumes,casting, agents, photos, coaching, unions,audition do's & don'ts,stage moms, webisodes, and more. Be the STAR you Are!
Years Experience: 35
PDF Resumehttp://www.imdb.com/name/nm0108405http://pro.imdb.com/name/nm0108405
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Cop Props of California / Kong, Gary T.  (415) 793-2141 Cell  
Description: 27+ years of law enforcement experience inc. SWAT. Licensed firearms dealer. Script consultant, onsite technical/procedural consultant inc. police based props, weapons, wardrobe, set decs. Badge & ID design and production.
Years Experience: 39
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Etiquette and Protocol Services / Amoroso, Sharyn Kennedy  (925) 784-2298  
Description: Dining etiquette and social skills for children, teenagers, and adults. Business etiquette for success. On set training for talent, or private consulting for those aspiring to polish their skills and put their best foot forward.
Years Experience: 26
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Patricia Rile Talent / Rile, Patricia  (707) 483-2644  
Description: Patricia has recently retired after being an agent for over 20 years. She is now a talent manager and booker of models and actors. Also does some private talent consulting for new faces wanting to break into the model/acting business.
Years Experience: 29
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Practical Guides for Actors  (650) 275-3306  
Description: Industry Guide for Actors. Just INFO & STRAIGHT TALK, Bridging the Gap between Show & Business. Industry Professional since 1975. www.realityck.com
Years Experience: 44
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Simpson, Barbara / Blue Shadow Productions  (925) 376-7343 (925) 376-8856 Fax 
Description: TV/Radio news talent and career/ skills consultations, training and media preparation for individuals, groups, corporate, schools. Work with top professional LA/SF news anchor, reporter, commentator, writer, talk show host. Individual programs for media needs.
Guilds/Unions: SAG / AFTRA
Years Experience: 26
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Starlet California / Alexander, Alicia Hope  (510) 355-7844     Green
Description: Alicia Hope Alexander was trained in film, video and voiceover by Adjuct NYU Professor Vincent Sassone. Santa Rosa Junior College Theater Arts Certificate coursework includes Introduction to Acting via Professor Wendy Wisely.
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The Talent Connection / Jones, Gail Sherman  (831) 443-5542     Green
Description: Talent packaging experts for models, actors (kids/ adults). Best photographer for commercial/theatrical headshots in the San Francisco Bay Area. Includes wardrobe, hair/make-up consultation for photo shoots and resume preparation. BEFORE YOU SPEND A DIME, DO IT RIGHT THE FIRST TIME!
Years Experience: 38
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VoiceMedia/Susan & Friends Casting / McCollom, Susan  (415) 309-9979  
Description: Voice-over coaching and career planning. Individual or group sessions; Commercial, Character, Narration, CD-ROM. All Levels. Consultation by leading national V.O. talent and casting director, Susan McCollom. Demo production a specialty!
Years Experience: 33