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Only Green Companies

Afterimage Digital / Miro, Todd iVisual iVisual iVisual
Afterimage Digital / Miro, Todd  (415) 883-6928    Green
(415) 320-4666
Description: Afterimage Digital provides award-winning editing, motion graphics and DVD services for a wide range of clients including Cisco Systems, Old Navy, and VISA. Broadcast documentary work has aired worldwide on PBS, BBC, and Animal Planet.
Years Experience: 2121http://www.imdb.com/name/nm2766329http://pro.imdb.com/name/nm2766329
Artichoke Productions iVisual iVisual iVisual
Artichoke Productions  (510) 655-1283
Address: 4114 Linden St., Oakland 94608
Hours of Operation: By appointment.
Description: Complete video/film production; "pre" through "post." RED Digital Cinema workflow specialty. Smoke, Final Cut Pro, Avid Media Composer, Premier Pro, Media 100iXR, Lightworks Turbo, DaVinci Resolve, BetacamSP & DVCAM A-B roll on-line, ProTools, Ultimatte blue/ green screen, Steadicam, graphics/animation, stage.
Years Experience: 3737http://www.imdb.com/name/nm0435587http://pro.imdb.com/name/nm0435587
Beyond Pix Studios iVisual iVisual iVisual
Beyond Pix Studios  (415) 434-1027
Address: 950 Battery St., 2nd Fl., SF 94111 (415) 434-1032 Fax
Description: Our post-production facility includes five edit bays equipped with Premiere, AVID, FCP, Adobe Creative Cloud, Cinema 4D, DaVinci Resolve and CatDV Pro asset management software all supported by our AVID ISIS 32TB shared storage system.
Years Experience: 2626http://www.imdb.com/company/co0224992http://pro.imdb.com/company/co0224992
Boris Darling Productions / Zubov, Boris iVisual iVisual iVisual
Boris Darling Productions / Zubov, Boris  (415) 203-2024
Address: 101-A Clay Street #223, SF 94111
Hours of Operation: By Appointment
Description: Award-winning Editor and Finisher. Premiere Pro CC, Apple Certified Final Cut Studio Master: Avid Media Composer, Specializing in Narratives, Documentaries, Travel/Destination Videos and Commercials.
Years Experience: 1818PDF Resumehttp://www.imdb.com/name/nm1870985http://pro.imdb.com/name/nm1870985
Digit Production & Post / Stender, Scott iVisual iVisual iVisual
Digit Production & Post / Stender, Scott  (415) 516-3838
Address: San Francisco Bay Area
Guilds/Unions: Nabet, Iatse Local 16
Description: Exceptionally talented, project oriented people. The latest gear, technology and expertise. Budget prices, big talent.
Years Experience: 3838http://www.imdb.com/name/nm2471912http://pro.imdb.com/name/nm2471912
digitalcore iVisual iVisual iVisual
digitalcore  (415) 962-8338
Address: 200 Green St. #100., SF 94111
Description: digitalcore is a full service post production facility. Editors, directors and producers enjoy a creative environment with a flexible range of avid and premiere edit suites, superior client services, smoke finishing, color correction and motion graphics design.
Express Media iVisual iVisual iVisual
Express Media  (415) 255-9888
Address: 2225 Palou Ave., SF 94124 (415) 255-0139 Fax
Hours of Operation: M-F: 8:30am-5:30pm, Sat. by appt. only
Description: Premiere Pro and FCP-HD edit suites tied to a multi-format machine room. Web encoding, multimedia compression, Blu-ray and DVD authoring systems. Computer scan conversion. Photo and film transfers. GREAT GEAR, EXPERT STAFF, INCREDIBLE SERVICE.
Years Experience: 2828
First Camera / Peters, Ryan iVisual iVisual iVisual
First Camera / Peters, Ryan  (415) 647-3400
Address: 2472 Third Street, SF 94107 (415) 515-2966
Description: Final Cut HD edit systems, All formats! Complete with Motion, After Effects and Live Type. Remote Laptop Systems. DVD Authoring. Sound booth for quality voice overs. Talented editors in a comfortable editing environment.
