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Only Green Companies

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ATL Events Inc. / Parkinson, Sylvia R.  (707) 528-3557 x 207     Green
Description: ATL is a Lighting, Sound, Stage, Audio Visual and Convention Services company serving the Wine Country & Bay Area for over 32 years. We have trained; honest compassionate team members who strive to exceed our client’s expectations.
Guilds/Unions: I.A.T.S.E. Local 16
Years Experience: 37
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AV Images / Trombino, William  (800) 801-1500 (925) 245-7400 
Description: Audio, Video, and Lighting Equipment Rentals. Staging and Production Services for Meetings, Conferences and Tradeshows.
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Big Picture, Inc. / Alford, Neil  (415) 454-2589 (415) 454-1596 Fax 
Description: Since 1997, Big Picture has been providing live-event production management and creative services for top global corporations. Big Picture provides turnkey event production solutions for our clients- from creative concept through delivery.
Years Experience: 22
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Briggs, Bob / Valley Media  (925) 937-5207 (510) 612-5215 
Description: 38 years of experience in live, live to tape, single camera, web casting and event production. From hot switched multi-camera broadcasts and imag screen support... to production design and video stream encoding, it's all here.
Guilds/Unions: BAFA/IATSE 119
Years Experience: 46
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Broadway Studios / Valdez, Francesca  (415) 291-0333 (415) 559-5010 
Description: Broadway Studios is a premier special events venue. We host movie, television and video productions as well as live entertainment, private and corporate parties, and any other event requiring a great atmosphere and quality staff. Reasonable and affordable rates.
Years Experience: 26
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Bryant, Kristianna  (925) 787-7405 Cell  
Description: Produce/Manage $20K-$2.5M events > Reunions & Weddings > Auctions & Golf Tournaments > Studio and Remote Television Productions with ABC, CBS, ESPN, FOX, NBC, PAC-12, Superbowl, FinalFour and NBA Finals > corporate conferences with NASA, Visa, BofA, Xerox, FedEx.
Years Experience: 32
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Dada / Bisgeier, Karen  (415) 561-2600  
Description: Being a small agency means we are there from start to finish. So, whether we’re producing for a product launch, an event, or a social media campaign, we work with the best talent to fit the needs of your event.
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DaVinci Fusion Inc  (415) 864-1000  
Description: Northern California's premiere full service event design and production company. For the last 30 years we have successfully produced, managed, designed and operated events while priding ourselves on craftsmanship and intelligent delivery of a project.
Years Experience: 33
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deKramer Productions, Inc. / deKramer, Peter W.  (707) 765-0888  
Description: Live event stage direction, technical direction and planning. Corporate meetings, awards programs, screening parties, from conception through completion. Specializing in on-stage VIP entrances, on-stage effects & shows that incorporate a theatrical twist.
Years Experience: 41
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Good Company Communications, LLC / Good, Johnny  (707) 579-9536 (707) 566-0463 Fax 
Description: Good Company is a leading and award winning Production Company with expertise in creative marketing, branding, digital media, streaming video production, staging, and world-wide live-event production management — all with creative and experienced storytelling that translates well into any medium.
Years Experience: 32
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Magnet Productions / Newman, Ken  (415) 333-0765  
Description: For over 30 years, Magnet has been producing live trade show presentations. We provide scripting, professional presenters, magicians, crowd gatherers, training, booth design. In short, anything related to trade shows.
Years Experience: 34
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McLaughlin, David / Production Design Services  (510) 758-5529  
Description: Production design & CAD drawings for events. Accurate scale and detail. Tent specialists here. Up to 100' wide structure tents. I know mechanics of large tents, can help with tent permits. Project management from start to finish. Rate $40/hour.
Years Experience: 19
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Noldermedia, Inc. / Nolder, Erik  (415) 563-4782  
Description: A seasoned Producer/Director with 25 years of prod. exp... from creative to budgeting, video to staging, graphics to pyro... what ever it takes. Annual meetings, product launches, incentive events, video roll-ins... but please, no birthday parties.
Years Experience: 34
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Props2C / Rivera, Tony A.  (415) 285-4500  
Description: Props2C, Vision to Reality. WE SPECIALIZE IN: Custom Styrofoam Props. Prop Rental / Themed Design. Giant Letters and Numbers. Signs and Logos. Prototype. Event Planning and Production.
Years Experience: 7
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The Producer's Loft Studio / Ferrer, Vic  (415) 334-4700  
Description: Screening/ Events- seating for 50. Standing up to 100. Kick-ass projection/ sound system, beautiful kitchen, patio, audio mixer, complete blackout. Black curtains on rail. Spot lights. Clean, comfortable, stylish Inner-Mission. 4-min. walk from 24th Street/Mission BART Station.
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TOTAL Creative  (650) 583-8236     Green
Description: Full service event production including concept, set design, media production, AV crew/ equipment and entertainment. Sales meetings, product launches and medical conventions. Events can be recorded live to tape or delivered via satellite or webcasting.
Years Experience: 40
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Video Unlimited / Krail, Stephen  (925) 552-0225  
Description: Large Meetings, A/V, Video, Streaming Video, Pre-Production, Post-Production, DVD.
Years Experience: 36