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Only Green Companies

Kaleidosound / Patten, Forrest iVisual iVisual iVisual
Kaleidosound / Patten, Forrest  (925) 283-2146
Address: 3883 Campolindo Dr., Moraga 94556
Hours of Operation: Mon-Fri: 9-5pm
Guilds/Unions: ASCAP
Description: Over 30 years experience from Northern California's premiere production music service. Easy and dependable licensing from over 100 music suppliers. All genres. Quick turnaround and delivery. Personal service. Contact Kaleidosound for your production music needs.
Years Experience: 4040http://www.imdb.com/name/nm0666075http://pro.imdb.com/name/nm0666075
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MarcoCo. Studios / d'Ambrosio, Terri  (415) 246-0813 (415) 898-3403 
Description: Looking for the perfect song match? Need help clearing your temp track? We can find and license songs that enrich your picture. Award-winning, creative and resourceful. All media and budgets.
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MusicBox  (866) 269-0900  
Description: Licensing tracks at MusicBox is streamlined. All types of clearances, theatrical, broadcast programs, corporate/ non-broadcast, internet, commercial, promos, walk-in music, new and future media clearances are available in all markets.
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Musync / Jarakian, Seb  (415) 282-3444 (415) 377-5917    Green
Description: ORIGINAL INDIE MUSIC you won't find anywhere else, curated globally. All tracks are 100% pre-cleared, fully insured and ready to license. Check out some of our current projects and music at Musync.com. Call for a FREE music search.
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Pyramind Studios  (415) 896-9800 x227  
Description: From gaming to feature films our diversity is well represented with samples from a diverse catalog of hundreds of emerging and established artists. Call now for a free search and customized digital delivery.
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Royalty Free Music  (855) 554-1264  
Description: Our online library of royalty free music represents one of the largest collections of copyright-free music in the universe (also known as “stock music”).
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The Rights Workshop  (415) 561-3333  
Description: Music licensing & clearance business specializing in digital rights negotiation. Get lowest licensing fees. Indies & docs. welcome. Request a free consultation and our Pocket Guide to Music Rights, a user friendly guide for media makers.