Years Experience: 3434
Frame By Frame Productions iVisual iVisual iVisual
Frame By Frame Productions  (510) 558-9100
Address: 394 Clay St., SF 94111 (415) 309-6912
Description: Since 1991, we've been an award winning video production and post company. Script to screen production: featuring full HD packages, loaded edit suites, and distribution including DVD, Streaming and Web syndication. Second studio in the Sacramento Area. COMMUNICATE YOUR VISION
Years Experience: 2727
Freeman Productions iVisual iVisual iVisual
Freeman Productions  (925) 324-1615
Address: San Francisco Bay Area
Description: Complete post facility with state of the art Avid Symphony suite. Formats include BetaSP, DigiBeta, DVCam, MiniDV, VHS and CDRom/DVD Authoring. Highly qualified editors to finish your project. Highly competitive rates.
Media Sonics / Kahn, Warren Dennis iVisual iVisual iVisual
Media Sonics / Kahn, Warren Dennis  (707) 823-3500    Green
Address: 5870 McFarland Rd., Sebastopol 95472
Hours of Operation: We try our best to accommodate our clients needs
Guilds/Unions: AFM NARAS ASCAP
Description: Award-winning jingles, radio/television commercials, soundtracks. Pro Tools 12, Waves Diamond Plug-ins, SFX, music libraries, Final Cut video, green screen, HD video. Producers, composers, musicians. "Committed to creation of effective and truthful communications." BE SEEN-BE HEARD
Years Experience: 4242http://www.imdb.com/name/nm2220468http://pro.imdb.com/name/nm2220468
One River Media / Solorio, Marco iVisual iVisual iVisual
One River Media / Solorio, Marco  (877) 944-FILM    Green
Address: 3000-F Danville Blvd. #314, Alamo 94507
Description: Award-winning feature film, commercial, corporate 4K post services, spanning 27+ years. Professional editorial, VFX, color grading, audio mixing all inclusive, saving time and cost while adding value. Edit/color suite calibrated for grading/sound.
Years Experience: 2727http://www.imdb.com/name/nm3668445/resumehttp://pro-labs.imdb.com/name/nm3668445
One Twenty Nine Films / Seuser, Nick iVisual iVisual iVisual
One Twenty Nine Films / Seuser, Nick  (415) 272-3828
Hours of Operation: Daily: 9:00am - 7:00pm
Description: OTNF is a San Francisco based production company with a curated roster of exceptional writing and directing talent based on both coasts, directing commercials, documentaries, music videos, short films, animation, VR, and branded online content.
Years Experience: 1010
Rough House iVisual iVisual iVisual
Rough House  (415) 561-4544
Address: 550 Bryant St., SF 94107 (415) 543-8370 Fax
Description: Well, here's another fine mess we've gotten you out of. Production, Editorial, Design, and Color Correction. Editors To Go. Please visit roughhouse.com Contact: James Hagedorn, executive producer.
Years Experience: 3030http://www.imdb.com/company/co0045004http://pro.imdb.com/company/co0045004
Salyer, Kim iVisual iVisual iVisual
Salyer, Kim  (415) 264-3486
Description: HD/2K/4K Production and Post services. Work flow design. Color & VFX. Video Arts Founder brings a lifetime of experience to your project. Color Grading & VFX. NOW Offering VR and HDR (High Dynamic Rage) Color, Post and HDR encoding.
