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Only Green Companies

Bostrom, Denise N. / dbwrites
Bostrom, Denise N.
Address: 25 Asilomar Circle, Oakland 94611
Phone: (510) 508-8149    
Hours of Operation:  9 AM - 6 PM
Description:  Deepen your characters and their layers of conflict in the story. Analysis of character development, plot, and screenplay style. Clients: John Korty, Emiko Omori, Caroline Blair, Ian Day, Fiona McDougall, and Kurt Norton.
Guilds/Unions:  IATSE Local 16, Women Who Write - Melbourne, Women Make Movies, Inc - NYC
Years Experience: 33PDF Resumehttp://www.imdb.com/name/nm2684180http://pro.imdb.com/name/nm0098286
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Buckley, Chris S.  (707) 951-8756  
Description: Features, shorts, treatments.
Years Experience: 29
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Diana Films / Prada, Francesca  (415) 378-8658     Green
Description: Insightful, creative, practical feedback on your script from the perspective of a seasoned creative producer, director & writer. Film, TV and Animation and events-theater. Structure, character, through-line and research are my specialty.
Years Experience: 27
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Jacobs, Ph.D., Karen Folger / KFJ  (510) 843-4680  
Description: Visual storytellers: make your screenplay compelling. Versatile script consultant guides writing/ rewriting films. Focus on storylines and character motivation. Create authentic dialogue. Essential. Effective. Expedient.
Years Experience: 27
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Marshland, Brad  (510) 376-5701  
Description: You’ve got a good script. Now make it great. Script doctor Brad Marshland offers insightful diagnoses, creative solutions. Invasive surgery optional. Clients’ scripts bought and produced by Showtime, Norman Lear, Milos Forman and Sidney Poitier.
Years Experience: 22
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Morris, David Manos  (415) 827-1141  
Description: Script editing, story structure, and dialog polishing for projects of any size. Screenplay adaptations of short stories, novels, etc. Screenwriting consulting.
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Most, Stephen  (510) 295-3057 Cell  
Description: Playwright and documentary screenwriter for film, radio and television. Credits include five Emmy-winning television programs, four Oscar-nominated documentary films and three PBS series. Author of Stories Make the World, Reflections on Storytelling and the Art of the Documentary.
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Russ, Jennifer Leo  (415) 531-7499 Cell  
Description: Screenwriter/ Story Editor/ Script Consultant: Over twenty years of feature film experience: Zealot Pictures, Yerba Buena Films, Pixar, DreamWorks, EA... Script services include; editorial overview, dialog enhancement, adaptation, script review for production, and contract screenwriting.
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Van Sijll, Jennifer / 1954  (650) 759-0641  
Description: Bestselling author: "Cinematic Storytelling". MFA-Cinema, USC. Award Winning scriptwriter: Strong visuals + structure. Screenwriting instructor: Berkeley & SFSU. Speaker/Consultant: Google, Pixar, Nestle, CCTV-Beijing, Attic Advertising + Screenwriting Expos globally. 100+ doc credits including China CTV and Computer History Museum.