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About Us
Meet the Team
Katie Carney - Director of Marketing Katie Carney - Director of Marketing & Promotions
You may know Katie from her work with Snader and Associates. She has a vast knowledge of marketing techniques and loves to network and mingle! You'll see her representing the Reel Directory at meetings, receptions, and expos all year!
Keith Marsalis- Art Director Keith Marsalis- Art Director
Keith has over 25 years experience as a Bay Area graphic designer with corporate and small business clients. He provides prepress services for the Reel Directory as well as beautiful, creative and low cost graphic design services to help our clients design and edit their advertising campaigns.
Lynetta Freeman - Publisher Lynetta Freeman - Publisher
Bonnie Carroll published the first Reel Directory in 1978. After a major accident she retired and Lynetta took the reins in 2002. Lynetta is a tireless promotor of film and broadcast professionals, and she works continually to stay current wtih industry trends and sustain one of the production community's most valuable resources in Northern California!
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