Years Experience: 4242
iVisual iVisual iVisual
Access Video in Berkeley / Karp, David  (510) 528-6044  
Description: Access Video Productions is a local Production and Editing facility. We help make video for small and large companies as well as for individuals.
iVisual iVisual iVisual
Acme Posts, Inc.  (415) 339-9460     Green
Description: Main edit features large screen projection with Color & Effects Artist Bob Gingg. Second Edit and ProTools recording with sound booth and mixing. Graphics for 2D and 3D animation. Insert stage with green screen.
iVisual iVisual iVisual
Al Media Movers, Inc. / Vishnu, Lawrence  (415) 578-3391  
Description: Foreign language dubbing (lip-sync & U.N. style). Native foreign language voice overs. Foreign language subtitling for TV stations, broadcasting & DVD companies. Transcription for all media formats. All services in over 1000 languages.
iVisual iVisual iVisual
Atomic Productions, Inc.  (510) 632-4629  
Description: Six Premiere HD Suites and one Autodesk Smoke finishing system. Remote packages include a RED Dragon Digital Cinema 6K Camera with swappable OLPF units, plus Nikon D800 DSLR camera packages. Atomic has in-house producers, editors and graphic artists.
iVisual iVisual iVisual
Audio Video Workshop  (650) 369-4366  
Description: Film Transfer - We scan 8mm, Super 8, and 16mm Film in HD. We can transfer film to HD digital file mp4, Bluray ror DVD.
iVisual iVisual iVisual
Audio Visual Consultants / Sweetow, Stuart  (510) 839-2020  
Description: Online encoding and posting. Digital file conversions. Seasoned editors proficient with Premiere, After Effects, DVD Authoring. Beta-SP. Photoshop, DVD dupes, insert stage, photos to video, music, sound effects. Great neighborhood. Visa/MC/Amex.
iVisual iVisual iVisual
Bonfire Labs  (415) 394-8200 (415) 394-8004 Fax 
Description: Bonfire Labs is a creative production company that solves business problems by partnering with our clients to find relevant and compelling ways to connect with audiences. Creative, design, animation and editorial all under one roof.
iVisual iVisual iVisual
Bongo Post / Clough, Sarah  (916) 448-9900  
Description: Stunning building with Editorial,HD, Design and Finishing with 2 AVID Adrenalines, Symphony, Final Cut, Motion Graphics/3D animation, Audio Post/Sound Design and Original Music under one roof. Post Producer from ILM, Chef, and many Creative Solutions.
iVisual iVisual iVisual
Bruce John Shourt Videography / Shourt, Bruce John  (925) 222-5992 Off 24 Hrs. (415) 867-9501 Cell 24 Hrs. 
Description: 16:9 SD and AVCHD, color correction, standards conversion, editing and duplication: Broadcast Betacam SP, MPEG IMX, Betacam SX, DVCAM, DVCPRO, DV, Digital 8, others. PAL, including DVD. I take care to do proper, legal engineering.
iVisual iVisual iVisual
Chris Layhe Associates, Inc. / Layhe, Chris  (831) 477-1806 (415) 294-3141 
Description: CLAi are the San Francisco Bay experts in RED post prep, post production and RED finishing, with five 5k FCP and Avid edit suites, DaVinci Resolve color grading and mastering... what more could anyone desire!
PDF Resumehttp://www.imdb.com/company/co0207707http://pro.imdb.com/company/co0207707
iVisual iVisual iVisual
Cinematiq / Owen, Aaron  (415) 671-6588 Off (415) 571-6979 Cell 
Description: Cinematiq is a digital motion picture lab for the independent filmmaker. Services: DCP creation, Teranex conversions (aspect / frame rate), festival print traffic, digital remastering and restoration.
PDF Resumehttp://www.imdb.com/name/nm2911218http://pro.imdb.com/name/nm2911218
iVisual iVisual iVisual
Circle Video Productions / Delantoni, Rob  (650) 340-8455 (650) 340-7391 Fax 
Description: Award winning Corporate Video and Multimedia Production. Post-production, DVD authoring, file encoding, CD-ROM Mastering, and Duplication. Formats include BetaSP, DVCAM and many others. Convenient Airport Location and Parking. Video teleconference facility. Teleprompter.
iVisual iVisual iVisual
City Centre Digital Multimedia Productions, Inc. / Moragne, David  (510) 285-9072  
Description: Editorial and Media Conversion/Transcoding Services. We provide creative editorial with native support for virtually any HD and Ultra HD format. Our Editors have extensive experience in documentary, corporate, promotional and event storytelling.
