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Only Green Companies

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Marin Mac Tech / Woods, Travis  (415) 413-0495     Green
Description: Marin Mac Tech provides expert managed support for businesses of all sizes. We deploy and maintain wired and wireless networks to ensure dependable connectivity. We provide hardware upgrades, software training and support designed around your needs
Years Experience: 10
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Psychsoftpc / Lynch, Tim  (617) 471-8733     Green
Description: Psychsoftpc is a U.S. manufacturer of high performance Virtual Reality Ready Computers, 3D Modeling and Editing Workstations, Tesla personal Supercomputers and Linux clusters for 3D character creation, 3D rendering, special effects and CGI for the film and television industries.
Years Experience: 32
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VMI, Inc.  (408) 745-1700 (415) 362-1330 
Description: Sales, rental, system design and install since 1975. Representing major manufacturers of professional analog and digital products-camcorders from DVCAM to HD, VTRs, projectors, plasma displays, videoconferencing and streaming solutions. Branch offices located throughout California and Washington.
Years Experience: 44