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Only Green Companies

digitalcore iVisual iVisual iVisual
digitalcore  (415) 962-8338
Address: 200 Green St. #100., SF 94111
Description: digitalcore is a full service post production facility. Editors, directors and producers enjoy a creative environment with a flexible range of avid and fcp edit suites, superior client services, smoke finishing and motion graphics design.
Evolve Media / Maples, Tommy iVisual iVisual iVisual
Evolve Media / Maples, Tommy  (415) 324-5002
Description: Evolve Media Production is a multi award winning San Francisco film and video production company. Our production team develops concepts for television, commercial, corporate, viral, and promotional video. We offer a wide range of video production services for all industries.
Years Experience: 1212http://www.imdb.com/name/nm3676979http://pro.imdb.com/name/nm3676979
One River Media / Solorio, Marco iVisual iVisual iVisual
One River Media / Solorio, Marco  (877) 944-FILM    Green
Address: 3000-F Danville Blvd. #314, Alamo 94507
Description: Award-winning feature film, commercial, corporate 4K post services, spanning 28+ years. Professional visual effects services, including 2D/3D modeling/animation, match-moving, motion-tracking, particles, dynamics, chromakeying, compositing and more with networked render farm.
Years Experience: 2828http://www.imdb.com/name/nm3668445/resumehttp://pro-labs.imdb.com/name/nm3668445
One Twenty Nine Films / Seuser, Nick iVisual iVisual iVisual
One Twenty Nine Films / Seuser, Nick  (415) 272-3828
Hours of Operation: Daily: 9:00am - 7:00pm
Description: OTNF is a San Francisco based production company with a curated roster of exceptional writing and directing talent based on both coasts, directing commercials, documentaries, music videos, short films, animation, VR, and branded online content.
Years Experience: 1111
Rough House iVisual iVisual iVisual
Rough House  (415) 561-4544
Address: 550 Bryant St., SF 94107 (415) 543-8370 Fax
Description: Take a look at these hands. You don't have to mention it. Animation, Motion Graphics and Visual Effects. Contact: James Hagedorn, executive producer. Visit: roughhouse.com
Years Experience: 3131http://www.imdb.com/company/co0045004http://pro.imdb.com/company/co0045004
iVisual iVisual iVisual
Aaron J. Dingman Graphics / Dingman, Aaron J.  (831) 239-5509  
Description: 22 years experience creating award winning 2D/3D animations. 3D modeling, motion tracking, storyboarding, animatics, compositing.
iVisual iVisual iVisual
Atkinson Productions / Atkinson, John  (510) 691-7000 Cell  
Description: Award-winning motion graphics, visual effects, illustration (2D, 2.5D, and 3D), and animation for a variety of clients and markets, such as Lucasfilm, History Channel, Discovery, National Geographic, as well as gaming and independent film.
Years Experience: 25
iVisual iVisual iVisual
Baker Animation and Visual Effects / Baker, Matthew M.  (916) 640-3652  
Description: Editing, Motion Graphics, 3D Animation, Story Boarding, Animatics, Data Management Technician.
iVisual iVisual iVisual
Bonfire Labs  (415) 394-8200 (415) 394-8004 Fax 
Description: Bonfire Labs is a creative production company that solves business problems by partnering with our clients to find relevant and compelling ways to connect with audiences. Creative, design, animation and editorial all under one roof.
iVisual iVisual iVisual
Bongo Post / Clough, Sarah  (916) 448-9900  
Description: Full Service Post Facility design to serve the Creative community. Featuring Motion Graphic Design, Art Direction, Illustration, Flash Animation & Design.
Years Experience: 24
iVisual iVisual iVisual
Butrick, Brandon / Photon SF  (415) 800-8586  
Description: Motion graphics and design for commercials, music videos, corporate TV, and features. Please visit Photon's website to view our demo reel.
Years Experience: 14
iVisual iVisual iVisual
First Person / Fiero, Drew  (415) 495-5595 (415) 543-8370 Fax 
Description: First Person– Inspired Stories, Intelligently Told.
Years Experience: 21
iVisual iVisual iVisual
Fox Productions / Fox, Mike  (916) 858-1400  
Description: Award-winning creative services include motion graphics, Flash animation, custom music, jingle packages, broad range of character voice over services, and more. See website for complete demo.
Years Experience: 25
iVisual iVisual iVisual
Idle Hands Studio  (415) 459-9300  
Description: Design - Motion - Anger Management (creative design solutions for business and entertainment).
Years Experience: 13
iVisual iVisual iVisual
Imagine That! / Mintz, Steve  (650) 773-7601     Green
Description: Experience with Reality, trailers, promos, shorts, sports, corporate, tech and product videos, scribe videos. Video editing available, as well. Worked on Super Bowl and Star Wars. Certified in motion graphics from BAVC (San Francisco)
Years Experience: 17
PDF Resumehttp://www.imdb.com/name/nm2301989http://pro.imdb.com/name/nm2301989
iVisual iVisual iVisual
JL Edit and Motion / Lewis, Jon  (707) 746-7678 (415) 706-7020 Cell 
Description: Motion graphic artist. National/Network experience. Creation and eye-catching creative design of broadcast opens, packages and graphic elements for broadcast or corporate projects. 2D, 3D, (After Effects C4D), compositing and editorial. HD suite or On-site.