iVisual iVisual iVisual
Cowboycoffee Pictures / Silvio, Carlo  (415) 377-0124  
Description: Offering digital editing for in-house rental by the hour or by the day. MacPro, Adobe CC, FCP, output and mastering
iVisual iVisual iVisual
CT-SF  (415) 513-5918  
Description: An artist owned and operated boutique post production studio. Services include VFX supervision, editorial, design, color, motion graphics, VFX and finishing.
iVisual iVisual iVisual
Cut + Run / Mehling, Deanne   
Description: Our Client Service staff is recognized as the face of the organization. The qualified individual will exemplify professionalism, possess excellent problem-solving skills, and demonstrate the ability to build strong internal and external relationships.
iVisual iVisual iVisual
Delaplaine Creative  (415) 927-4466 (415) 329-1838 Fax 
Description: At Delaplaine Creative, we blend a fresh, innovative style with unmatched technical expertise. We store this in an atmosphere of creativity and passion powered by the hottest technology anywhere. 50% rates for first-timers.
iVisual iVisual iVisual
Digital Revolution Media Center / Grippaldi, Paul  (415) 398-1200  
Description: Video Editing, Authoring, Compression, Video & Audio Tape- Film Digitizing-Baking-Repair, Closed Captioning-Subtitles, Custom DVD, Blu Ray, CD & USB duplication/replication, Low Cost Self Service copy stations, fast service, economy pricing.
iVisual iVisual iVisual
Dockyard Media / Dibble, Matt  (510) 290-8280  
Description: Final Cut Pro and Premiere Pro editing
PDF Resumehttp://www.imdb.com/name/nm0225097http://pro.imdb.com/name/nm0225097
iVisual iVisual iVisual
eIMAGE  (415) 282-9829  
Description: Premiere Pro edit suite with seasoned editor. HD editing with up to 10-bit uncompressed quality. DVD and Blu-ray authoring, video compression for the Web. 2-D Computer graphics. Over 30 years of international experience.
PDF Resume
iVisual iVisual iVisual
Elmwood Studios  (415) 497-2077  
Description: Digital video editing with Final Cut Pro X. Design, production and consulting for award-winning multimedia and web video. Specialty is video compression for the web and mobile devices.
iVisual iVisual iVisual
emotion studios  (415) 331-6975  
Description: Complete HDCAM and SD post for commercial, short and long format programs; editorial, motion graphics, animation and visual effects, color-correction, scoring, and online mastering.
iVisual iVisual iVisual
Fantasy Studios at Zaentz Media Center  (510) 486-2038 (510) 486-2062 Fax 
Description: Zaentz Media Center has one mix stage: Fantasy Film Center. Formerly the Alan Splet Theater, Fantasy Film Center was revived and reinvigorated in May 2016.
iVisual iVisual iVisual
Fat Box Films  (949) 338-9939  
Description: Any effect, 2D Motion GFX and 3D Animation fully integrated to post suites.
iVisual iVisual iVisual
Fire/Water Films / Bullock, Tom P.  (415) 677-9921 (415) 677-9923 Fax 
Description: Post-production facility in North Beach. Avid & FCP HD & SD non-linear editing, 35mm flatbed viewing, music/efx libraries available.
iVisual iVisual iVisual
First Person / Fiero, Drew  (415) 495-5595  
Description: First Person– Inspired Stories, Intelligently Told.
iVisual iVisual iVisual
First Person / Grande, Brandon  (415) 244-9538 (818) 404-2362 
Description: First Person– Inspired Stories, Intelligently Told. Reach your audience through an essential, emotional and expandable connection. Specialties: Story Telling, Moving Images, Design Thinking, Interactive Experiences, Live Action Production, Visual Effects.
iVisual iVisual iVisual
Flying Moose Pictures  (415) 647-6586  
Description: Dramatic visual communications for corporations and performing artists. Two decades of experience in design and storytelling. We collaborate with our clients to fully understand their needs and develop ideas from preproduction through delivery.
