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Only Green Companies

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Black (Hicks), Sam  (925) 321-3305 Norcal Cell  
Description: Experienced, dedicated AC, data manager, camera operator. Local 16. Background in film, TV, commercials, and corporate.
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Cantin, Alexandra  (415) 225-7519  
Description: First and/ or Second camera assistant. Arriflex certified. Aaton, Panavision, Red and all digital/video. Features, documentaries, music videos and industrials. Indie and low budget friendly.
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Deneen, Graham  (978) 460-2416  
Description: AC/ 2nd AC/ data manager. Reliable, hardworking and organized.
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Erickson, Tim  (408) 832-2475     Green
Description: 2nd AC, Data Manger, and Digital Loader for features, commercials, and television. Film and Digital Cinema knowledge. Full data management kit for fast & accurate transfers. Single or multicam. IA600
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Genco, Gregory  (415) 350-9906  
Description: 2ndAC (extensive 1st experience). IATSE600. Honda, Acura, Lexus, Bud, Comcast, Gatorade, HBO, Pepsi, Dockers, Nike, Adidas, Mitsubishi, Hummer, Mercedes, Coke, Miller, GMC, AT&T.
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Haworth, Sierra  (707) 354-2583 Cell  
Description: Aaton XTR, Bolex 16mm, Arriflex BL, 435, & Alexa, Eclair NPR, CP16, Panaflex Elaine 16 & G-II, Panasonic, RED, Canon, Sony, GoPro. Experienced in Features, TV, Reality, Commercial, Corporate, Music Videos. PADI CERTIFIED. Also an experienced media manager.
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Jurich-Weston, Charley  (415) 847-6340 Cell  
Description: Phantom Technician, Media Management, Camera Technician, and Assistant services. Experienced with Movi, Ronin, Phantom, Arri, RED, and Sony cameras and workflows. Understanding those newfangled technologies so you don't have to!
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Katz, Michael  (510) 845-6717     Green
Description: Videographer; film camera operator and assistant. Dramatic, documentary, industrial, and training media. L.A. experience, Spanish and French proficiency. Shoot with an editor's eye.
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Kirby, Aaron  (510) 301-8328 Cell  
Description: Experienced Local 600 2nd AC. 11 years experience in film, television and commercials. Hardworking, reliable and knowledgeable.
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Lane, Kiersten Susan  (408) 410-4283  
Description: Full data wrangling kit complete with new MacBookPro and UPS. ShotPut Pro, R3D Data Manager, up-to-date bulids/software, MPEG Streamclip for transcoding. 2nd Assistant on large commercials.
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Lee, Anne  (415) 378-8873 Cell  
Description: IATSE, Local #600.
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Lucero Jr., Jaime Paul  (707) 704-8793  
Description: Camera dept, 2nd AC/Data Manager
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South, John  (415) 710-8827 Cell (650) 726-3211 
Description: Reliable hard worker with great references. Her Best Move, One Way to Valhalla, Modern Marvels, commericials.
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Stephens, Megaera  (415) 320-9545  
Description: 2nd AC, Data Manager & Loader. Skilled professional Assistant Camera, knowledgeable in current digital cinema camera systems (ARRI Alexa/Amira/Mini, RED Epic/Dragon, Canon C300 MkI/MkII, Sony Fs7/F55) and 16mm/35mm film. Data kit available for digital downloads.
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Tabayoyon, Jared  (925) 348-4650 Cell  
Description: Experience in TV, Feature/ Short Films, Commercial and Corporate. C300, 5dm3, FS7, F5, RED, Go Pro. Build packages, media management. Jib Tech for Cam-Mate and Jimmy Jib Lite/Triangle jibs. Willing to travel.