Years Experience: 28
iVisual iVisual iVisual
Kruse, Jamie / Photon  (415) 800-8586  
Description: Graphic design, animation, typography and VFX compositing spoken here.
Years Experience: 11
iVisual iVisual iVisual
Lei, Victor  (415) 310-2633 +853 63068678 
Description: Video producer/editor with expertise of creating short video programs and documentary style reports. Currently based in Macau, China.
Years Experience: 7
iVisual iVisual iVisual
LeTigre Studios  (415) 712-2000  
Description: In-house animators and compositors equipped with the latest high-end post-production software. We offer a wide range of services including motion graphics, VFX, CG, Animation, 3D modelling, and compositing.
Years Experience: 19
iVisual iVisual iVisual
Little Fluffy Clouds Animation Studio  (415) 389-9302  
Description: Multi award-winning Bay Area animation studio, Little Fluffy Clouds, specializes in high-end motion graphics and animation. Talented, imaginative, experimental yet pragmatic – LFC bring a unique edge to concept design, branding, character development, VFX, title sequences and on-line media.
iVisual iVisual iVisual
Mission Film & Design  (415) 838-7456     Green
Description: MFD is an artist-owned video finishing studio located in the sunny Mission District of San Francisco. We offer color, sound design, sound mix, VO record, online/ conform, and vfx.
iVisual iVisual iVisual
Modio / Thompson, Adrian  (415) 547-0635 (530) 356-1296 
Description: Modio, the motion graphics studio. We build animated videos that make it easy for customers to learn about you.
iVisual iVisual iVisual
Neumatic / Leonardi, Ben  (415) 525-3560  
Description: Motion Graphics, 3D Animation, VFX, Flash, Design, Motion Control.
Years Experience: 28
iVisual iVisual iVisual
Otherland / Nimmo, Stacy  (415) 546-7400  
Description: A design based production company specializing in youth and influencer markets. We partner with broadcast networks and advertising agencies to provide unique, award winning creative solutions.
Years Experience: 19
iVisual iVisual iVisual
Pacific Media / Nelson, Karen  (408) 987-4000 (408) 930-9005    Green
Description: Full-service, with editorial, design, production, AE and 3D motion graphics, and creative post for branding, technical, medical, and animated infographic needs.
Years Experience: 29
iVisual iVisual iVisual
Stablished Projects / Nou, Ratha  (408) 802-2955  
Description: Core Skill-Set of Motion Graphics, 3D Animation, VFX, Design & Video Production. Servicing Ad Agencies, Production & Post-Production Companies. Specializing in execution of Brand Videos, Keynote Presentation Videos, Event/Stage Graphic Animations, Social Media Content, Explainer Videos, from Concept to Completion.
iVisual iVisual iVisual
Swordfish / Bodle, Kathryn  (415) 896- 1666 Off  
Description: We’re Swordfish, a motion design studio based in San Francisco specializing in marketing and user experience. Our team of directors, designers, animators, and technologists are fearless storytellers who live to design memorable pictures in motion.
Years Experience: 7
iVisual iVisual iVisual
TEAK  (415) 296-1114  
Description: A San Francisco-based collective of film, editorial, animation and interactive content creators whose medium is everything digital. TEAK is a full-service production, post-production, motion graphics, and interactive media studio with clients like Google and Sony.
Years Experience: 15
iVisual iVisual iVisual
TOT Industries / Rowan, Nina  (415) 613-9707  
Description: Specializing in script writing, design, illustration, live action, documentary style, animation and motion graphics, we will work with you to bring your ideas to life and help propel your brand with insightful, compelling, and visually stunning storytelling.
iVisual iVisual iVisual
TOTAL Creative  (650) 583-8236     Green
Description: Specialists in broadcast design and motion graphics. Talented graphic designers deliver your concept into reality.
Years Experience: 40
iVisual iVisual iVisual
Transparent House / Scott, David  (415) 501-9550  
Description: Creative agency specializing in 3D/CGI, Interactive, VR, AR, MR. Photorealistic renderings, animation, and live-action VFX- for Product and Real Estate advertising and marketing. Creative innovation at the cutting edge of digital technology.
iVisual iVisual iVisual
Umlaut Films / LoCurcio, Gina  (415) 777-0123 (415) 777-4123 Fax 
Description: Creative Editorial and Design for Film, Broadcast, Video, and Integrated Content. Editors: Jessica Congdon, Jonathan Flookes, Scott Young. Motion Graphics/Color Correction/Finishing Artist: Ivan Miller. Avid, FinalCutPro, AfterEffects, DaVinci Resolve. Standard and High Definition.
Guilds/Unions: AICE
Years Experience: 16
iVisual iVisual iVisual
Whiskytree Inc  (415) 456-5400  
Description: Whiskytree is a content creation company near San Francisco, California, equal parts agency & production company, and a computer graphics powerhouse. Experience our work everywhere from the silver screen, to television, the internet, and AR/VR.
Years Experience: 12
iVisual iVisual iVisual
XYZ  (415) 227-9972  
Description: XYZ is a creative production agency with offices in San Francisco and Boulder.
Years Experience: 18