iVisual iVisual iVisual
Focused Audio Video / Roth, Jeff  (415) 370-4195     Green
Description: Adobe Premiere Pro, After Effects Editing, ADR and 5.1 Protools Surround Mixing in our own mixing room.
iVisual iVisual iVisual
Full Circle Productions / Fine, Marigold  (831) 459-8300 (831) 325-5460    Green
Description: Final Cut Pro Digital Editing. Voice-over narration. Single + multicam production services. Professional scriptwriting. Consultation & Tutoring. Documentaries/ Educational/ Training/ Corporate/ Entertainment/ Events. Personal, Professional, Affordable.
iVisual iVisual iVisual
G10capture / Gordon, Mark  (415) 826-7280  
Description: We are in the business to provide state-of-the-art Still and Motion Digital Capture to Photographers, Cinematographers, Producers and Agencies worldwide.
iVisual iVisual iVisual
GB Films / Hill, Andy  (415) 302-7078  
Description: We have 2 Final Cut Pro suites with HD capability. A lovely relaxed space with talented editors. San Rafael location with parking.
iVisual iVisual iVisual
Ghost Hand Productions LLC. / Farris, Doug  (888) 521-6778  
Description: HD post production facilities complete with a DaVinci Resolve color suite, and multiple edit suites all overlooking the lush forests of Santa Cruz County.
iVisual iVisual iVisual
Group 5 Media  (510) 965-9985  
Description: A full-service video production company, specializing in video for education and nonprofit organizations. With over ten years of production experience, we provide clients with a range of services.
iVisual iVisual iVisual
Indigo Films  (415) 444-1700  
Description: Production company uses HD Cams and Super35 Cams, and has thirteen HD edit bays for offline and online editing, all with the ISYS system.
iVisual iVisual iVisual
Intrepid Studios / Hettler, Paul  (415) 512-7394 (415) 608-6758    Green
Description: Full service post facility featuring digital, RAW, & R3D workflows over a fiber optic LAN. Four suites, one with DaVinci Resolve color grading running on Linux. 96TB SAN. Six motion graphics workstations
iVisual iVisual iVisual
InVision Productions / Trotter, Elaine G.  (415) 328-9423 (415) 492-0414 
Description: Corporate & Documentary work. Premiere CC, FCPX, After Effects, Photoshop, Color Correction, DVD Authoring, Compression. Dedicated, experienced. Editing consulting, finalizing. Legacy edit sys & Uprezing.
iVisual iVisual iVisual
JL Edit and Motion / Lewis, Jon  (707) 746-7678 (415) 706-7020 Cell 
Description: HD-FCP Suites in Downtown Benicia. Serving Solano, Napa. Creative editing, graphic motion design, 2D, 3D, DVD creation, client friendly. FCP, 12 & 8 Core Mac, Kona, CalDigit Array. Experience and tools for professionally polished productions, affordable rates. BetaSP DVPro50.
PDF Resume
iVisual iVisual iVisual
LeTigre Studios  (415) 712-2000  
Description: In-house editors equipped with the latest high-end editing and coloring software. We offer a wide range of post-production services including VFX, CG, animation, 3D modelling, compositing and motion graphics.
iVisual iVisual iVisual
Liquid Pictures / Rymland, Zachary  (510) 644-3533  
Description: REALITY BEYOND IMAGINATION. Real time, multi-stream 2D/3D NLE and DVD authoring using the latest multi-core PC systems running Adobe software and Matrox hardware accelerators. We produce your work within tight schedules at competitive prices.
iVisual iVisual iVisual
Lobitos Creek Ranch  (650) 726-2460  
Description: Project-based workflows specializing in completion and delivery for domestic and International projects. Premiere, Final Cut and DaVinci editing workstations.
