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B Camera  (415) 302-4122  
Description: Motion Control Packages, Live Action Stop-Motion and Time Lapse. Real Time or High speed. Background Plates & Pick-up shots. Features, Commercials, Industrials. Own camera, 35mm film or Digital. Grip, Lighting available. Call for Reel.
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como ! / Williams, Peter  (415) 706 4939  
Description: Portable realtime motion control camera system. Allows for filming repeatable passes on location or on a stage. Shoots stop motion, live action, time lapse, table top, plates for C.G.I. Your camera or ours. Film or Digital.
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Gilberti, Ray  (415) 488-4874 Hm (415) 302-8623 Cell 
Description: Director of Photography/Camera Operator- film and video- SD and HD- since 1980. Live action and special effects- motion control, robotic and hot live action heads, fluid and gear heads, etc.
Years Experience: 39
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Neumatic / Leonardi, Ben  (415) 525-3560  
Description: Synchronizing programmable camera movement and focus. Linear and rotational object movement. Programmable prop animation.
Years Experience: 28
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Poe, Steven  (415) 385-4624  
Description: You can hire motion control video, timelapse, and frame animation equipment with me, or rent the equipment for your production. I offer motion control equipment with repeatable moves and independent axis with timeline keyframe driven moves.
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Step + Direction / Livingston, Josh  (707) 888-8591  
Description: Motion control stage and location services. 20x20x13 cyc. Large crane and turntables. 3D integration with Maya etc. VFX, product photography, animation, VR. Experienced and skilled.
Years Experience: 21