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Only Green Companies

Alan Wade Storyboards / Wade, Alan iVisual iVisual iVisual
Alan Wade Storyboards / Wade, Alan  (203) 543-5343
Hours of Operation: Available all hours.
Description: Storyboard artist with 25 years experience. Production boards and shooting boards done quickly and reliably. Recently switched from advertising to film and tv storyboarding. Massive client list and satisfied art directors. See website for more.
Years Experience: 3636
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4ReelFilms@gmail.com / Blackman, Josh  (650) 743-8163  
Description: Utilize a new tool called ''Cine Design'' to help visualize, plan and communicate a production''s cinematography using 3D rendering. Plan challenging shots in pre-production. Communicate lighting styles and concepts before rolling. Develop and share detailed plans with various production departments.
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Aaron J. Dingman Graphics / Dingman, Aaron J.  (831) 239-5509  
Description: 22 years experience creating award winning 2D/3D animations. 3D modeling, motion tracking, storyboarding, animatics, compositing.
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Aidala, Marco D. / Storyboards a Go-Go  (415) 533-9760  
Description: Marco Aidala has drawn storyboards for ad agencies, manufacturers and movie studios for over two decades. He relishes the oomph and the go-go exuberance of advertising art.
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Baker Animation and Visual Effects / Baker, Matthew M.  (916) 640-3652  
Description: Editing, Motion Graphics, 3D Animation, Story Boarding, Animatics, Data Management Technician.
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Capozzola, Michael  (917) 573-9702 Cell     Green
Description: I'm a San Francisco based cartoonist. I've contributed to TED Talks, Mad Magazine & McSweeney's. I'm fast and I'll work with your budget. Storyboard Samples: http://tinyurl.com/ha6nl5l
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Chris Peterson Illustration / Peterson, Christopher Derek  (510) 848-2849 Land (510) 384-4995 Cell    Green
Description: Services include but are not limited to Storyboards, Animatics, Concept Art, Advertising art and Fine Art rental for Television, Film and Commercials.
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Eliza, Mari / Promotional Images  (415) 626-6141 (415) 378-5487 Cell    Green
Description: Paralegal specializing in litigation graphics, storyboards, illustrations, character development, animations, and PowerPoint.
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Groebe, William Elder  (415) 279-0914 Cell  
Description: I have created storyboards and animation for such films as Deadpool 2, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, Ted, Ted 2, The Twilight Saga, Enchanted, Smurfs, Matrix: Revolutions, Cloverfield, Hellboy and more- as well as countless commercials.
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Hannah, Halsted Craig / Halsted Craig Hannah  (415) 823-0843     Green
Description: H.C. Hannah has been a professional illustrator and painter for over three decades. His assignments include concept and storyboard illustration for film and television, editorial illustrations, cartoons, murals and graphic design.
PDF Resumehttp://www.imdb.com/name/nm2149668http://pro.imdb.com/name/nm2149668
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Henderson, Kirk / Kirksworks Productions  (415) 305-1342  
Description: Storyboards. Concept art. Animatics. Motion graphics. Features. Commercials. Games. Years of experience. Fast. Dependable. Fully equipped design studio space. Highly proficient Photoshop, After Effects. Excellent knowledge of film.
PDF Resumehttp://www.imdb.com/name/nm0376513http://pro.imdb.com/name/nm0376513
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Johnson, Gilbert / Gilbert Designs  (415) 215-9696 Cell  
Description: Film, Video, Theatre: Storyboard, Set/Production Design, Posters. Credits: (ArtDir/SD) Big City Blues, Quigley's Village. (SB/SD) Nash Bridges, Me and Mrs. Jones, Dorme (SDress) Guinevere, Inventing the Abbotts, Wedding Planner. (BB/Elect) The Abyss, The Fan.
PDF Resumehttp://www.imdb.com/name/nm0425146http://pro.imdb.com/name/nm0425146
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Lucey, Jack  (415) 453-3172 (415) 256-6747 P 
Description: STORYBOARDS AND GRAPHICS for TV, Film and Print media- layouts, comps- finish, live action, graphics, courtroom art - B&W, Full color. Clients: KRON TV4, CNN, Chronicle, Marin IJ, TWA, U.S. Air Force. Credits: Who's Who in American Art.
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Ocana, Marcus  (925) 413-8430  
Description: Im a Bay Area based storyboard artist. My projects include a music video for Logic and a short film entitled "Thirteen". I love telling stories through art and Id love to help you tell yours.
PDF Resume
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Steers, Andrew  (206) 856-4248  
Description: My goal as a storyboard artist is to tell your story. I do comic book art, illustrations and concept art. Anything you need visualized in preproduction; storyboards, costumes, or locations, I can draw it for you.
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Steve Rustad Storyboards and Concept Art / Rustad, Stephen  (707) 477-9825 (707) 971-7515 
Description: Extensive experience designing advertising TV spots, educational, promotional and Internet video. Services include black/white and color storyboards, thumbnail storyboards, color concept art, and cartoon character design.
PDF Resumehttp://www.imdb.com/name/nm7500259http://pro.imdb.com/name/nm7500259
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Tony Claar-Storyboard Artist / Claar, Tony  (510) 654-7492 Hm Off (510) 604-3088 Cell    Green
Description: PROFESSIONAL STORYBOARD & ANIMATICS: Commercials: Bay Area/L.A. advertising, Colossal Pictures. TV series:Disney TV, European TV. Siigraph: Cogswell College adverstisement. E-Learning CD-roms: The Learning Co., Broderbund. Film festival storyboards & animatics.
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Van Buyten, Jan  (415) 948-6221 (415) 946-6221 cell 
Description: J.V.B. is a freelance art director/ storyboard artist/illustrator specialized in providing visual concepts for commercials and feature movies such as story boards, concept art and animatics. I addition I also work as a story consultant.
PDF Resume
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Whiskytree Inc  (415) 456-5400  
Description: Whiskytree is a content creation company near San Francisco, California, equal parts agency & production company, and a computer graphics powerhouse. Experience our work everywhere from the silver screen, to television, the internet, and AR/VR.