iVisual iVisual iVisual
Miller Video & Film  (415) 898-9998  
Description: Edit Bays: HDCAM-SR, Panasonic D5, DVCproHD, HDV, DigiBeta, PAL. Editing systems to go: Avid & Final Cut. Standards Conversion with Alchemist Motion Compensation NTSC/PAL. Facility in San Francisco Presidio. millervideo.com
iVisual iVisual iVisual
Milomix Post Production / Miloslavich, Chris  (415) 777-2700  
Description: Owned and operated by Chris Miloslavich, a highly versatile editor with strong sound design background. Edit suite features Avid Media Composer & Pro Tools and Adobe Creative Suite. Located in a convenient SF Bay Area location that includes secure parking.
iVisual iVisual iVisual
New West Pictures / Pierce, Mike  (415) 379-0014  
Description: Digital content creator bringing a passion for visual storytelling that creates an impact and inspires others through entertainment. 25+ years of experience w/ Avid Media Composer, P2, DV, After Effects, Photoshop CS. National TV & Film Credits.
iVisual iVisual iVisual
Penrose Productions / Penrose, Jim  (650) 969-8273 Off  
Description: Award-winning corporate and industrial video production. We've been sent worldwide to produce video for our clients, and have continued to surpass expectations for over 36 years.
iVisual iVisual iVisual
Petaluma Community Access  (707) 773-3190  
Description: Northern California filmmaking designed for independents with a low yearly membership fee. FREE use Mac Computers, FCPX, Motion, Sony NX70U HD, GoPro and Black Magic Pocket cameras, tripods, mics, panel lights. FCPX, Screenwriting Classes.
iVisual iVisual iVisual
Photon SF / Butrick, Brandon  (415) 800-8586  
Description: High definition post for commercials, music videos, corporate TV, and feature projects. We do creative editorial and finishing, including motion graphics color, effects, and sound. You'll enjoy our customer-centric, collaborative approach to making your production its absolute best.
iVisual iVisual iVisual
Pix N Stones Video / Wineland, Thom  (415) 740-8911  
Description: Visualize- Create- Inspire. From concept to completion, design a distinctive look with our versatile staff. Production, editorial, motion graphics (2D/3D), visual effects, broadcast design, live events, visuals, installations, medical videos and documentaries.
iVisual iVisual iVisual
Post Office Editorial & 24 West Prods / Kallick, Steve  (925) 299-0100  
Description: 24West is a full service production and post company. Full creative services including media strategy, social media, conception, writing, directing, editing, graphic design.....you get the picture. No project is too big and no budget is too small!!
iVisual iVisual iVisual
Remedy Editorial  (415) 255-1650  
Description: We offer Final Cut HD/SD uncompressed editorial, finishing, motion graphics and DVD authoring in a relaxed atmosphere. We cater to projects of all sizes and can work with your budget. Convenient SOMA location, close to BART.
iVisual iVisual iVisual
Roaring Mouse Productions  (707) 794-9699 (707) 694-8358 
Description: 21 years experience. Final Cut Pro. Small to large projects. Call for pricing.
iVisual iVisual iVisual
SKYJIB.us 35mm Video Kopter Service / Ange', Gerard  (415) 975-1999 (424) 777-2281 
iVisual iVisual iVisual
Studio 9 Productions / Gershkow, Blair  (415) 699-4315  
Description: Blair directs, produces and edits on his AVID and Premiere editing systems, currently located in San Rafael, CA.
iVisual iVisual iVisual
Studio B Films  (510) 848-6026     Green
Description: Seasoned editors, writers, color correction. Strong creative direction from concept through completion.
iVisual iVisual iVisual
SylvanVideo / Rosenfeld, George  (415) 307-4854  
Description: Production, Post and mid-wifing projects of all types, with experience in both the corporate and non-profit worlds. Travel shoots, docs, training, parody.
iVisual iVisual iVisual
Tamalpais Productions / Valens, Tom  (415) 488-4656  
Description: Non-linear post production. FCP 7, Premier Pro, DaVinci Resolve, 40+ TB storage. Motion, After Effects, etc. Scopes, Music & Efx libraries. Hardware DVD encoder.
iVisual iVisual iVisual
TEAK  (415) 296-1114  
Description: A San Francisco-based collective of film, editorial, animation and interactive content creators whose medium is everything digital. TEAK is a full-service production, post-production, motion graphics, and interactive media studio with clients like Google and Sony.
iVisual iVisual iVisual
The Producer's Loft Studio / Ferrer, Vic  (415) 334-4700  
Description: Beautiful sound stage with separate editorial suite. Producer's desk, director's monitor, color critical monitor, audio mixer, high-end speakers, clean, comfortable, well organized and professional.
iVisual iVisual iVisual
Total Creative  (650) 583-8236 (650) 583-4708 Fax    Green
Description: Full service post production facility featuring five edit suites all networked via fiber channel SAN. Talented editors specialized in commercials and long formats. Ample free Parking.
iVisual iVisual iVisual
Trans Video Express / Nash, Sean  (650) 802-8432     Green
Description: Complete video transfer services. VHS, Hi8, VHS-C, Mini Dv/HD, DVCpro/HD, Beta Cam, Pal/NTSC, DVDs, Blu Ray, Beta Max, 8/16mm films, Audio, Micro, Data Audio, Editing cassettes, Duplications, Digital files, MP4, MOV, WMV, FLV, AVCHD, MTS/M2TS, Hi Res & file format changes & more.
iVisual iVisual iVisual
TransmediaPost  (415) 956-3118 (415) 956-2595 Fax 
Description: Broadcast traffic and duplication; video and audio, all formats. Digital clones, closed captioning, standards conversion. Digital spot delivery for both radio and TV. Vaulting. CD/DVD Authoring and Replication. Fast, accurate and error free.
iVisual iVisual iVisual
Trifecta Pictures  (650) 568-1507  
Description: Trifecta Pictures delivers High Definition photography and editing with unparalleled artistry in the studio and on location. We service virtually all delivery platforms affordably and efficiently: Broadcast, Blu-Ray, DVD, and all codecs.
iVisual iVisual iVisual
Umlaut Films / LoCurcio, Gina  (415) 777-0123 (415) 777-4123 Fax 
Description: Creative Editorial and Design for Film, Broadcast, Video, and Integrated Content. Editors: Jessica Congdon, Jonathan Flookes, Chris Gamino, Michael Pavoni. Motion Graphics/Color Correction/Finishing Artist: Ivan Miller. Avid, FinalCutPro, AfterEffects, DaVinci Resolve. Standard and High Definition.
iVisual iVisual iVisual
Video Free America / Sweeney, Skip  (415) 505-0663     Green
Description: Experienced professionals providing concept-to-completion expertise with a story-centric focus. Proven skills in all visual and audio communication media and delivery platforms. Together, we can tell your story with maximum impact. Free initial consultation and project proposal.
iVisual iVisual iVisual
Video San Francisco  (415) 215-3164 (650) 863-1025 
Description: Affordable video editing and graphics featuring Final Cut Pro. Digitize to CD or web use. We can work with most High Definition formats. Experienced editors.
iVisual iVisual iVisual
Videology Productions / Morrison, Neal  (415) 777-9944 (415) 730-5987 Cell 
Description: supporting 4k, HD, P2, SxS, BetaSP, BetaSX, and DVCam plus web compression and DVD authoring. Join our experienced editors with over 20 years of experience.
iVisual iVisual iVisual
Warner, Larry / Larry Warner Productions, Inc.  (415) 515-5588     Green
Description: Final Cut Pro edit suite- most formats including XDCam HD. We normally post what we gather in the field for you, but will include outside materials.
iVisual iVisual iVisual
WMS media, Inc.  (800) 487-1073  
Description: Editing to go! HDTV, DVD, DVCam all on laptop. We edit at your place to save you time and money.
iVisual iVisual iVisual
ZAP Zoetrope Aubry Productions  (415) 788-7900 (415) 788-7901 Fax 
Description: Off-line editing suites (AVID and FCP). On-line conforming - HD and SD. Titles and motion graphics. DVD lab. Graphic design. 5.1 audio mastering and restoration.
PDF Resume